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Multimedia gallery


{AReA 51A}


SuB-SuRfAcE LaBs An WoRk HaNgErs AReAs..... OvEr 2 SQuArE MiLeS At A DEpTh Of 1 MiLe...!!! HeRe In A CLeAn-ROoM EnViOrMeNt WoRk An LiVe ALiEnS 13 ALIeN RACEs FrOm 4 StAr SyStEmS...!! ThIs InFoRmatiOn ReLeAsEd FrOm ReCeNtLy De CLaSsiFiEd InFoRmAtION...!!!
HeRe FoR PaSt 42 YeArS in CoNjUnCtIoN WiTh The AiR FoRcE.... NaVy... NaSa.... OSI.... NSA... FBI.... ThE PeNtAgON... AN CIA ThE MiLiTaRy InDuStRiAL CoMpLeX.. UsAF PLaNt 52 in PaLmDaLe, CALiFOrNiA....HoMe Of ThE X-B70... ThE SR-71 BlaCk BiRd...ThIs ToP SeCrEt FaCiLiTy HaS BaCk EnGiNEeReD ThE MaNy ALiEn ShIpS To LeArN An BuILD MaNy Of ThE BLaCk GoVt's CrAfTs SEeN FLyInG In OuR SKiEs...!!! ExAmPLe *ThE BLACK TRIANGLE*.....! *ThE PLATE* *TASID BLUE *A-12 ThE BOx*
ThEsE ALiEn ScIeNcTiSt An EnGiNEeRs HeLp In CReAtIvE DeSiGn An BaCk EnGiNEeRiNg FOr ThE USAF TeSt PiLoTs to FLy.... ThEsE CrAfTs ArE MoSt OftEn MiStAkeN FOr UFOs.....

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