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:*:'The enigmatic Dogons:*:'

Los enigmáticos Dogones

The enigmatic Dogons

This tribe is located in Mali, an African country on the border of the Sahara, close to West Africa and more than 1,500 kilometers of the Atlantic, the cliffs of Bandiagara in caves are built around the walls, their houses are buildings made with mud and one roof, in some cases rise to 200 meters to see how they live, some of them can only be reached by climbing narrow stairs carved into the cracks of the walls.

Dogon are a people different from the rest of africanas.De communities according to their oral tradition, arrived in Mali 600 years ago. The houses that were built on the cliffs to protect themselves from attacks by enemy tribes to the region. Dogon farmers, growing millet (a type of cereal) and have extensive knowledge in metallurgy. Dogon villages are likely to add 25,000 members. It is estimated that the number of Dogons is less than 800,000.

To ensure no dogon promiscuity of women and ensure that only pregnant by her husband, practiced female genital mutilation, female circumcision is common. In this way, women do not feel sexual pleasure and its sole purpose is to get a virgin to marry, if not dogon women may be denied. UNICEF said the February 6 of each year as the International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation, the idea of Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices affecting the health of women and children.

Their social order

Cultural traditions of their community show that living in social harmony, there are no crimes or suicides in their villages. Life is sacred, therefore any dispute will be resolved peacefully, although this is perceived as a phenomenon. This civilization known modern writing and have the ability to record their history and culture on paper, but the mentality that makes people want to transmit their traditions orally.

Few who know their history, but the legacy of the ancestors is in the cavernous walls of Bandiagara, rescued and pictograms in paintings, which have recently been deciphered. All the Dogon people are governed by a leader called Hogon, which is elected from among the wisest of the old village. The initiation of the leader-elect takes about six months, a period when you are not allowed to shave or wash, carry white clothes and no one can touch it. A young virgin is responsible for cleanliness of your home and prepare a meal. After completing his initiation, wear a hat and a red armband with a sacred pearl.

The virgin who cared replaces one of his wives, but must return home because the Hogon must live alone. During the night the sacred serpent Lebe rioja comes to cleanse and transfer their knowledge.

Cults dogon

- The party Sigi is the most important ceremony of the Dogon, which occurs every 50 years and can last several years also. The latter began in 1967 and ended in 1973. This long procession begins and ends in the village of Youg Dogorou and change from one village to another for months. All men wear masks also have a secret language that women can not learn.

- The cult of Amma, who pays the creator god Amma, this celebration is once a year and consists of offering boiled millet on a conical altar of Amma.

- The cult of Lebe, the sacred serpent that was the first human who became a deadly snake. The celebration is once a year and lasts three days, the altar is where the conical shape provides Hogon millet, while reciting blessings, Hogon subsequently performed other rituals in his house since it is home to Lebe. On the last day all the men of the village visit the altars and make dance Binou three times, finally Hogon invites to drink millet beer to everyone who helped.

Aspect of Sirius and Sirius B with a telescope and used a filter to differentiate the two stars.
Dark Star

According to Dogon cosmology, the universe originated from a very heavy star to call Po Tolo. Po Tolo is invisible, meaning you can not see looking at the sky, but around the brightest star in the sky at night: On Tolo, or, as its name West Sirius is actually a dual system, with a star very dense and impossible to see without a powerful telescope, Sirius B, which revolves around her sister Sirius A. How did the Dogon know of their existence?. Furthermore dogon elliptic orbit described quite accurately, and on the other hand, we also have other skills seemed surprising that Jupiter has four moons and Saturn's ring. All these astronomical data, for relatively recent acquisition of Western science, were supposedly rooted in ancient myths. This knowledge dates back to before Westerners discovered

As noted above, the dogon known as Sirius B Po Tolo-. While the word "Tolo" translates as "star", "Po" means in the native language name under which the designated grass smaller than they know. So, symbolically, the dogos the accused know that this star is the smallest thing that exists, "but then added that it is made of a metal called" Sagalés ", a word whose etymological root is" strong " "powerful" and therefore clear that even "the smallest"-Po Tolo is both "so heavy that all men combined can not lift it."
Soon started the speculation about the origin of this people so advanced. In the first instance is attributed to this culture to the survivors of Atlantis, which was denied by the same Dogons. In the paintings there is a story called "genesis as Dogon, this story concerns the arrival of a" dark star "which is about five decades on earth. When the scientists predicted that the star would explode in the star, left, choosing the land because it was the most suitable for human life and also because it was the only planet where the dark star is not close. It is for this reason that every fifty years (65 years according to other sources) Dogon celebrate a festival dedicated to fertility and life, which lasts for several days.

