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:*:' Mysterious places.:*:'

Lugares Misteriosos

Mysterious places. The lady of the Watchtower

The Sanatorium of La Atalaya, in Ciudad Real is a mysterious place, a place marked by tragedy is the scene of strange events and legends of well-known among the people of Ciudad Real. Ghostly apparitions of a lady in a curve, a rare psychiatric abandoned on a hill where according to witnesses strange phenomena occur, occurrences of lights in the sky and strange haze that surrounds the site are just a few events in the Atalaya, a place to outskirts of the city. And what you are about to read, are a series of events that might have marked the place. And a series of events that may have to do with the situation in a place marked by tragedy, for the pain.

\ "A police officer, alleged perpetrator of the death of two youths in La Atalaya ". That was the holder of the title page of the newspaper on Wednesday Launches April 22, 1987. And continued as follows: Three killed by gunfire, a couple of boyfriends and a member of the Primary Scale of Police, is the balance of an event occurred on the night of Monday to Tuesday in the vicinity of the repeater TV Located in the hills of La Atalaya in our capital. Perales Maria del Mar Serrano and Alfredo Lozano Galan were the victims that fateful night of April 20. Isidro Mejia, 33 years, married and father of two sons was the one who caused his death. Maria del Mar and Alfredo were a young couple who came to The Watchtower that same afternoon to spend the day and return the same day. But his return home never happened. At two in the morning, Isidro Mejías arrived on the scene, was put in front of the Citroën Visa Alfredo, and unloaded his pistol against the couple. Maria del Mar had a shot in the wrist, another in the hand and two more in the chest, while Alfredo had a bullet hole in the eye and another in the neck. The assurance of the car's doors were closed, which leads us to conclude that nothing happened suddenly. They scared, they saw what was going to happen, and are locked in the car. The police, after killing the two young men, got into his car, closed the door and stuck a shot in the temple, ending his life, and taking forever secret, why did he do it? The scenarios were shuffled most of the crime of passion, and the intent of a prior suicide. Both were almost discarded for the reasons I give now. Isidro Mejias was married, was the father of two sons and all his acquaintances said that he was very happy with his wife, who always went with her everywhere and was a man apparently loyal. Why would I take a moment of passion with that girl, and would later kill her along with her boyfriend in a fit of jealousy? And not only for the portion of Isidro but also by Maria del Mar. His mother said that she and Alfredo wanted to be a lot, spent as much time together and when they could not, it threw hour on the phone. When Alfredo came home, wondering if he had named Maria del Mar. What would make desquebrajar and their relationships? The parents of the two victims, said police did not know that. The other possibility is that deck has a demonstrated. The police wanted to commit suicide. In fact left his home in a note to her mother-in-law, asking it to pick up his wife and their children, who came from Bangkok on the same day at 20.15. Isidro left the note, he went to the barracks, picked up his personal weapon and climbed the hill of La Atalaya. There, in an attempt to end their frustration (that frustration has no explanation to date) fired toward all parties, with such bad luck, which gave the two youngsters. However, there are several issues that also discarded this part of the theory. Not the suicide plan, because that is practically demonstrated, but the theory that it was hitting shots left and right just to end that frustration. First, all the bullets were the young, with an accuracy rather curious. If we look, the shots were aimed toward the face. That's why the bullets in the wrist and hand of Maria del Mar. Maybe tried to cover his face, in a totally human instinct. Second, young people had insurance posts, knew that something bad happened. So .. What was the cause that led to Mejias to rise up Isidro there, killing the couple of boyfriends and then end their lives?. At present, a kind of plaque rests in the area of the murder, in memory of the deaths occurred that terrible night. It's a scary building, as long as I have said. If ever I was going to shoot a horror film, surely this would be the scenario. It was built with the main function of sanitarium for tuberculosis patients. That is why their situation on a hill, where he was quite the sun, and surrounded by trees and forests. At one time almost certainly was a luxurious place. However, shortly by operating the nursing home, begins to eradicate tuberculosis, so in a matter of months, the place closes its doors. As a curiosity, to say that the author (and collaborator of the CSIC at the time) Luis Martín-Santos worked at the site, with medical knowledge quite remarkable. Soon after, he decides to use given place, and opens as a child psychiatric hospital, taking more patients. Establishing a soccer field, swimming pool, swings .. However, the building was quite large for the few patients who harbored. The second floor was often kept closed. So is enabled and opens not only for children but for adults. Back in 1980. And then starts the \ "legend ", then ensure that people passing through there, I could hear the screams of