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:*:'Marian's apparitions:*:'

Apariciones Marianas

(Apariciones Marianas)

Marian apparitions

In the past century are numerous cases of Marian apparitions in the world. The manifestations of the Virgin always meet similar characteristics, being the protagonists, in many cases, children, who had visions and was the recipient of prophecies. According to the place where the apparition is happening in some cases gave him a "name" to the Virgin, as in the case of Fatima in Portugal.

But what really are the Marian apparitions, "What is the purpose of these celestial events? Who are the authors of this phenomenon? The solution to these questions is obvious to hear the response of the Virgin of Garabandal to girls when they asked him: "Madam, What are these balloons that every night we move in the sky?" And the Madonna replied: " Those balloons I have come to find him. " As the former Jesuit Salvador Freixedo: "The Marian apparitions are another set of gods," a benevolent game so to speak, part of a plan developed by extraterrestrial beings whose purpose is to achieve the conversion of people through these heavenly manifestations. The aim is to raise awareness of thousands of devotees who manage to capture these appearances, with the sole purpose of achieving lead humanity towards the path of good, through events that we are supernatural, which are very well planned by the extraterrestrials using their scientific breakthroughs, technological and spiritual. And if you succeed!, Somehow or other manage to attract millions of faithful, as an example, we have again the case of Fatima, and also that of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico. To conclude this brief introduction, we must bear in mind that these heavenly apparitions not only occur in the western world, or more specifically between Christians and Catholics, for example in the Buddhist religion true, but to the Virgin Mary is called " Deva ", in India it is known as" Hydra ", as well as among Muslims know the" angels "as" Jinas "might well go on other cases. But if the demonstrations are extraterrestrials according to the mentality of the people who will be witnesses of fact, according to their religion and culture, in the end the goal is the same, capturing the attention of people towards their spiritual elevation and through the mail, remove the current man of perdition. NATURE OF THE \ "AM " - Appearances MARIANO. It is often manifested either individually or collectively in young children, semi (predominantly pastoralists), who live in isolated and underdeveloped, as well as between adult men and women, particularly nuns. It also notes that the female seems more conducive to these \ "demonstrations ". On the other hand, somatic diseases abound dramatically in the adult recipients of the \ "AM.''Despite the widespread view that they have a home " internal \ ", ie that these are hallucinations, collective psychosis, and so on. , We have a certainty about the evidence that the \ "AM " are motivated by a cause external to the blind, independent of themselves and showing all the attributes of ontological reality \ ". The case is also \ "personal ", ie a carrier that is \ "entity " expressing qualities of body perceptible to the senses, much like the human (but always enhanced and embellished), intelligence and consciousness, movement , Eyes, voice and language. These \ "ANI " go from one side to another, talk, give messages, broadcast orders, kiss, etc., Displaying behavior in a way similar to humans. As a rule, seers often see a bright-looking human figure (which is often subsequently acquired by an initial light source), which recalls a beautiful lady covered with white hair, youthful-looking, frequently suspended on a tree. Then the \ "ANI " is addressed to the surprise witnesses or seers who spoke, possibly using some means of Extrasensory perception, warns them to observe \ "good " custom and practice prayer, ordering them to convey certain messages to the Church hierarchy, and because they more often indicates the desirability of building on the site of a shrine commemorating advent of the act. They were also cited for another day and so progressively occur appearances for some time, until they finally cease so as sudden started. The perception of \ "ANI " seems to be selective, that is, when several people are gathered just a few of them come and listen to \ "ANI ". The news of the \ "Emergence " runs through the region like wildfire, which resulted in large crowds attending. Parallel to occur around \ "prodigies " apparently paranormal, that is instant cure ills of corporal outbreak of springs in arid lands, strange luminous phenomena in the sky, etc. .. which intensifies the flow of human bodies. The tone of popular piety takes on formidable proportions precisely in places where previously it was nap or nonexistent, and this extraordinary \ "Effect = AM''continues for centuries. Today has been organized around this cult with the celebration of rituals and festivities newspapers. They have been extremely important, qualitatively and quantitatively. Without it \ 'superstructure \ "in " AM \ "is very difficult to maintain a very effective and long-term doctrinal influence, first of Christianity and Catholicism after . These \ "demonstrations " have cooperated in the West powerfully to the establishment of a civilization based on the philosophy of the gospel. On the other hand, include the fact that almost all the festivities of the Catholic liturgy has its origin in an appearance or prodigy similar. Europe is planted everywhere from temples commemorating \ "Appearances Marianas ". For centuries would have been virtually impossible to keep alive the religious tension in the town if it had not been counted with the help of these eficacísima \ "demonstrations ". In somehow we can say that thanks to the \ "blowtorch " in \ "AM " on Cross still flutters Western culture. Few doubt we have to respect us when we make the following question: What would have been history without his intervention and maintenance of the idea, the first Christian and then Catholic? believe that this field of study and research is still virgin, so it can be extremely interesting about this particular depth, and possibly as a result we can better judge the tangled with which we presents a series of strange phenomena that seem to always have been, even \ "lead " our historical performance. So far we have given some basic notions or guidance for better understanding and further assimilation of various exhibitions on the theme of \ " AM \ "addressed in this number of contacts. But what have to do the " AM \ "with the UFO phenomenon? It should mean that within the " AM \ "There are quite a number of phenomena in the current ufology and parapsychology. cite a few examples: clairvoyance, levitation, apparitions, states of possession, teleporters, luminous phenomena and even physical appearance of objects (lamps, discs and ships. wheels, crosses. figures, etc.).. unusual rains, sounds strange in the sky, disclosures similar to those of \ "contacted by extraterrestrials ", etc.. But more than one reader asked how to explain the stigma of seers. Of course, there are, but what this indicates that they have a home divine? Obviously, our answer is no! resounding. What is the basis for such a blunt statement? Well, that simply is not a phenomenon itself \ "Marian " or Catholic, because in Islam there are examples as representative and as many in the Catholic, but one thing that differentiates the stigmatized of the two religions: The stigmas are representative of the cult of each respective religion. So if we consider the stigmas like \ "divine evidence " because we have two gods \ " Real \ "and if we take a look at other faiths ... How many " Gods \ "we would find ourselves?


