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:*:The Enigma of the cursed treasure:*:

El Enigma de los tesoros malditos

When Captain William Kidd was hanged in London on 23 May 1701 left more than a legacy of death, leaving the illusion of finding his lost treasure. Since then many dreamers traveling the globe in search of these wrecks, sometimes protected by curses unfathomable ...

Kidd is the stereotype of the pirate, and bloodthirsty
keeper of the secret of an immense treasure hidden somewhere
place on the planet. A number of novelists were inspired by
his exploits as James Fenimore Cooper, and Edgar Allan Poe
Robert Louis Stevenson in Treasure Island, a novel that
contains all the ingredients for a good story of
pirates: a map unintelligible, a mysterious island,
conspiracies, mutilation, murder and a lot of gold
buried. The good news is that most of these ingredients
adorned the life of William Kidd. In a desperate attempt
to save his life, wrote to the Speaker of the House of
Common English Parliament by promising to reveal the
situation of a part of their wealth, amounting to one hundred
thousand pounds, in exchange for not execute. Not accepted
The "generous offer" and the pirate Kidd had to face
try your luck at the gallows. Some believed that this letter does not
was just a bluff, but others thought that exaggerated and not
your treasure-o-treasures were hidden in several
parts of the world. The legend spread after Kidd
death and many were adventurers, and that cazatesoros
embarked with the idea of finding these caches. So
only after 200 years, in 1929, the first
evidence that was not a bluff. Hubert Palmer, lawyer
English retired, bought an oak desk century
XVII with the following inscription: "Captain William Kidd.
Adventure Galley, 1699. " Referring to the name of
and the pirate ship in which he tropelías by their various
oceans, Adventure. Palmer sought secret compartments
and found a narrow tube containing a brass with a
map of parchment rolled up. It appeared an island surrounded
by the China Sea, with the initials "WK" and the date
1699, which coincided with a calligraphy written with Kidd.
The discovery was the starting point of a series of
expeditions to various regions of the east coast
American, Indian Ocean and the Sea of Japan in search of
Kidd fabulous treasure. All this has generated a great
rocambolescas number of episodes of betrayal,
murders and bankruptcies on a par with a number of places
in which he felt a foot juntillas that there was
buried the treasure of this and other pirates. Gave equal; rioja
was important to get rich at the expense Kidd, Morgan, Drake and
and that was that despite the curses and
many deaths surrounding the treasures, stained
Blood from the outset. Things pick and shovel to take
The frantic search was launched in the most
strangers and pilgrims that one can imagine. Any
hint, rumor or piece of map was more than enough to
go beyond the seas in search of great treasure, but until
the time has been able to locate. There is still awaiting a
someone with more luck, more technical and
economic, or simply find more clever
Treasure Island first and then the exact location where
dig. There are several places that have been discussed
around the legendary treasure of Kidd. If you have an idea
done with it, take note, not repeat it twice:

Oak Island or Oak Island, off the coasts of
Nova Scotia, Canada, sought unsuccessfully since 1804.

Yokoate Island, part of a
archipelago that stretches from southern Japan to

Gardiner Island, off the coast of New
York. Coco Island in the Pacific, southwest of Costa

The Chilean island of Robinson Crusoe, in the
Juan Fernandez archipelago.

Clipperton Island, or Island of the Passion, in the
Pacific, southwest of the Mexican coasts.

