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:*:Philadelphia Experiment myth or reality:*:

Experimento Filadelfia mito o realidad

Philadelphia Experiment myth or reality

THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT, myth or reality? The \ "Philadelphia Experiment " is the name that was given a course ultrasecreto experiment conducted by the United States Navy in 1943, during which a ship became invisible and was a teleporter to another pier. It is a story you should know anyone interested in UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and other myths and mysteries. In 1979 he was the subject of a book written by Charles Berlitz, the chief guru of the cult of the Bermuda Triangle, and William Moore. But how do you knew about this, and what evidence we have that be true?

The story begins with Morris Ketchum Jessup, a man of many and varied interests. In the twenties he was a professor of astronomy and mathematics at Drake University in Iowa, and at the University of Michigan. While preparing his doctorate conducted research that led to the discovery of several double stars that subsequently were scheduled by the Royal Astronomical Society. (It is said that he possessed a doctorate in astrophysics, but it was unclear if he is granted or not.) Jessup spent much time studying Mayan ruins and Inca and concluded that the buildings could only be built with the help of a technology superior alien. Lack of money forced him to abandon his research and return to the United States, where he went to work in \ "The case for the UFO " (The allegation of UFOs), the first of four books on the subject, in the which mixed a bit of scientific objectivity with a lot of pseudoscience. \ "The case for the UFO " was published in New York in 1955. Throughout the book, Jessup asked its readers to lobby their political representatives to demand investigations into the unified field theory, the problem with that Einstein had faced during the past twenty years, and that thought-Jessup - Could clarify the mystery of the thrust of UFOs. On January 13, 1956 Jessup received the first of two letters from a reader who signed Carlos Miguel Allende and Carl M. Allen. In his incoherent letters, full of misspellings and punctuation, Allende warned that Jessup should forget their interest in the unified field theory. A version of this theory was applied by the U.S. Navy in 1943, said in an experiment that had become invisible to a boat, with dire results for its crew. Jessup replied to your correspondent asking for more details. Allende was unable to provide further information. Meanwhile, Jessup and his book had been the topic of conversation in Washington D. C. In July or August 1955, a copy of \ "The case for the UFO " came to the Office of Naval Research (ONR). It was discovered that it contained comments on the text written in the margins, as if the book had passed through the hands of three people. The comments implied a knowledge of UFOs, its propulsion systems and the origin and background of their crews. The book went into the hands of two officers of the ONR, the commander George W. Hoover, Special Projects Officer, and captain Sidney Sherby. Jessup invited them to Washington, taught him the book and asked him if he could make any comment. Jessup said that the letter, one of the authors was Allende, and then delivered the letters to Allende Hoover and Sherby. The two officers were moving to machine the book of records, to make it all more clearly, and Varo Manufacturing Company of Garland (Texas) released a limited edition. The interest of the ONR scored for the book was never satisfactorily explained, but the ONR has always denied that it was official. Hoover and Sherby were personally interested in UFOs, a subject which then gave its infancy, as their introduction to the edition of men, their enlightened view was that \ "no details on who is discredited from the point of view of classical science , Should be ignored \ "in the search for clues about the nature of gravity. Therefore, we must infer that the interest of Hoover and Sherby was personal, which paid the costs of the edition of men, and that any subsequent investigation was undertaken on his own. No one knows what could undertake investigations Jessup, if they did, their direct connection with the affair ended the night of April 20, 1959, when he was found dead in his van in Dade Country Park (Florida). Inside the closed car had been introduced a hose connected to the exhaust pipe: according to all indications, Jessup had committed suicide. Will had committed suicide? The death of Jessup has been the subject of much speculation. Some friends said that Jessup was not the kind of person who commits suicide. Others have suggested he was killed because he refused to stop investigations on the enigma of UFOs. It also said that something had to see the \ "men in black ". However, other friends said that Jessup was depressed because of personal problems, and that his suicide was announced at an intimate friend of his. The correspondent of Jessup, Carlos Miguel Allende or Carl M. Allen, little is known. Many researchers tried to interview but was so elusive as the Scarlet Burnet. Among those who knew him were Charles Berlitz and William Moore, but found out recently. However, they managed to identify the boat used in the experiment of course: it was the Eldridge. Carlos Allende is a living enigma. Born in Springdale (Pennsylvania) in May 1925, and was posed at least five