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WVW World Heavyweight title Match

Teddy Rufus: ladies and gentlemen, this next contest scheduled for one fall, is for the WVW Heavyweight Championship!

As Blackout by Fozzy starts to play, the big screen lights up showing a car racing along a road in fast motion. Then, as the car hits a brick wall, pyros shoot out and Matt Black appears on stage to the deafening screams of the crowd

Teddy Rufus: first, making his way to the ring, the challenger, from Texas USA, weighing 260lbs, he is the WVW King of the Ring..... MATT BLACK!

The crowd give Black a fantastic reception as he does his usual strut down to the ring and poses as pyros go off around the ring. The atmosphere quickly changes when the arena lights die and an explosion of pyros shoot off as Ace of Spades blares out of the speakers. The crowd boo as lazer lights circle the arena and Scorpio walks out through the curtain with the title belt over his shoulder.

Teddy Rufus: and his opponent, making his way to the ring from Bradford, weighing in at 293lbs, he is the current, reigning and defending WVW Heavyweight Champion and the leader of the nRa....... SCORPIO!

Scorpio smiles at the hostile reception he recieves and gloats to the fans at ringside by holding the WVW title belt in their faces before climbing in the ring. His facial expression suddenly changes as the big screen flashes up to show the entire Union have bolted the nRa locker room door shut and he begins to explode with rage as the crowd cheer what they've just seen.

JR: I guess we don't have to worry about the nRa getting involved tonight!
Vance: well thank god for that because we're here we finally are Jack, the one we've been waiting for and a match of this magnitude should stay one on one!
JR: Absolutely, thank you to the Union and you could cut the atmosphere out here with a knife! And that WVW Heavyweight Championship belt is what it's all for- Scorpio has it, Matt Black wants it. Black beat some of the best around in to win the King Of the Ring tournament in May to get this match.
Vance: and no matter what Scorpio's said recently, you can bet your bottom dollar that he is fully aware of how good Matt Black is.

An almost nervous cheer rings out from the crowd as the referee holds aloft the WVW Heavyweight Championship belt. Black and Scorpio stood face to face in the centre of the ring and as Scorpio started trash talking, Black immediately slapped him. Scorpio looked a little shocked, but that quickly turned to rage and he charged at Black.

JR: arm drag! Scorpio back to his feet and another arm drag, Black puts on a hammerlock. Scorpio looking for a way out, fires Black into the ropes, goes for the back body.. no, leap frog from Black and now a back slide.. one.. two Scorpio kicks out and straight back up
Vance: but straight back down!
JR: another arm drag, Black has an arm bar locked in now.
Vance: Black obviously has a strategy- he upset Scorpio at the start with that slap to the face and has been ready every step of the way. He'll be frustrating Scorpio.
JR: Scorpio is back up and drives the elbows into the ribs, he bounces off the ropes and puts Black down with a shoulder block. Drops the elbow but Black moves and quick as a flash, the King of the Ring winner hands out the punishment to Scorpio's hamstrings.
Vance: there's the single leg Boston crab!
JR: Black just seems to be too quick and agile for Scorpio.

Black has the hold locked in and applies the pressure, but Scorpio manages to crawl to the ropes and forces the break. Black is relentless though, dragging Scorpio to his feet and hitting successive suplexes and ending it with a short arm clothesline.

JR: Black with the cover.. one.. two and a kick out. Black now, scoops Scorpio up, hard bodyslam into the canvass. A leg drop and cover but a quick kick out from Scorpio. Black doesn't give the champ a moments peace, drags him back up and fires him into the corner with some force! Scorpio bounces off the turnbuckle and a back body drop.
Vance: look at Scorpio- he's on his knees begging for mercy!
JR: oh a thumb to the eye from Scorpio! And a DDT!
Vance: love him or hate him, that's why he's a legend in this business, because he can turn a match just like that.
JR: Scorpio with the cover.. one.. two.. Black kicks out and Scorpio reigns the blows down across the back of the neck, pulls Black to his feet and a big belly to belly suplex!
Vance: look at that sadistic grin from Scorpio, he knows he's on top here.
JR: lifts Black now, into a pump handle slam and hooks the leg.. one.. two but Black kicks out. It'll take a lot more than that to put Black away.

