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:*: Los palecontactos :*:

Los palecontactos - Enigmas del pasado

The palecontactos - Enigmas of the past

Various theories postulate a strange relationship of man with primitive beings from space, which would have transferred knowledge of agriculture, science and travel transdimensionales. The conjecture is supported in bizarre buildings, tracks and marks in caves, megaliths, engravings and paintings.
Much has been discussed about the possible passage of the planet came from ancient civilizations hidden stars located millions of light years ¿record their visits? Some theories say that these people have helped civilize and transfer knowledge to primitive man, who, turn left on record their passage through foreign symbologies, manufactured items, prints and constructions.
At various locations in Chile and other countries in the world, with some frequency repeat the findings and the presence of figures and grids, which have come to be interpreted by archaeologists, anthropologists, researchers and ufologists as irrefutable evidence of the presence beings in the past and craft of extraterrestrial origin.
Among the figures who have these silent traces of the past are: being thin, tall and with long arms; macrocéfalas entities; entities with Bell figures that appear to be levitating, promotion and relegation of men mystics; radiant creatures and not many other ways apparent relationship with humanity. Miles are the paintings and archaeological items that have fueled curiosity, surprise and incomprehension of humanity, becoming an attractive product operated by writers, researchers and cazafortunas.
For example, in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan, China, India, Australia, England and Spain it is possible to find unique expressions carved thousands of years ago and where the rarity of the pieces found the door open to the unknown dimension. But compared to what we are: extraterrestrial beings, priests land or supreme deities?
Riddles that establishing the doubt:
Bird-Men: embossed and monolithic figures of men birds near the cliffs of Easter Island represent a symbolic presence of the gods in the ancient tradition of the island. Some researchers attribute these figures to the alleged visit by extraterrestrial beings.
God flying Palenque: In Palenque, Mexico, is the "Temple of the Inscriptions" in its interior can be seen where the burial chamber carved in stone on the upper deck, a man with indigenous features, which appears mounted on a fairly narrow space capsule. Draws attention to the amount that appears to be manipulating knobs. Moreover, there is a carving of an alleged smoke expelled by the machine. Such an impression because people tend to compare this figure with the module space in which the first astronauts traveled Americans.
Tula God: In the town of Tula, Mexico, is a huge platform of the emerging majestic figures of gods carved in stone, whose clothes seem sophisticated armor. Hold their hands in a sort of symbolic key, played by astroarqueólogos as artifacts attack capable of melting the rock.
-The Great God Marciano: In the mountains of Tassilli in the Sahara, the picture emerges of a curious and unique engraved on the surface of a large stone structure easily accessible at the time. Represents the worship of God to a little human traits, and is one of the most enigmatic paintings ever found.
Figures Toro-Died: In the middle of a desert environment in Peru is the town of Toro Muerto. In this place were found countless prints and drawings that show incredible enigmatic depictions of people who seem to fly and dance as well as foreign individuals or machines with Bell on moving platforms.
With Bell-Beings: In the town of Val Camonica, Italy, are ancient paintings. Human silhouettes dressed in ceremonial attire that might be creating space suits, because if you look carefully you can recognize Bell, antennae and other technological devices.
Dogo-Japanese statuette: Found in the town of Dogo, Japan, this statue has a five thousand years old. The figure keeps a surprising resemblance to the first diving suits and even the costumes worn by astronauts and cosmonauts.
-Stonehenge: England megalithic figures are a great enigma, for sure yet because we do not know what was what led to a small town located at the dawn of our history in these latitudes evenly build this colossal stone temple ago More than 5500 years. Moreover, Stonehenge was used repeatedly by ancient cultures for rituals honoring the Sun, Moon, planets and stars, they would continue their own worship Celtas years later.
, Puerta del Sol: colossal stone gate on the high ground of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. Monument was created, cut and carved from a single stone block. It has niches, openings and neatly sculpted surfaces. Altorrelieves appear in the figures that are three-winged beings, arranged in a row. Then emerge a central and dominant figure who represents the god Viracocha, which is accompanied by 15 guards and side by side. This would be a solar calendar of 12 months, which indicated periods Equimoctial and solstices.
Aztec-calendar: In Mexico, a museum displays an enigmatic schedule 3.5 meters in diameter, with 24 tons of weight. Formerly it was completely painted and hung in front of the temple of the sun god The stone is carved with great precision, drawing attention to its powerful mythological figures, the result of astronomical observations. The Aztecs were able to deduce, after his comments, that the year consisted of 365 days, including more leap year. The curious thing is how to define their beliefs were, at that time if there is no telescope, nor had the proper mathematical tools.
Nazca lines: Huge pictures of animals and human figures emerging on extensive plains in the town of Nazca, Peru, and can only be observed from the air in planes that travel the area with some frequency. Believed to have been designed by the Nazca civilization for massive religious dances that followed the path demarcated in each of the drawings so they can be seen by the gods from heaven.
Petroglyphs-in Quebrada de Camarones: North of Chile in the first region, it is possible to find different stampings enigmatic figures in the rock by ancient nomadic settlements strange figures who loved flying, dressed in costumes that have a similar space suits .
-The man who oversees: Next to the town of Cautla, Mexico, Chalco and Nahua tribes living close to the famous volcano Popocatepetl, known as "the man who monitored" by the locals. Its surroundings are fantastic stories of close encounters and stories of UFO sightings linked to the presence of gods of the cosmos that occasionally visit the volcano.
Temple-Tula: In places where Mexicans lived Toltec Indians stand four majestic stone gods, which exceed 10 meters in height, and appeared in their hands to load a type of weapon too sophisticated for the time, some have interpreted as a symbolic key, guarded by stone guardians, who make sure not to penetrate the realms unknown until today.
Map-taxed area in the stone: Presents a stellar constellation known to date. It is located in the town of Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
-Ingá: It is a town in the Paraíba Valley, in Bahia, Brazil, where there are various representations of the constellation of Orion, which inspired the Egyptian culture for the subsequent construction of their pyramids.
-The Mundurukús: Caribbean Court of the Amazon. Karukasaibe was a god that after a long stay on earth bother with humans, who migrated to point to other regions of the sky. There is a book which provides a connection between the UFO phenomenon and the story called "Gods of the Amazons and Aliens, written by Professor Antonio Ferreiro, a dedicated to the study of folklore about ancestral deities.
-Tiahuanaco, Bolivia: A plateau is 4 thousand meters of altitude. Here are several scattered stones monolithic show ancient works of precision and carving. A rarity in this place is called the "monolithic door of the sun", which measures about three meters high and four wide. At its center is a purported flying god, surrounded by 48 figures framed and arranged in three rows. The weight of the door exceeds 10 tons. The area has been dated in the year 600 BC


