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nov vuelo grande ajenony - Newest pictures

:*:The Flight 19 :*:

El vuelo 19

December 5, 1945. 14:00. The five aircraft TBM Avengers, with 14 men aboard, had taken off from the base of Fort Lauderlade (Florida) with an unbeatable time. It was a routine flight tests with live ammunition on some islets near military installations.

However, the head of the mission, Lt. Charles C. Taylor, had asked the lieutenant Arthur A. Curtis, for reasons never clarified, did not participate in that mission aviation. Perhaps on this the fate that awaited fatal? ...
Who could leave his post if it was the place that Kosnar by accumulating flight hours, dropped at the last minute, board the fateful flight 19.Una-hour and forty-five minutes after the game, Lieutenant Taylor communicated by radio was lost, disoriented and that of your compasses had stopped working. Communications with the control tower were interrupted by frequent interference, even finding the TBM Avengers, single-bombers, a short distance from the base.
The most bizarre of this fact, was that although the conversation between the pilots of the squadron was heard clearly, the operators of the control tower had serious problems to make himself understood with Lieutenant Taylor.

At seven and 4 minutes in the afternoon, all contact was lost with the squadron. Fearing for the lives of soldiers, from the Banana River Naval Air base, sent a rescue plane a twin-engine amphibious Martin Mariner also away within 27 minutes of leaving the track despegue.Al day after the unexplained disappearance without precedents in the recent history of U.S. aviation.
On December 6, 1945, the military ordered an impressive deployment of rescue that makes virtually one corner of the Atlantic is overwhelmed by human presence. About 307 planes were involved, 4 destroyers, 18 ships from the Coast Guard, the aircraft carrier
Solomons, several submarines and hundreds of planes, yachts and boats privadas.Ni a trail of oil, nor a lifeboat ... nothing. No trace or evidence of the fate of the V-19 had been located ... it seemed as if they had swallowed the sky.
An official spokesman of the Commission of Inquiry formed by the Pentagon to consider this fact, acknowledged at a press conference:

"This loss ... comes as a complete mystery. It's the most bizarre mystery that has never investigated the Naval Aviation. " An executive of the Navy, said about it: "vanished as completely as if they had fled to Mars? ...

The mystery about the whereabouts and fate of Flight 19 began to take shape ...
¿Survive CREW OF FLIGHT 19?
Although this may seem fantastic remote possibility, there are no signs or witnesses who allege that the military aboard the V-19 could survive the Bermuda Triangle of being deliberately concealed, and given officially reported missing by the U.S. Air Force. Analyze the data.

3 days after the incident, when the search was still on the high seas, a pilot of the "Eastern Airlines" Captain J. D. Morrinson notified to the competent authorities, who, while on a routine flight, he had seen strangers resplandores and red lights twinkling in the middle of a swamp on the coast, about two in the morning of Saturday, 16 km southwest of Melbourne (Florida ). Along with the lights had been able to distinguish the silhouettes of several people. He immediately organized a rescue mission from the Banana River Naval Air Station. The pilot of the aircraft sent to rescue survivors of the cases, confirmed the presence glow to some 80 km inland. J. D. Morrinson, as notified to the reporters of the "New-York Times," after 5 minutes of his first sighting could see a fire in the swampy region. Subsequently, a dense and thick fog that blanketed the area like a blanket, prevented the planes from the army to remain on their tracing. However, this did not prevent that, by land, were deployed several special units equipped with amphibious vehicles, assault boats, jepps, so that in the darkness of the night trying to find survivors of the V-19. Apparently without any satisfactory result.

For its part, the widow of Capt. J. Edwards Powers, one of the missing soldiers that day, is convinced that there were survivors and for years has demanded explanations from the Navy. According to investigations conducted by this relative of the victims, the authorities have reports that, since the day on December 5 to 9 days, there were several testimonies of qualified personnel and civilians who claim to have witnessed rescue flares at different points the swampy coast of Florida.

Provided as evidence the testimony of a pilot of the "Pan American", the same day of the disappearance of the patrol, reported seeing several flares green, about 22:30 in the swamps of Florida Everglades. Not much later than this statement, a witness named Sonderland, said that a number of blue and green flares were lit the night from some 15 km south of Cristman (Florida). A bus driver made a similar statement to say that some flares obervó green "as those used to call for help" in the vicinity of Fort Myers (Florida). As if this were not enough barrage of witnesses, a commercial pilot from the cockpit of his aircraft contemplated green flares 4, 23:55 am to about 80 km from Tampa, in the same direction as the bus driver said. Faced with persistent complaints from the widow of Powers, the Navy merely commented that the army had done everything possible to find survivors or at least evidence to indicate clearly the nature of the tragedy. Regarding the "uncomfortable" matter of flares, said that a citizen, a Mr. L. C. Smitch, had been engaged for several nights, "with the help of a powerful flash lamp to hunt frogs" (sic) to confuse and strangers.

