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:*:'Another dimension of the Ouija:*:'

La Otra dimensión de la Ouija

Another dimension of the Ouija

What is behind the Ouija?. This is the great dilemma and the eternal question. A priori one can not deny or say anything outright if you are not in possession of an abundant experimental casuistry that would later be subjected to a systematic analytical study. The wealth of accumulated data seems to show that there is truth behind this system of communication with other planes of existence. However, as has been repeated many times, can be dangerous and total surrender to openly credulity.

For many years, and as a mere spectator, because I did not want my emotions could influence the findings, I have closely followed countless cases involving the practice of the Ouija and its consequences. Before setting out the different techniques and arriving at conclusions, list what diametrically opposed to both theories have been formulated to explain this phenomenon. With these assumptions true that when originally postulated the principle corpuscular of light and, subsequently, the vibration. The first of these some perfectly clear behavior of luminous phenomenon, but the other was left totally unexplained, and vice versa. Today we know that light is both corpuscle and vibration. With reference to the subject at hand, some flatly deny any connotation with an alleged \ "beyond " or systems of life outside our dimension. According to this view, everything is due to an outcrop of our unconscious, where they are hidden our repressions, desires and aspirations unfulfilled. During the practice of the Ouija would be a relaxation of the mechanisms of bioelectrical conscious, that is, a certain disconnect with me. At this time aflorarían all those ideas and motivations stored in the unconscious, seizing the transmitter system of neurons, and muscle. This notion, held by too many people \ "rationalists ", is a total simplicity, not explain many cases of communication with the Ouija or clarifying certain concomitant phenomena that often occur. To defenders of this thesis, it is simpler to say that everything is due to altered states of consciousness. The simplicity of use of the Ouija is one of the reasons for its success, attracting audiences not prepared to experiment. The opposite is the case of those who do not hesitate to say the least maintaining contacts with dead people, spirits, superior beings, extraterrestrials and a long list of suspected entities. Prior to theorize and contemplate the wide range of potential and actual circumstances accompanying the Ouija, I explain some cases lived and controlled by me over a period of several years. Since some of them do not add much less with the scenario described above, other explanations should be allowed more momentous, paranormal or \ "border " within the meaning of those events and phenomena that appear to be in the \ "border " with other realities. Describe a few examples of this casuistry: Case 1: For three or four years, a group of friends from high cultural level met Saturday afternoon to practice Ouija. As they began to observe some curious phenomena during the sessions, invited me to them as an observer. In one of them received a communication from someone named Antonio said. Apparently he was on a road next to a dump truck into the gutter, and said that there were many people close to him, but nobody into the case and did not know what was going on. Finally gave a phone number, after which they are cut off contact. A week later, the experimental group decided to call that phone ... The result was amazing: the number was up to the house of a truck driver named Antonio, who had died in an accident to falling asleep at the wheel of his vehicle. The fact had occurred on the same day it was practiced Ouija. Case No. 2: In the province of Barcelona, a group of three marriages accompanied by some of their children after dinner improvised Ouija as a simple pastime. For a long while, the master-cup or small plate that slides on-board remained motionless, so it decided to terminate the experiment. But someone suggested making another attempt. On this occasion, the master began to move. At first very timid, and then gaining speed, was from side to side repeatedly dialing the word \ "DEATH ". One of the attendees was particularly distressed, as his mother, an elderly woman, was hospitalized. Despite the lateness of the hour to get home called the health center, where he reported that the state continued to post its normal course and that the diagnosis was very favorable. Among those attending this experience was a youth of 17 years. Two days after the meeting, the boy suffered a serious motorcycle accident in front of the colliding with a car traveling in the opposite direction. The death was instantaneous. Case No. 3: This case has fortunately not so tragic connotations as the previous ones; quite the contrary. The Sr.X is an excellent person who six years ago was on the dole, with a large family to keep. In a few months, their savings are dispelled, and unnecessarily toured many companies in search of work. At the end of November was found coincidentally with a friend, who insisted that he accompany him to his house and consulted the Ouija, who used to practice with his wife, assuring him more than once that they \ "had " helped. Reluctantly the Sr.X accompanied his friend. Moments after the opening of the meeting and were not made to wait for the results, comunicándosele to Sr.X that their problems would have a speedy solution. Days after our friend received from a family of leading years without knowing anything a small share of lottery Christmas. The number was graced with the \ "Gordo ", which claimed an amount that allowed him to live with a certain relief to find stable work. Case No. 4: Since early morning, Juan Vicente received an unexpected phone call. A friend after apologizing for calling so inadequate hours, he reported that, in doing Ouija home of another acquaintance, the master they reported: \ "Juan Vicente should not make the trip. Do not do it. ". The posting referred in the message was a trip of about ten days ago by Austria. Perhaps my good friend from the beginning was not very determined to do it, but the fact is that, perhaps influenced by the Ouija, took the decision not to leave home with their peers. It happened that, precisely in those days, Juan Vicente received notification that its application for membership in a major company had been accepted. Of not being able submitted within 72 hours, another had occupied the post.


