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Time Travel through warm hole

Worm holes is a tunnel in space that connects two different places in different time

Worm holes offers us time travel

worm hole is nothing but a tunnel connecting two different places in the universe in different time

Example-there is a worm hole connecting our delhi and sri lanka.When you travel through it in delhi and you would reach sri lanka in future

how does worm hole work?
we are living in a 3-dimensional world .traveling through worm hole means your traveling through 4th dimension

dont wory i will tel u

imagine a circle and outline is the normal three dimensions that we move in .now if you want to get from one side of the circle to the other and only move in the out line(our 3 dimension) you would get to the outer side much slower then some one that travelled straight line through the circle(through 4-dimension) and one that moved through the circle didnt even have to move faster that you
The outline of the circle represents spacetime which is the thing on which every thing in the universe exists and its when you wrap this space time into little pockets on 2 different places,the place were you are and the place were you want to go and then connect those two pockets to create a tunnel between the two different place that you get a worm hole

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