For his part, the journalist Kenneth L. Woodward, following an interview he had with Joe Paonessa, brother of George Paonessa (curiously disappeared on the same plane to fly the Captain Powers), provided new details about the unusual disappearance of Flight 19. The reporter could see that Joe while doing military service in the Marine Infantry, as a diplomatic courier in Washington, sought information on the whereabouts of his brother. Being surprised, knowing that at least 5 years after the desaparción, the army was still in its investigations and the case was not closed, when, of course, formally the incident was closed a few months after the incident. Is it possible that there were survivors of the V-19?, Why the Navy gave them dead?, What witnesses were that day?, Participated in a project ultrasecreto ...?, What went wrong? .. . Maybe a risky theory? ...

Apart from these speculations, many years after the controversial disappearance, a group of underwater treasure hunters said they unravel the fascinating enigma ... allegedly had found the remains of Flight-19 in perfect condition for hundreds of meters deep off the coast of Florida. ¿Mystery solved? ...


El Vuelo 19

5 de diciembre de 1945. 14:00 horas. Los cinco aviones TBM Avengers, con 14 hombres a bordo, habían despegado de la Base de Fort Lauderlade (Florida) con un tiempo inmejorable. Se trataba de un rutinario vuelo de pruebas con fuego real sobre unos islotes cercanos a las instalaciones militares.

Sin embargo, el jefe de la misión, el teniente Charles C. Taylor, había pedido al teniente Arthur A. Curtis, por razones nunca aclaradas, no participar en la citada misión aérea. ¿Quizás presentía el fatal destino que les aguardaba?...
Quien si pudo abandonar su puesto fue el cabo Kosnar que por acumulación de horas de vuelo, desistió, a última hora, embarcarse en el fatídico Vuelo-19.Una hora y cuarenta y cinco minutos tras la partida, el teniente Taylor comunicaba por radio que se encontraba perdido, desorientado y que las brújulas de su aparato habían dejado de funcionar. Las comunicaciones con la torre de control eran interrumpidas por frecuentes interferencias, aun encontrandose los TBM avengers, los bombarderos monomotores, a corta distancia de la base.
Lo mas extraño de este hecho, fue que aunque la conversación entre los pilotos del escuadrón se escuchaba perfectamente, los operarios de la torre de control tenían serios problemas para hacerse entender con el teniente Taylor.

A las siete y 4 minutos de la tarde, se perdió todo contacto con la escuadrilla. Temiendo por la vida de los militares, desde la base aeronaval de Río Banana, se envía un avión de rescate un bimotor anfibio Martin Mariner que también desaparece a los 27 minutos de abandonar la pista de despegue.Al día siguiente de la inexplicable desaparición, sin precedentes en la reciente historia de la aviación norteamericana.
El 6 de diciembre de 1945, la cúpula militar ordena un impresionante despliegue de rescate que hace que, prácticamente, aquel rincón del Atlántico se vea desbordado por la presencia humana. Aproximadamente participaron 307 aviones, 4 destructores, 18 navíos de la Guardia Costera, el portaaviones
Solomons, varios submarinos y cientos de aviones, yates y embarcaciones privadas.Ni un rastro de aceite, ni un bote salvavidas... nada. Ningún vestigio o prueba del destino final del V-19 había podido ser localizado... parecía como si se los hubiera tragado el cielo.
Un portavoz oficial de la Comisión Investigadora formada por el Pentágono para examinar este hecho, reconoció en una conferencia de prensa:

“Esta pérdida... se presenta como un misterio completo. Es el misterio más extraño que jamás ha investigado la Aviación Naval”. Un administrativo de la Marina, declaró al respecto: “desaparecieron tan completamente como si hubieran huido a Marte?...

El enigma sobre el paradero y destino del Vuelo-19 comenzaba a forjarse...
Aunque esta remota posibilidad pueda parecer fantástica, no faltan ni indicios ni testigos que aseveran que los militares embarcados en el V-19 pudieron sobrevivir al Triangulo de las Bermudas, siendo deliberadamente ocultados, y oficialmente dados por desaparecidos por la Fuerza Aérea Norteamericana. Analicemos los datos.

3 días después del incidente, cuando la búsqueda seguía en alta mar, un piloto de la “Eastern Airlines” el capitán J. D. Morrinson notificó a las autoridades competentes, que, mientras realizaba un vuelo rutinario, había visto extraños resplandores rojos y luces centelleantes en medio de un pantano en la costa, sobre las ...

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