Scorpio continues to reign blows down on Black as he looks to wear him down. Scorpio repeatedly chokes Black, but keeps letting go on a four count from the referee before dragging him up and whipping him hard into the corner, where Scorpio drives his shoulder into the abdomen of Black. He then scoops him up and wraps his feet over the top rope, hanging him upside down before laying the boot into Black's gut.

JR: Scorpio's using every trick in the book here, Black is down holding his ribs and well.... (Scorpio makes obscene gestures at the crowd) i guess that's the lack of class we've come to expect from Scorpio, especially in his time as Heavyweight Champion.
Vance: he's never been the guy to warm to a crowd.
JR: Scorpio in with a clothesli... boot up from Black! Scorpio staggers back, but straight back in... SUPERKICK!
Vance: Scorpio looks knocked out!
JR: Black with the cover.. one.. two.. th shoulder up from Scorpio!
Vance: wow that was close!
JR: Black, still feeling the effects from the Scorpio onslaught, gets slowly to his feet. He sets Scorpio for a suplex, but Scorpio reverses into a jaw breaker.
Vance: thats a nasty move from a 300 pounder.
JR: this has been a very physical match so far, but i suppose that's what we were expecting after this rivalry really started to hot up in recent weeks. Scorpio is up and charges at Black- shoulder block sends him down, Scorpio off the ropes again but this time Black was waiting with a spinebuster! Covers him.. one.. two and Scorpio kicks out.
Vance: thats the instinct and ability of Black, he can hit you with a move from anywhere.
JR: Black's signalling here... he, he's going for the Blackout! Has Scorpio set... NO back body drop from Scorpio! And oh...
Vance: Scorpion Death Drop time
JR: it's gonna be.. WAIT! Black gets free, kick to the gut and.... BLACKOUT! He covers him but (crowd count one, two, three)
Vance: the referees down, i think he caught in the face with Scorpio's boot!
JR: lets take a look at the replay and yes, as Black hoists Scorpio up, the referee got caught flush in the face.

Black tries to revive the referee, but whilst he's doing this, Scorpio crawls up behind him.

JR: low blow!
Vance: oooohh! And the ref didn't spot it.
JR: Black is on his knees, Scorpio's back up and oh... not like this, no no no.... Scorpion Death Drop! The referee crawls over very slowly and.. one.... two.... thrNO! SHOULDER UP! Black got a shoulder up and Scorpio can't believe it!
Vance: man, Black has the heart of a lion!
JR: Scorpio drags Black up by his hair and oh no, not again! Another Scorpion Death Drop!
Vance: it's over this time
JR: one.. two.. Foot on the rope!
Vance: where's Black getting this from?
JR: he's running on guts and instinct! Scorpio meanwhile is furious with the referee, he thinks it was a slow count. It looked a perfectly HEY! WHAT IN THE HELL!
Vance: he just punched the ref's lights out!
JR: dam Scorpio, that no good dirty cheating ba$tard! He punches the referee because he couldn't put Black away, this will now be a blatant disqualification...
Vance: wait a minute, what's this?
JR: Max Klein in a referees shirt! What the hell is going on?
Vance: i don't know, but i don't like the look of it.
JR: Scorpio with another low blow on Black and a Scorpion Death Drop! He hooks the leg and it's Max Klein that counts one two three! Dam it, another screw job and Scorpio keeps the WVW Heavyweight Championship, but it took 2 low blows, 3 Scorpion Death Drops and a fast count from Max Klein after Scorpio punched the referee's lights out... absolutely disgraceful
Vance: yet again, Max Klein abuses his power, but who can stop him?

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