patients. And starts to spread the rumor that patients were mistreated. It is, of course, elucubraciones, legends and gossip. We must say that the place was well prestigious. Conrado Carretero, director of the center at that time was a good man and respected by all, according says most people who knew him. But the blackness that always accompanied the history of this building, which again does have to be closed for lack of patients. Some say that was because of a bad situation of the building, and others that resulted from various misfortunes on the inside. The case is closed, and has remained so to this day. According assured me a lot of people, the beds were still in the rooms, and padded rooms were intact. I could see, it is now a month, not lying. One night, flashlight in hand, we are entering the building ... I was there. It was the night of 28 to April 29, about 1:30 in the morning. I recognize that the building, at those hours, rather than impressed. Bend the curve (with legend, as we shall see below) and cross the rusted gate of the old sanatorium. We were inside. There is no entrance gate, just a hole full of semi-darkness illuminated by the beam of light from the flashlight. The first floor (which should be the reception) was filled with rubble. In addition, the ceiling in some places seemed about to unravel. The elevator on the first floor was the only one who retained the typical green metal door, because in the upper floors where elevators at that time there were now only had holes. The stairs have no handrails, so you'll become a threat to late night. I must say that the place is terrible. Not because anything paranormal happen, but because sensation caused in oneself, perhaps because of the suggestion. To think that that place was inhabited by always sick, for some people, some of whom probably died there after years of desperate struggle to cure his illness. I do not know why, but the atmosphere is charged. Just the fact of seeing the rooms, long and narrow corridors, plunged into total darkness and silence? impresses. But the place where we all most impacted was in the chapel on the first floor. It is a comprehensive site, which now looks like a factory with a kind of altar at the bottom, and where a newly impalement of an iron wall, lay a dove moved by the wind. There, that place is where they had taken place most Ouija experiences as I had been counted. And when we were going to walk into a room adjacent to the chapel, dozens of pigeons to fly drove frightened by the light from the flashlight, causing a tremendous shock (and obviously, was transformed into nervous laughter). The wind came from all sides, because the windows had no glass, were already destroyed. Were heard further steps of animals through the roof, it seemed that this was going to unravel. I remember also the bodies of pigeons their throats cut cleanly, almost with the precision of a scalpel or a knife. Surely it is not satanic rites or anything like that, but of the people who swarm through the building, with beer bottles and cartons of wine in his hand. The place did not have beds or furniture (although at the time of abandonment if held, but there were people who destroyed them), but the rooms remained almost intact padded. We were able to find even castors probably belonging to a stretcher. On the walls, there were all kinds of graffiti. But the most macabre, rare and are worth recalling that of a child, with his hand cut off and blood pouring spouts by the court, another that said: \ "This kills at 2.30 \," another \ "Dead not you worry, your quiet \ "or " Anyone who comes here does not come out \ ". Fortunately, I left it. The lady of the Atalaya. The legend of the girl curve is well known to all, a rising young man hitchhiking his finger in the middle of the night, and asks the first stop, that leads to the city. After a few minutes, the young woman said to the driver: \ "Be careful, this curve at me I shot ", and based on this legend, have appeared many other derivatives. Some argue that this is not a legend, things like that really happen in our roads and highways. In Ciudad Real there are several hot spots in this direction? The Ciudad Real-Coldstream road, where it appears a young man who died there years ago during the night of his graduation dance, and another alleged girl of the curve is in the Watchtower. Specifically on the curve that there are just at the entrance to the old sanatorium (now abandoned psychiatric). Morning returning to spend a few hours in the sanatorium, a friend stopped me, asked me what such an experience, and then told me: What about the curve, you know what?. I stayed desencajado. He had heard dozens of times that the legend of hitchhiking ghost, but nobody ever told me was that it had happened to him. Nobody, of \ 'you to you \ "I had an amazing history and yet so shocking as that. That night back in the summer of Atalaya on a motorcycle with a friend of his who was driving. And dropping just one place, right at that curve, the lights lit up the bike to a semi figure in a nightdress. He made an impromptu turn, but nothing happened. Do not hit, because that figure simply disappeared. Who is this young man? There are many versions that respond to this question. Some say that is the figure of a former psychiatric patient's child, who at one of its crisis, was launched by the window. Others claim that there was a kidnapping in Ciudad Real, that an evil man took the girl to that place, and ...

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