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Few words to atheists

I congratulate all the atheists for two reasons
1. They use their intellectual skill ..
2. They have believed the first part of shahadat that there is no god. The second part say but Allah.. They will believ at the earliest..
Oh my atheist brothers.. So our question is if there a creator who fashioned this wonderful world? Let us think deeply.. Lets visualize this expanding universe. Lets think of its laws and organisation and the aesthetic and organizational aspects of it. Was it created haphazardly? How does the universe come into being? Human mind perceives that every effect has a cause. Surely the universe did not come into existence all by itself. If ever there was a 'big bang' as the theory goes, some power was surely behind it. Does not the systematic orbit of the earth, the moon , the planets, and life on earth speak of precise planning?
Everything in the universe however big or small, indicates the existance of power behind. The blazing run, the serenely lit moon, the majestic mountains, the flowing rivers which will end up in roaring sea, the colourful fauna and flora, the taste of fruits, the fragrance of flowers, and above all the sharp senses of the human being, all vividly express the power of the Creator, who have everything form, shape, law and order.
Any rational mind can perceive that the universe is created and set in order by a Creator. Organization is the most glorious expression of the existence of the creator, and His Power And Knowledge.
If see a beautiful painting within an exquisitely wrought frame, we know there must be an artist behind. If we see an automation that works and produces by itself, we understand that there's a designer behind. If we come across an excellent books on medicine we realize there must be an authority on medicine who compiled it.
Can we say that the book is the result of a freak incidence, and suddenly or gradually evolved by itself? Can one believe if told that the wind scattered the papers and the ink, then the ink was spilled on the papers and, behold, there was a good book on medicine? It is obvious , that any sane mind will never believe such an absurd idea, if not mock at it.
The brain admits the existence of the Creator and understands this fact easily and clearly. Many enlightened scholars of physics, medicine, botany, zoology and other sciences have covered tremendous facts proving conclusively that the universe was created by a Wise and Powerful Creator, Who brought it into being in this flawlessly perfect shape. The following are food for thought
1. Oxygen is one of the gases forming the atmosphere. It is essential for life on earth. It constitutes 21% of the atmospher, that is the most suitable percentage that can allow life on earth. Should this percentage change a little, the whole life system will go out of order and life will come to an end. Who set this system in order and made oxygen this perfect percentage to preserve life and prevent its collapse? Could it be the work of chance?
2. The temperature at the surface of the sun is 12000 degrees fahrenheit . The sun's distance from the earth is approximately 150,000,000 km. This distance is very suitable for the light and heat to reach earth adequately, allowing, man, plants and animals to live and flourish. If the heat of the sun doubles, we would burn into ashes and if it decreases by 50percent we would freeze to death..
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