aliases. It is the youngest of three children, his father was Irish, Gypsy and her mother. He enlisted in the Navy of the United States on July 14, 1942, and graduated on May 21, 1943. In July 1943 he entered the merchant marine, who left in October 1952. Since then it has been a sort of vagabond. It is said that men visited the corporation at the invitation of its president, and that was in contact with Dr. Edward U. Condon during the investigation of UFOs conducted at the University of Colorado. Allende acknowledged being the author of the letters of Jessup and the annotations in the book that he had sent to the ONR. It is assumed that denied that it was a simple joke. Allende says that in 1943, one doctor Reno Franklin developed an implementation of the unified field theory of Einstein who was tested by the U.S. Navy in an experiment in which the Eldridge and his entire crew became invisible. The experiment was conducted at sea in October 1943, and was observed by Allende, who was aboard the vessel Andrew Furuseth. He told Moore that the Berlitz and Eldrige was immersed in a strange force field that stretched \ ".. until about 100 meters away from each side of the boat. I got his hand up to the elbow, in this incredible field. \ "The experiment was a success, except for the strange and terrible side effects suffered by the crew, some men died, others became mad, and a few continued to fall into invisibility. Once in a bar in the port of Philadelphia, a group of crew members caused a scandal to disappear suddenly. Allende said that the incident appeared in a newspaper review of Philadelphia in autumn or winter, sometime between 1944 and 1946. Allende also said that it conducted another experiment in which the ship was experimental teleporter from its berth in Philadelphia to another in the area of Newport News, Virginia. Allende was not present but told Jessup that he had read an article about the incident in a Philadelphia newspaper whose date did not remember. \ "It may have been in 1956, said in a letter to Jessup, after being suspended the experiments. " Finally, Allende gave his ID number in the Navy, Z416175, and provided the names of witnesses or persons, somehow, they could confirm his story. Allende attests to the history of the Philadelphia Experiment is based primarily on the information contained in two letters sent in 1956 by Carlos Allende (Carl Allen) to Morris Jessup. In the translation have not kept the spelling of the original, but has tried to preserve the surprising \ "tone " de Allende. Dear Dr. Jessup: Your invocation to the public to move en masse on their representatives and have enough pressure well placed in a proper and sufficient number of places where it can be passed a law to allow the Unified Field Theory of Dr. Albert Einstein (1925 -27) Is putting into practice is not necessary. Were used \ "results " my friend Dr. Franklin Reno ... The results were, and are now evidence that the Unified Field Theory is correct to some extent ... The \ "result " was the complete invisibility of a ship, type destroyer, and its entire crew. I was browsing. (Oct. 1943). Campo was effective in an oblate spheroid which stretched one hundred yards (more or less, due to the lunar position and latitude) off each side of the boat. Anyone within that area became so vague but he also noted these persons on board that ship as if they too were in the same state and yet they were walking on nothing. Anyone outside of that area could not see anything, except how clearly defined the hull of the boat in the water ... Are very few of the original crew experimental now, Lord. Most went crazy, went through a wall of their accommodation in sight of his wife and son and 2 other crew members (not to be seen again), two \ "went to the Fire " or be stopped and caught fire while carrying compasses some common ... (burned 18 days) ... The experiment was a complete success. The men were complete failures. Check newspapers in Philadelphia looking for a parrafito (top of the road, inside the newspaper about the third final of the newspaper, 1944-46 in spring or autumn or winter, not summer) in a press release describing the actions of the sailors after their initial trip. Raided a room in the yard of the Navy \ "Gin Mill " or \ "Beer Joint " and caused so much commotion and paralysis of the waitresses that little could make them understandable, that paragraph and that what I wrote No Cree, said \ "I just wrote what I heard, and these women are crazy ... " I ask you to do this bit of research just to swallow the tongue when you remember that \ "asked to be made law ". Very disrespectful of his, Carl M. Allen P.S. Help more if you can see that. (Z416175) Days after falling and Notes in addition to the letter ... I want to mention that in any way boat Experimental also disappeared from the docks of Philadelphia and a few minutes later appeared in another pier in Norfolk, Newport News, in the area of Portsmouth. This was pointed out and clearly identified as the place but then the ship disappeared again and returned to its dock in Philadelphia just a few minutes or less. This was also noticed in the newspapers. But I've forgotten what I read newspaper or when it happened. Probably at the end of the experiments. It could have been in 1956, after completion of the experiments, I can not say for sure. Very sincerely, Carl M. Dear Mr. Allen Jessup: I asked what is equivalent to testing positive ...

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