Apariciones Marianas

En el siglo pasado son numerosos los casos de apariciones marianas en el mundo. Las manifestaciones de la Virgen reúnen siempre características similares, siendo los protagonistas, en muchos de los casos, niños, los que tuvieron las visiones y fueron los receptores de las profecías. De acuerdo al lugar donde sucedía la aparición se le daba en algunos casos un “nombre” a la Virgen, como es el caso de Fátima en Portugal.

Pero ¿Qué son realmente las apariciones marianas?, ¿Cuál es el propósito de estas manifestaciones celestiales? ¿Quiénes son los autores de este fenómeno? La solución a estas preguntas resulta obvia al conocer la respuesta de la Virgen a las niñas de Garabandal, cuando ellas le preguntaron: “Señora, ¿Qué son esos globos que todas las noches vemos moverse en el cielo?” Y la Virgen respondió: “En esos globos he venido a encontraros”. Como dice el ex jesuita Salvador Freixedo: “Las apariciones marianas son otro juego de los dioses”, un juego benévolo por decirlo de alguna manera, parte de un plan desarrollado por seres extraterrestres cuya finalidad es lograr la conversión de las personas a través de estas manifestaciones celestiales. La finalidad es la toma de conciencia de miles de devotos que logran captar estas apariciones, con el único fin de lograr llevar a la humanidad hacia el camino del bien, a través de hechos que para nosotros resultan sobrenaturales, que son muy bien planificados por los extraterrestres valiéndose de sus grandes avances científicos, tecnológicos y espirituales. ¡Y si que lo logran!, de alguna u otra forma logran captar millones de fieles, como ejemplo tenemos nuevamente el caso de Fátima, o también el de la Virgen de Guadalupe en México. Para terminar esta breve introducción, debemos tener en cuenta que estas apariciones celestiales no solo se dan en el mundo occidental, o mas concretamente entre cristianos y católicos, por ejemplo en la religión budista ocurre lo mismo, pero a la Virgen se le conoce como “Deva”, en la India se le conoce como “Hidra”, así como entre los musulmanes conocen a los “ángeles” como “Jinas” así se podría seguir enumerando otros casos. Pero siempre las manifestaciones extraterrestres se dan de acuerdo a la mentalidad de las personas que van a ser testigos del hecho, de acuerdo a su mentalidad y religión, al fin y al cabo el objetivo es el mismo, captar la atención de las ...

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