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Fatal 4 Way

*Somewhere I belong plays and the crowd cheer Rock Solid as he appears, Tom Spencer has the mic*
Tom Spencer: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is the fatal for way match where the winner will gain the freedom to switch companies if he wishes and also a title shot of his choice! Introducing first, from Walsall, weighing 285lbs… ROCK SOLID! *The crowd cheer but it’s cut out as renegade master plays* And his opponent, from Glasgow, weighing 320lbs… JOHN CULBARD! *Suddenly the lights turn midnight blue and eyeless starts to play, the fans cheer as Matt Haven sprints to the ring* And their opponent, weighing 223lbs… MATT HAVEN! *The midnight blue light fades to black and the crowd jeer as Look to your orb plays and Nathan James reveals himself* And their opponent, from broad stairs… NATHAN JAMES!

DD: The bell sounds and here we go in this historic match and right away Rock Solid and Nathan lock up leaving John Culbard and Matt Haven to grapple with each other. Nathan forces Rock Solid into the corner and begins to unload on him but Rock Solid blocks and connects with a hard right! He switches places with Nathan and unleashes a knife edge chop! *The crowd WHOooo* Listen to these chops Spike!
Spike: Not only that but look at Nathan’s chest! It’s bright red and welting, damn those chops hurt!
DD: Culbard has Haven in a headlock but he counters with a hammerlock and then into a headlock of his own, Culbard pushes Haven to the ropes and then shoulder blocks him down. Now Culbard turns to Rock Solid he locks his arms around Rocks waist and tries for a German suplex but Rock is quick to counter with a snap mare and here comes Haven off the ropes with a dropkick to Culbard’s chest! *the crowd cheer*
Spike: Hey, Rock Solid and Matt haven ain’t meant to be teaming up together! It’s every man for himself!
DD: I Don’t think you have any worries there Spike as these two lock up, they are vying for control when Nathan steams in with a knee to the gut of Haven and Culbard hits Rock Solid with a double axe handle over the back. Culbard whips Rock Solid to the corner and starts to choke him while Nathan whips Haven to the corner and also slaps on a choke, the crowd are booing all the while and now Nathan and Culbard whip Rock Solid and Haven toward each other. Rock Solid reverses and Haven takes Culbard down with a flying forearm! Now Rock Solid charges at but Nathan floors him with a high knee, he lifts Rock up and nails him with a left hand before planting him with a sidewalk slam. Haven grapples with Nathan now but here comes John Culbard with a shot to the ribs and a side suplex, Nathan and Culbard look to each other then at Rock Solid before lifting him up for a powerslam to back breaker combo. Rock is in trouble Spike.
Spike: He looks in pain after that move and now Culbard and Nathan are stomping him in the corner!
DD: I’m surprised at how well Culbard and Nathan are working considering Nathan attacked Culbard on IVW Fusion this Friday. *The crowd cheer* Here comes Haven Spike! He is a flurry of left and right hands, one to Culbard and now one to Nathan but John Culbard cuts Haven off with a rake to the eyes and now he clotheslines him down. Culbard tries to lift Haven up but Nathan pushes him back, now Culbard pushes Nathan and they begin to brawl! Nathan uses his power and forearms Culbard stopping him in his tracks before Rock Solid comes steaming in with a clothesline that sends both him and John Culbard over the top!
Spike: I Think Rock Solid took the worst of that clothesline Daniel, by the looks of things he is injured!
DD: He does indeed look to be injured and if he is that’s a great shame Spike, but Back in the ring Haven and Nathan are exchanging blows with Haven getting the better of things much to the approval of this crowd, he whips Nathan to the ropes and scores with a standing dropkick, he is quick to lift Nathan to his feet and whip him to the ropes but Nathan counters with a knee to the breadbasket that flips Haven over!
Spike: Look at Nathan go! He is choking the life right out of Matt Haven, it’s about time someone has!
DD: On the outside Culbard is getting to his feet, he pushes a trainer away from Rock Solid and starts to stop away at him! Rock is clutching at his knee and Culbard aims all his kicks at it! Back in the ring the referee is warning Nathan about the choke but gets distracted with John Culbard on the outside, this allows Nathan to not only continue the choke but he now leaves the ring and gets a steel chair! Haven is just about on his feet when Nathan swings and hits Haven with one heck of a chair shot! *The crowd boo* Nathan throws the chair out of the ring and covers Haven as the referee turns around 1, 2, he kicked out! *The crowd cheer* I thought Nathan had the pin for sure but Haven showed his fighting spirit!
Spike: He may have kicked out of that Daniel but it was just instinct, his brains have been scrambled!
DD: Nathan lifts Haven up and whips him to the corner then as he bounces out he flattens him with a big boot! Now Nathan pulls Haven up by his head and positions him for the lights out powerbomb! We have seen Nathan put countless opponents away with this move, he lifts Haven up… *The crowd cheer*