In one of these six sites should follow the
treasure or treasures-laughing all the unwary that have been
approached by its edge without adequate protections
physical and psychological, as something said by the legend that
money is cursed. In February 2000 an expedition
U.S., led by archaeologist Barry Clifford,
found the remains of the sunken boat Kidd, the Adventure,
object of desire of treasure hunters near the
coast of Madagascar. But that was not the treasure ...
Pirate Treasures Where would stop succulent sacks
pirate doubloons prey by the likes of Francis Drake,
Morgan, Kidd, and Barbanegra company? Most went to
swell the coffers of the kings of France and England, the
was happily spent the rest were buried in one or
desert island in the Pacific or Atlantic, as the island of
Turtle-away from the greed of other pirates
awaiting the moment to retrieve it. Almost never
happened because they died in skirmishes or executed as we have
seen with Kidd. This fueled the legend that there
remote places where the soil behind the key
fortune. What if everything were not legends? Memory and a
Roide map was the only thing that would find some
days before the spoils if locate the signals of
elusive "X" in the place of burial. Two island
were given the primary objective, not one but
Several buccaneers and pirates to bury their
treasures, with or without your map. One is
this island of Coco, 24 km2, lost in the ocean
Pacific, 300 km from Costa Rica, where he at least
four hidden treasures. These are: 1 .- The Captain
English Edward Davis, who amassed a fortune by looting
coastal cities from Mexico to Ecuador. Came to the island
1685 in the Bachelor's Delight and deposited its cargo. 2 .-
The Graham Bennett, who in 1818 took over a
shipment of gold from Acapulco. Until then addressed
their ship and their trail was lost. 3 .- The Benito Bonito, a
Portuguese was nicknamed "bloody sword." With his ship
Ligning arrived on this island in 1820 and made his fortune in
land or in some cave. 4 .- The fabulous treasure of Lima, a
huge booty amassed by civilian authorities and
Spanish religious in three centuries of occupation of
Peru in 1825 that handed senseless andalusia Scottish marine
William Thompson for their keep, for a
percent after the city surrendered to the troops Bolivar.
When Thompson levo anclas the port of El Callao on board
Dear Mary's had no intention of complying with the
and set forth toward the island of Cocos, where he was buried
in secret. None of the pirates was cited
enjoy the treasures hid in the remote location,
so it is likely to remain there, untouched. Since then
have been pursued vigorously by several cazafortunas, but
have never appeared ... The treasure of the island of Robinson Crusoe
Located 700 km west of Valparaiso, the island
Robinson Crusoe is part of the Juan Fernández Archipelago
and was also home of not only the Scottish marine Alexander
Selkirk lived abandoned during the years 1704 and 1709
Which then formed the basis for the character to inspire
Daniel Defoe literary, but also for pirates to
crossed the Pacific. According to legend, Spanish navigator
Juan Esteban Ubilla and Echeverría, belonging to the Order
Santiago, hid in this small island a large
treasure. Since then he has been sought by all the caves
of the island. One of the attempts carried out by
American Bernard cazatesoros Keizer in a cave of
English Bay Port. Ubilla and Echeverria, the general
fleet remained in Veracruz (Mexico), who was brought
the wreck to the Robinson Crusoe island, also called Mas
Earth-A in 1714 because in those days was about the
Spanish war of succession and did not want to fall into the hands
of the French Bourbons. In 1761 the English captain
Cornelius Webb, under the command of the ship Unicorn, is commissioned
by Lord George Anson to salvage the treasure Ubilla. In
this issue, Webb was able to unearth because,
when intended to return to England, one was surprised
storm snapped the mast must return to the island of
Robinson hid where again the fabulous cargo without
who knows where or how many sites. In September
2005 members of a Chilean expedition reported
found with absolute certainty the legendary treasure of jewels and
gold coins hidden in the island since the eighteenth century. Of
confirmed, would be the largest ever. The
members of the Wagner Technologies, supported by
a robot explorer - "TX Araña" - popularly known
as "Arturito, locate the location of the loot
hidden in three places of Robinson Crusoe. Nothing less
Three: one of 800 tons and two between 30 and 50
tons each, valued at 10,000 million dollars,
Almost 25% of Chile's external debt. According to legend,
one of them would have been stolen by the Inca Empire
Spanish and subsequently acquired by British privateers,
then was buried in one of the caves of the island
For nearly 300 years. Other researchers such as Bernard
Keizer-believe wealth is a tribute to Aztec,
brought from Mexico to the island by Spanish John
Ubilla and Esteban Echeverría, in 1714. I imagine that the
Members of this company are aware of the treasure
has an associated legend that speaks of the damned
calamities and misfortunes that occur to those who
were in contact with the loot and who dare to look.
The list of victims is long. For suddenly, and have
started the bitter disputes between the Chilean government, the
mayor of the island and the company to see how Wagner
They will share the treasure. Treasures for today
A different owner "Treasure Island" that swarm
maps and legends lost, would add other
wealth still await a future owner. There is
Thieves loot buried as Jesse James and Ma Barker
which were never recovered because they were killed or
executed before they could do. There are gold mines whose
owners died without revealing where they were. ...

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