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Oh Pagibig Pagibig
Pag ika´y NASOK sa PUSO
Masunod ka Lamang
Enjoy Reading and Be INLOVED!
mainLOVE ~tNt~

=>How I Love You<=

Baby girl just look at me
And then you´ll see
How much you mean to me
I want only you BooBee...

I dream that i could hold you now
I would do anything but i dunno how
I hope that you´ll be mine again
Cuz i wanna erase forever that pain.

Its too bad that you cant see
In spite of everything i tell you
How i need you next to me
And how much i love you

This ring I present to you,
as a symbol of my commitment.
My commitment to you,
and to the promises I now make.

I promise that you will be my one and only,
the only one that I share my love with.

I promise I will always be true to you,
I won´t ever break your heart.

I promise to treat you like a princess,
just the way you should be.

I promise to never hurt you,
whether it be physically or emotionally.

I promise to lift you up,
at those times you are feeling down.

I promise to wipe your tears,
whenever you need a good cry.

I promise to keep you smiling,
to show off that pretty smile of yours.

Last of all, I promise to love you with all my heart,
until the end of time.


When you find someone you love
It´s hard to tell them how you feel,but even harder to explain it´s real.
It hurts so much to hear that person say, Im wrong to feel this way!
What can I do? What can I say?
To make you understand how I feel about you each and everyday!
Is it that my heart skips a beat everytime you pass or how the walls around the heart came down with just a glance.
I toss and turn all night in bed, thoughts of you running through my head!
I don´t know what to say to prove that it´s real
Words cant express the way I feel
Just hold my hand and look into my eyes
If you see tears falling to the floor then you know
It´s meant to be, that I really do love you!

You are there,
I am here.
No one to help me,
No one to guide me.

I hold a memory of me and you in my heart,
the one that showed me we would never part.
Now I see it was all wrong, you lied to me all along.

I see you with her everyday, I just wish this pain would go away.
It´s hard to see that you were mine and now your hers.

No one before had showed me the road to love,
until you came in my life.
But then you broke everything away like it was just a play.

Now we are just friends which I wish everyday we were more. I just hope one day you´ll realize,
how much I loved you and how much I still do.

I love you!

It takes a day to love someone...
but it takes a lifetime to forget them...
people i know tell me to get over you...
but i don´t know how because i don even want to try....
i love you too much....
and getting over you is the last thing on my mind...

every time when you´re just beside me...
i felt as though you´re so far away....
i want to hold you...
but what can i do when i´m not even sure
where i stand in your life....
i really miss you....

i´m not sure what was in your mind....
in your heart.....
i wish you could just tell me....
i want to hear you say that you love me...
i want to hear you say you miss me....
juz like before...
but this time,forever....

i don´t know why i made the decision...
of a separation....
to avoid you getting stuck in the middle....
i got stuck myself....
i never regret the days we had....
but i do on the decision i made...

i think of you alot....
i felt that i really do need you...
never a day pass that you were not on my mind...
its really torturing me right now...
i really need you...
dear...come back to me...
please don´t tell me we´re just friends...
because it really hurts deep inside.....
i love you...

Your magic is like a spell of might
I’ve been captured in your sweet delight
My face always glimmering with light
You’re the sole reason for my breathing
Existing in my mind every day and night
Reality is divine, finally no more dreaming!

Each star I see within the spacious skies
I find within your gorgeous hazel eyes
You my dear are my golden treasured prize
Your beauty pours deep into my soul
It’s even more beautiful than the sunrise
It’s a beauty that makes my heart whole

If the sun declined to shine so bright
And the moon would leave the night
You’ll always be my everlasting light
Providing me with your warmest shine
Embracing me in your arms ever so tight
Captivating my heart till the end of time

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