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oct hanging rock - Newest pictures

:*:'The Mystery of Hanging Rock:*:'

El Misterio de Hanging Rock

The Mystery of Hanging Rock

The Picnic at Hanging Rock or Mystery of Hanging Rock happens in a melancholy Australian landscape, rich in ancient symbols, in 1900 was the scene of the mysterious disappearance of a group of schoolgirls who participated in a rustic snack. Valentine's Day 1900 dawned sunny and beautiful in the village of Woodend, near Melbourne (Australia). It was the day of the annual trip at school for young ladies Appleyard, site on the outskirts of the village, since early morning a group of students and teachers of the school came out with the intention to make a lunch camp. At the end of day four people were missing, three of them do not return to be seen anymore.

This strange story has become a famous episode, as mysterious as the case of the abandoned ship, the Mary Celeste. It has become the subject of countless theories, many magazine articles, at least two books and a film, Picnic at Hanging Rock. But like other historical mysteries, what happened at Hanging Rock is not all it seems. History tells us that the group of girls and female teachers departed in a rented car to go to Hanging Rock to hold its annual luncheon countryside. Instead of a typical jaunt to the people who used to attend the beginning of the century was an unusual geological formation called Hanging Rock. This formation of volcanic origin and several million years old rises majestically 150 meters above the plain where he is summoned, and culminates with the mixture of stones and monoliths in balance that gave its name (Hanging Rock means, in English, 'rock that swings "). Very near the base of the rock had a good place to eat and rest, consisting of a few makeshift tables of stone and a proper and discreet service toilets. The school group was composed of 19 girls, mostly teenagers and two teachers; mademoiselle Diane de Poitiers, the younger of the two, he taught French and dance, and Greta McCraw, a Scottish middle-aged spinster, was professor of mathematics . The other adult of the group was Ben Hussey, driver of the car hired by the school. Mistress Appleyard, the director, was not part of the expedition. The group that departed early Saturday morning to cover the seven miles leading up to the place of lunch, and arrived shortly before noon. The day was warm and sunny, and after eating most of the girls doze peacefully in the shade of trees and rocks. Something beyond, across a small creek flowing from the wall of rock, there was another small group. Was composed by Colonel Fitzhubert (veteran of the Army of India, now retired to milder climates), Mistress Fitzhubert, his nephew, the Honorable Michael Fitzhubert (and visiting from England) and the lackey Albert Crundall. By three o'clock in the afternoon, three of the older girls asked for permission from the French teacher to explore the rock. The three young Irma Leopold, Marion Quade and a girl to be recalled simply as Miranda-seventeen years and had all highlighted as being sensible and responsible. After a brief commentary among adults (during which it was noted that the clocks of Ben Hussey and miss McCraw had been stopped at noon), it was agreed to let go. Subsequently also gave permission to Edith Horton, a girl younger than fourteen years, to accompany them. Be warned the four that do not rise too by a rock, seeking to avoid the cliffs, caves and cliffs, and that took care with snakes, spiders and other dangerous bugs. The girls left the picnic area, crossed the creek and lost sight around 3:30 in the afternoon. Michael Fitzhubert and Albert Crundall, who sat next to the creek, saw them move; Irma was going ahead, followed by Marion, Miranda and Edith. Albert sprang a whistle compliment, and Mike was lifted with the intention to follow them, but desisted after walking only a few yards away, where they disappeared behind some trees. In place of the snack all sleeping. At about 4:30, Hussey and wanted to bring together all staff. He, Poitiers mademoiselle and realized it was missing also miss McCraw, no one had seen the march, but it was believed that he had followed the girls Scouts. The group Fitzhubert just collect their things and had left. Angry at first and then increasingly dismayed, and Hussey, Poitiers mademoiselle sought to absent. Hussey held the girls to search for couples, giving voice to each moment. A trail of ferns and shrubs parties had twisted the east to the south side of the rock, but beyond that, where he started on rocky ground properly, the traces were disappearing. The alarmed picnickers searched for nearly an hour to 5:30, Edith Horton came out of the bushes half stunned the southwest side of the rock. Screamed hysterically and could not count on that interrogators nothing had happened. There was no sign of Miranda, Irma, Marion and Miss McCraw. Upon arriving the night, the two adults decided to bring the girls back to school and stayed. On the way back, stopped at the Woodend, where Hussey reported what happened to the agent Bumpher. The next day, Sunday, started an active search for the missing women. It was thought that girls and their teacher were simply lost in the woods, and police enlisted a number of volunteers, among them were Mike and Fitzhubert Albert Crundall, to look into the rock. This was not an easy task, since Hanging Rock is a treacherous area, full of caves and chasms (traditionally believed that they had no view) covered with thick bushes. After a day of