La Otra dimensión de la Ouija

¿Qué hay tras la ouija?. Éste es el gran dilema y la eterna pregunta. A priori no se puede negar ni afirmar rotundamente nada si no se está en posesión de una abundante casuística experimental que más tarde deberá ser sometida a un sistemático estudio analítico. La gran abundancia de datos acumulados parece demostrar que existe una verdad subyacente en este sistema de comunicación con otros planos de existencia. Sin embargo, y como muchas veces se ha repetido, puede ser peligroso entregarse total y abiertamente a la credulidad.

Durante muchos años y como mero espectador, pues no he querido que mi emotividad pudiera influir en las observaciones, he seguido de cerca innumerables casos referentes a la práctica de la ouija y sus consecuencias. Antes de exponer las diferentes técnicas y llegar a conclusiones, enumeraremos dos teorías diametralmente opuestas que se han formulado para explicar este fenómeno. Con estas hipótesis ocurre lo mismo que cuando se postularon inicialmente el principio corpuscular de la luz y, con posterioridad, el vibratorio. El primero de ellos aclaraba perfectamente un cierto comportamiento del fenómeno luminoso, pero el otro quedaba totalmente inexplicado, y viceversa. Hoy sabemos que la luz es a la vez corpúsculo y vibración. Con referencia al tema que nos ocupa, unos niegan rotundamente cualquier connotación con un presunto "más allá" o con sistemas de vida ajenos a nuestra dimensión. Según esta postura, todo se debe a un afloramiento de nuestro inconsciente, donde se encuentran ocultas nuestras represiones, deseos y anhelos no cumplidos. Durante la práctica de la ouija se produciría una relajación de los mecanismos bioeléctricos del consciente, es decir, cierta desconexión con el yo. En este momento aflorarían todas aquellas ideas y motivaciones almacenadas en el inconsciente, apoderándose del sistema transmisor de las neuronas, y del muscular. Esta idea, mantenida por muchas personas excesivamente "racionalistas", es de una simplicidad total, no explicando muchos casos de comunicación con la ouija ni aclarando ciertos fenómenos concomitantes que suelen darse. Para los defensores de esta tesis, lo mas simple es decir que todo se debe a estados alterados de conciencia. La sencillez del empleo de la ouija es una de las causas de su éxito, atrayendo a públicos no preparados para experimentar. El caso contrario es el de aquellos que no dudan lo más mínimo en afirmar que mantienen contactos con personas difuntas, espíritus, seres superiores, extraterrestres y un largo etcétera de supuestas entidades. Antes de teorizar y contemplar el amplio abanico de circunstancias posibles y reales que acompañan a la ouija, desearía explicar algunos casos vividos y controlados por mí a lo largo de varios años. Como quiera que algunos de ellos no cuadran ni mucho menos con la hipótesis expuesta anteriormente, deben admitirse otras explicaciones más trascendentales, paranormales o "fronterizas" en el sentido de aquellos fenómenos y sucesos que parecen hallarse en la "frontera" con otras realidades. Expondré algunos ejemplos de esta casuística: Caso nº 1: Durante tres o cuatro años, un grupo de amigos de alto nivel cultural se reunían los sábados por la tarde para practicar la ouija. Como quiera que comenzaron a observar algunos fenómenos curiosos durante las sesiones, me invitaron a las mismas en calidad de observador. En una de ellas se recibió una comunicación de alguien que decía llamarse Antonio. Al parecer se encontraba en una carretera junto a un camión volcado en la cuneta, y decía que había mucha gente junto a él, pero nadie le hacia caso y no sabia lo que pasaba. Finalmente dio un número de teléfono, tras lo cual se cortó el contacto. Una semana más tarde, el grupo de experimentación decidió llamar a ese teléfono... El resultado fue asombroso: el número ...

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