This celebration is called the great feast Sigi, as tradition costumes used in the belief that the Creator Spirit transmits its energy to them, to perpetuate his lineage. Recently astronomers have discovered that in fact a dark star passes near the Earth every six decades, but this proximity is theoretical because it is the star thousands of light years away in the Milky Way, we can see that the party is Sigi held at a date which coincides with the approach.

If it is even more surprising that there is to Dogon third star. It was not until 1995 when scientists were able to demonstrate the existence of Sirius C third range that makes the orbits of the other two.

Knowledge Dogons

After some Harvard students delivered the first reports regarding the paintings, they discovered that it was an immense source of knowledge concerning the functioning of the human body and the solar system as it is known. Several of these skills that date back before the Western discovery in the symbols is detailed blood flow in the body, that William Harvey discovered in the seventeenth century and the pulmonary MOVEMENT Miguel Servet discovered quarter of a century earlier. Without ambargo paintings dating from the XV and XVI.

Even the planetary system is described perfectly in the images is Jupiter and its moons, Saturn with its rings. Really surprising given that many of these stars are not visible without the use of a telescope.

Masks used for celebrations truly amazing.

Dogon at present

Medical knowledge is more advanced than Dogon possess the wisdom to practice divination and ritual fetish common in black African tribes. When asked about the old methods of healing, they are silent. What they reveal is whether the unity of man with nature and the relationship between opposites, life with death, creation and destruction among others. But they are jealous of its secrets and with little communication with strangers, but not hostile. Is allowed to attend their parties and it is through this that he could understand their rituals and traditions. Dogon society is an example of a decent human behavior and higher, making this town into a more civilized than most of the inhabitants of the earth.

The question remains

Dogon possess knowledge dating back to the year 1400, made an astronomical map before you get what Western civilization. How do I know when to hold the party Sigi, "If you came from the dark star, how did the trip? These are many of the mysteries surrounding this civilization.


Los enigmáticos Dogones

Esta tribu se encuentra en Mali, un país africano situado en la frontera del Sahara, cerca de África Occidental y más de 1.500 kilómetros del Atlántico, en los acantilados de Bandiagara hay cuevas construidas alrededor de las paredes, sus casas son construcciones hechas con barro y un techo de paja, en algunos casos hay que subir hasta 200 metros para poder ver cómo viven, a algunas de ellas sólo se puede llegar trepando por estrechos escalones tallados en las grietas de las paredes.

Los dogones son un pueblo diferente al resto de comunidades africanas.De acuerdo con su tradición oral, llegaron a Mali hace 600 años. Las viviendas que construyeron en los acantilados eran para protegerse de los ataques de tribus enemigas propias de la región. Los dogones viven de la agricultura, cultivando mijo (un tipo de cereal) y tienen amplios conocimientos en metalurgia. Las aldeas de los dogones pueden llegar a sumar 25.000 miembros. Se estima que el número de dogones es inferior a 800.000.

Para asegurar la no promiscuidad de la mujer dogon y asegurar que se embarace solamente de su marido, se practica la mutilación genital femenina, la ablación es muy común. De esta manera la mujer no siente placer sexual y su única finalidad es llegar virgen al matrimonio, de no ser así la mujer dogon podría ser rechazada. La UNICEF declaro el 6 de febrero de cada año como el Día Internacional contra la Mutilación Genital Femenina, esta idea surgió del Comité Interafricano sobre las prácticas tradicionales que afectan la salud de mujeres y niños.

Su orden social

Las tradiciones culturales de su comunidad demuestran que viven en completa armonía social, no hay crímenes, ni suicidios en sus aldeas. La vida es de carácter sagrado, por ende cualquier disputa se soluciona pacíficamente, aunque esto es percibido como un fenómeno. Esta ...

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