Los palecontactos - Enigmas del pasado

Diversas teorías postulan una extraña relación del hombre primitivo con seres procedentes del espacio, los cuales habrían transferido conocimientos necesarios sobre agricultura, ciencias y viajes transdimensionales. Las conjeturas se respaldan en extrañas construcciones, trazados y marcas presentes en cuevas, megalitos, gravados y pinturas.
Mucho se ha debatido sobre el posible paso por nuestro planeta de antiguas civilizaciones venidas desde recónditas estrellas situadas a millones de años luz ¿constancia de sus visitas?Algunas teorías afirman que estos seres habrían ayudado a civilizar y transferir conocimientos al hombre primitivo, quien, a su vez, dejó constancia de su paso a través de extrañas simbologías, elementos manufacturados, impresiones y construcciones.
En diversas locaciones de Chile y de otros países del mundo, con cierta frecuencia se repiten los hallazgos y la presencia de figuras y trazados de líneas, las cuales han llegado a ser interpretadas por arqueólogos, antropólogos, investigadores y ufólogos como evidencias irrefutables de la presencia en el pasado de seres y naves de origen extraterrestre.
Entre las figuras que presentan estas silenciosas huellas del pasado se encuentran: seres delgados, altos y con brazos largos; entidades macrocéfalas; figuras de entidades con escafandras que parecieran estar levitando; ascensos y descensos de hombres místicos; criaturas radiantes y muchas otras formas que no tienen relación aparente con la humanidad. Miles son las pinturas y piezas arqueológicas que han alimentado la curiosidad, el asombro y la incomprensión de la humanidad, convirtiéndose en un atractivo producto explotado por escritores, investigadores y cazafortunas.
Así por ejemplo, en Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Brasil, Colombia, México, Costa Rica, Japón, China, India, Australia, Inglaterra y España es posible encontrar singulares manifestaciones labradas hace miles de años y donde la rareza de las piezas encontradas abren las puertas a la dimensión desconocida. ¿Pero frente a qué estamos: seres extraterrestres, sacerdotes terrenos o deidades supremas?
Los enigmas que instauran la duda:
-Hombres pájaros: Grabados en relieve y figuras monolíticas de ...

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