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Public Enemy

Guide by Alex Mitchell

To streak this machine, first you must try and get a jackpot. Play when full, make sure the coins are dropping to the cashbox. Now play to get on the board, and go for jackpot. If offered Extra life DO NOT take it. This only improves your chances of getting Fast cash which you do not want. Fast cash has a block on 22 pounds. It will not give more than this unless streaking. It will merely set back the big streak considerably. This is what you are trying to avoid. Fast cash.

The best way to get a jack pot is from bar code. Use code 2-1-3 which is 5 pounds cash gamble. If the number is decent i.e 9 - 4 or better then take this. Otherwise take 2-3-1, 5 pound Turbo gamble and go for the top (it may say "let me help you out" which means you can then press cancel and slow it down which makes it easy to hit all the way to the jackpot.) do not take anything less than the jackpot.

If you go 2-1-3 for the cash gamble, gamble once to 10 pounds, then exchange - more often than not you will be on 5 shots with 5 cash amounts left. If not go for the jackpot on nudges or features. Do not collect any features which you might think you´ll get jackpot from. If you are on Bonus - Extra Life, and you land on bonus 2 nudges for a total of say 5 nudges for 4 pound, check how many for jackpot. If it is there for 7 nudges, and you are on either an 11 or a 2, then take the extra life and gamble, it will ALWAYS kill you, i.e. on a 2 it will give a 1, on an 11, a 12. But with the extra life you can then gamble on the no-lose number for jackpot.

Once you have the jackpot providing the machines is full, and has been backing for a little while, this should trigger the streak which can be anything from 45 to 75 pounds (I´ve heard of 90). After the first jackpot the sign you are looking for will be clear. It will get you STRAIGHT back on the board whether it is streaking or not. Usually on the very next spin after jackpot. If it is NOT streaking then the next board will be normal. If this is the case take what you can and walk. Unless you are prepared to go for a second jackpot which could take another 30 quid, but may trigger the streak. If it IS streaking the next board will be an invincible one. Made clear by "Mad For IT" flashing on the display.

You will then land on shots until you get the jackpot repeater. As the last time this will probably not repeat, but will be followed by 1 maybe even 2 more invincible boards in close succession. When the board returns to normal take 4 - 5 pound and walk. It will kill you after that. This machine rarely repeats on the jackpot. If it does then it will slow down the 3 repeat, spin words on the display so you can clearly see which reel it stops at. On most occasions of a jackpot it is far too fast to possibly see, because it is not true skill, whichever reel you choose it will say spin. If it wants to give the repeat it will slow down, in which case it IS true skill.

Fast cash will very occasionally go past the 22 pound block if desperate to pay. Once it is over 22 pound, you KNOW you have at least 50 quid. I have seen it give 75, but have heard of 90 (I would also like to add that contrary to most other guides I´ve read about Public Enemy, fast cash does NOT have to give 15 pound minimum. This is rubbish. I have had it give as many wins below 15 as above. Its given me 10 pound countless times and also 6 and 7 pound). After one of these streaks there will be little after play. After a jackpot you are always guaranteed straight back up - but after a fast cash it can be 5 - 10 pounds maybe more. The streak is over.

Walk after a large fast cash i.e. 50 pounds or more - it will give all it wants to in the fast cash. That´s just about all that can be said for public enemy. It´s a great machine and can be VERY rewarding. I have had 75 off a fiver! The only thing you do have to watch out for is it forcing you to take that fast cash for 22 pound. However if your lucky it will either get to 15 then transfer to a jackpot - or go over the 22 and give the full streak. Otherwise it can really set back the machine.

Once you get it you best sit down and have a pint and wait for someone to fill it up again with another 30 or so. Then try again. That´s all! Remember those barcodes! And good luck.

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