Spike: I don’t believe it! Haven has the triangle choke locked in! How can he do this after that chair shot!
DD: This is unbelievable! Nathan has is fading but he is coming back and slams Haven to the mat but Haven holds on! *The crowd start chanting Haven, Haven, Haven* Here comes John Culbard now, and he is on the blindside of Haven but instead of attacking him he applies his ankle spinner to Nathan James!
Spike: Nathan should be awarded this match just for not tapping out Daniel! That’s spirit for you!
DD: Nathan is showing tremendous guts Spike, and so is Rock Solid! He manages to hobble in the ring and drop an elbow onto Haven, he now dives and clotheslines Culbard to release Nathan from his double torture but not for long as Rock starts to stomp away at the prone Nathan James! He lifts him up and delivers a German suplex before turning to Haven and clotheslining him down, now Culbard approaches Rock Solid and clubs him over the back, he bounces off the ropes but Rock lifts him up and hit’s the death star!
Spike: But Rock Solid’s knee gave way! He can’t capitalise just yet! *The crowd chant Rock, Rock, Rock!*
DD: Rock Solid crawls into place for the cover and hooks the leg 1, 2, broken by Nathan! Haven pulls Culbard out of the ring now as Rock Solid and Nathan exchange blows, Culbard swings at Haven but he ducks and hit’s a northern lights driver! The added effect of that being on the outside has left Culbard in trouble and Haven places him on our very own announce table! Now Haven is climbing to the apron and goes to take off but he stops and points to the top rope and the crowd cheer! Lets move Spike!
Spike: I right after you, Haven is a lunatic! He is meant to be trying for a pin fall or submission!
DD: The crowd are chanting loudly for Haven as he leaps off! Good grief! A leg drop through the table!
Spike: Sweet Jesus! Haven really got some air there and now he and Culbard look like pin cushions!
DD: Spike is referring to the huge splinter we can see coming out of John Culbard! Back in the ring now where Nathan and Rock Solid have been trading move for move and blow for blow Rock Solid whips Nathan to the ropes and we have a double clothesline! Both men are down and that makes all four as Culbard and Haven are yet to stir after crashing through our table! Spike this is an amazing match, people are going past previous limits and it’s all going to be worth it at the end with that title shot as the prize!
Spike: That’s not the only thing, remember the winner can move from IVW to WVW and vice versa!
DD: Nathan and Rock Solid gradually get back to their feet, they begin to trade blows and Nathan gains the advantage, he whips Rock Solid to the ropes then goes for a belly to belly suplex but Rock counters and hits his own over head belly to belly! He comes off the ropes now as Nathan is about to get up and boots him in the side of the head before calling to the crowd for the death star! He lifts Nathan up but Nathan floats over and clubs Rock to the floor, as he does so Haven slides into the ring and aims a kick at Nathan but it’s caught and Nathan hauls Haven up then slams him down with a spine buster! Nathan is dominating!
Spike: Just as I predicted Daniel, Nathan is at his peak and I feel it’s just moments until he is victorious!
DD: Nathan grabs Rock Solid now and lifts him up from the floor, he positions his head for the lights out powerbomb and points towards the fans *The crowd boo* Now Nathan lifts Rock Solid up… he stalls before slamming him down with an almighty lights out powerbomb! Spike, it shook the ring!
Spike: Your telling me! Any harder and Rock Solid would have gone through the canvas! Jeez!
DD: Nathan covers 1, 2, broken by Haven! *The crowd cheer* He pulls Nathan to his feet and the two exchange lefts and rights, Nathan swings but Haven ducks through and good grief what a super kick! Haven drops back and covers 1, 2, we have a winner? NO! Nathan just kicked out! That was so close Spike!
Spike: Nathan has impressed me no end Daniel, that would have put a lesser man away without doubt!
DD: Haven helps Nathan to his feet, he then bounces off the ropes and scores with a knee lift but Nathan ducks the clothesline and lands a kick to Haven’s midsection. Nathan calls for the decapitator and comes flying off the ropes but Haven ducks! He spins Nathan around and kicks him in the gut - HAVEN EFFECT!
Spike: Argh!
DD: Haven hooks the leg 1, 2, 3! *The crowd cheer* Haven pulled out all the stops in this one Spike!
Spike: Personally Daniel I can’t stand the guy but he certainly put on a display tonight!
DD: Rock Solid made an attempt to break the cover but was stopped by the lunging John Culbard. Both men are slumped in their respective corners, Nathan James is motionless in the middle of the ring and Matt Haven is about to have his arm raised! What a moment for Haven and now he gets a title shot of his choice!
Spike: But will he choose IVW or WVW, Daniel I can’t wait to find out!

*The crowd chant Haven repeatedly as he makes his way to the back, raising his arms in victory on the way*

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