searching, nothing was found. Meanwhile, the doctor Woodend, Dr. McKenzie, looked at Edith Horton. He appeared to suffer a mild shock and had numerous cuts, scratches and bruises because of their race between the bushes, but no serious injuries. He could not remember anything of what lived on the rock. However, the following week, on Wednesday, was questioned by the Bumpher agent, who revealed that when he returned unusually had happened near miss McCraw, which was heading towards the rock. Saw her at a distance, and the teacher had not paid attention to the cries of Edith. In addition, Edith embarrassed confessed that the maid, usually as demure, so wearing indecent: did not wear skirts above, only her panties. The search continued for several days while police routinely interrogated all the witnesses. The young Michael Fitzhubert seemed to be the most suspect in the case had been made a lewd act, because he had been the last person who had seen the girls and admitted that he had begun to follow them. However, there was no other indication that he had been responsible for the disappearance of the girls and, possibly due to pressure from influential Fitzhubert, police abandoned this part of the investigation. On Thursday, after the excursion, the police resorted to an Aboriginal tracker and a beagle. Having clothes smelled miss McCraw, the sniffer dog followed a track that stood by the rock, then stopped, with the hair-raising and gruñendo for nearly 10 minutes, in a circular platform halfway from the top, but not found no tangible clue. Convinced that no one could have survived for so long in the thicket of bushes, the police decided to abandon the investigation. The next day, Friday, Mike Fitzhubert and Albert Crundall decided to investigate on their own. At the end of the day, without having found anything, Mike decided to spend the night in the rock. Albert returned to the residence of Colonel Fitzhubert excuse for Mike. The next morning, when he returned to the rock, followed the trail of Mike and found him unconscious, with heat stroke and a badly twisted ankle. Mike was brought home and visited by Dr. McKenzie; that night Albert found in a pocket of Mike a note written in haste and that, despite its incoherence, reflected that Mike had found something in the rock. On Sunday morning was carried out another investigation and, with great surprise for its part, searchers found Irma Leopold. He was unconscious. He suffered several strokes and minor cuts to his head, and the nails of her hands were broken, but otherwise did not seem too concerned after spending more than a week in the woods: his feet, barefoot, were clean and unmarked. What is most remarkable of all was that it lacked the brace, but had not sexually abused her. When regained knowledge, he could not remember anything of what had happened to him. And here the story ends. Irma could not say anything about what had happened to him, Miranda, Marion and miss McCraw would not view any more. As a result of the episode, the students of the college were changed Appleyard College, and it was closed. A few months later, Mistress Appleyard went to Hanging Rock and climbed alone. His body was later found at the foot of a cliff. The mystery of Hanging Rock has sparked endless speculation. For those who are not prepared to accept a paranormal explanation, there are two possibilities. The girls could have been lost and died in the rock due to weather conditions. Their bodies could remain hidden in the bushes at the foot of a cliff, or in a cave where they could have fallen, to be devoured by animals, insects and bacteria (which happens quite often in the forest Australian). The amnesia of Edith could be due to hysteria or a fall; that of Irma, the traumatic experience of being separated from the others and survive a single week. The brace he had to remove to move more freely (this could also be the reason they miss McCraw off his skirt). The second possibility is that the girls were victims of any crime. It has been suggested the theory that Mike Fitzhubert and Albert Crundall may have kidnapped the girls (after murdering miss McCraw) and keep them hidden in the land of Colonel to satisfy their sexual desires. Marion and Miranda, or died from injuries suffered or were killed, Irma had to be saved by chance. Developing this hypothesis, Mike could have been a sexual pervert who had sent his family to the colonies to get rid of him, but this whole theory breaks down by the fact that Irma remain untouched. Another theory is that the girls were caught by a UFO, for which the rock due to having acted as an intergalactic basis, like the Devil's Tower in Wyoming in the movie \ "Encounters of the Third Kind " (1977). Other theories are less sustainable. It has been suggested that the girls were mysteriously trapped by a spacecraft. Certainly, the rock is sufficiently distinctive to serve as a beacon of intergalactic, as the Devil's Tower that appears in the movie Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). The presence of a UFO might explain the fact that the clocks stop. When Edith had that he had seen Miss McCraw, said he had. received a mysterious cloud rose toward that hour, is this evidence that might have strange objects fly in space? Another theory is that the girls could have done something like a trip back in time, when they moved to another era past or future. This theory is closely related to the cloud rose, as Christian Doppler and Albert Einstein suggested that the bodies that disappeared from view ...

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