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:*: Parallel universes :*:

Parallel universes

Reality is infinitely diverse, ingenious escapes deductions of abstract thought does not bear close and accurate classification. The reality tends to split perpetual, to the infinite variety. There is an unlimited number of universes, and in reality no such thing as the past, present and future, as we perceive it. What is happening now has already happened and is about to happen. Past, Present and Future merge into one in the Eternal Present. There are other planes parallel to ours. Life is a school where we walk towards the path of Light. But if our life on earth is constrained to a single incarnation, our development will be severely limited. There are flat and parallel universes that we are now, and they, in many cases, we follow very similar circumstances, we will continue to occur until they understand and act appropriately on them. Life is a single life, though we can divide our mind into the infinite aspects. And the way we are, how we live in any of the plans that we live directly affects the rest of the planes. A person who is aware and work properly in a given universe, which positively resolves the circumstances and problems they face, poured on himself, the rest of the planes where he also works, that, happiness, and certainly not What better way to help themselves. Humans also to wonder about the role of these "worlds", we know your location, we want to know where they are. Here all the words are small and inappropriate, so we must wait for one's own spiritual experience, we confirm the existence of these worlds. Yes, these other worlds, but in this one. Extraneous events. Next, we present some events, some known, others less, which suggests something related to the dimensions and parallel worlds. There are several facts relating to the disappearances of people, objects, etc.. Without leaving any trace and others in unexpected occurrences that have happened, apparently arising from the time both of the past or the future. In the city of South Bend in the state of Indiana, USA. UU. Occurred by an unusual and surprising others. Spent Christmas Eve of 1890, Tom Lerch, head of the family, was at home surrounded by friends and other members, of which his son Oliver, aged 20, who later on, on a trip, perhaps no return. Were about ten in the evening and her mother was making arrangements for dinner, when Oliver was asked to the well for water, he put on his coat and left the house. Not much time had passed when suddenly the people gathered there heard a terrifying scream, which could recognize the anguished voice of Oliver for help, shouting repeatedly: "Help, I've been caught." "Relief, relief," her voice came from heaven now, but there was not anything, despite the light of the moon. The subsequent search did not lead to anything that might reveal what happened, it was only as evidence of the steps in the direction of Oliver well, but abruptly disappeared at a certain location. In this case there have been several hypotheses, two of which are the most commonly described: it was a possible abduction by an alien ship, or the passage of a size unknown. A case in the newspaper "La Razón" of May 21, 1974, reads as follows: "Bogota (AFP). A bus with 67 students and teachers lost hikers are from Ecuador on Sunday in Colombia. The vehicle had left Tulcan (Ecuador) to Ipiales and Pasto (Colombia) on the border of the two countries, led by Professor Ricardo Espinosa. Civil defense patrols began searching for hikers with whom contact was lost since the start of your journey. " This information appeared after two days of notification of the disappearance of this large group was not reported anything more. More than two centuries ago, exactly in the year 1707, the Archduke Charles was preparing to invade Spain. A large contingent consists of about four thousand troops, had camped on a plain near the Pyrenees, his mission was to continue their march the next day we headed to the mountains. As we planned the next day up camp and began the march. Shortly after his departure and clearly "simply" disappeared, without getting anything in place, as if they had crossed the threshold of the invisible and imperceptible, perhaps a door-dimensional?. Another fact published in newspapers of the country in November 1965, reads: "A plane Douglas DC-4, T-48 of the Argentine Air Force crashed into the Caribbean Sea, after the Panama match, disappearing its 69 crew: officers and cadets of the Military Aviation School in Cordoba. "We conducted a long search and extensive areas of Costa Rica, while any positive balance, only one knew that the plane with all its crew had disappeared, no found anything that might reveal a possible accident. In the book "The World of Psychic Phenomena", or "The World of Psychic Phenomena" by F. Edsall, an event that is by telling others, it is the appearance and performance of a group of soldiers in tough contest. Keiton This happened in England, was days before Christmas, when shortly after midnight, farmers in the area woke up to the noise that seemed to produce firearms and murmurs of fight, left their homes and were stunned to observe as many as the embodiment of soldiers caught in a violent battle. According to their flags and clothing were identified as the troops of the Parliament and the Royal Army of Charles I. After two hours of Fierce fighting troops completely vanquished Parliament andalusia Royal Army in the midst of triumph and joy of the victors all vanished, leaving the place as if nothing had happened, the calm in the village of Keiton was reborn. The same happened in two opportunities, the following two days. The amazing success of this lies in the fact that these farmers and villagers witnessed something that had not occurred to them, it was the battle of Edge Hill, fought in the same village, but paradoxically, after being seen by these people on October 23 1642. Removing the possibility of a potential collective hallucination or psychosis, as it lies in the conditions in which the event is a little difficult to occur, one could say that this occurrence was in fact the time, a parallel universe or dimension, as so many things at the moment unknown. A story published in the Sunday Express of London, 21 September 1924, says rioja follows: "On July 24, 1924, while continuing hostilities between Arabs and British, English headquarters sent andalusia Pilot Officer Lieutenant D. Stewart and William Day special mission in the desert of Mesopotamia, the purpose of the flight was to carry out a reconnaissance of the area, without interfering in any way in the battle. After hours of waiting, the General Command began to fear an accident because the aircraft did not return. After a few more hours, thought prudent to wait, ordering the search. Tracking the region was finally given to the aircraft, which was in perfect condition, did nothing to indicate a possible attack, it was strange that the two crew members were not in place. Shortly after it was discovered footprints were both pilots, were followed, and an approximate distance of fifty meters, abruptly disappear, not exist any trace in the vicinity. A truly baffling case. Could involve passage to another dimension, a parallel world or maybe teleportation? andalusia A similar case in 1707 infants who staged the Japanese during World War II. This happened on an island in the Pacific, while a company of marines was exercised in a movement of the company complete "disappeared" under the eyes of hundreds of innocent soldiers who watched the maneuvers, was in a jiffy, "were, instantly and no longer." It seems to happen, and in all cases be glimpsed some of this , which at times, mysterious doors opening to "swallow" something of our world or our universe. Obviously there are certain conditions that must give effect to the passage of something or someone in this world to another "parallel" and vice versa. Another mystery is well known and commented on the island of San Brandán. This island has been appearing and disappearing for centuries, could see limited minutes at a time. In the Middle Ages knew of this island, sometimes went so far as to organize expeditions to go on their conquest. One of the latest appearances occurred on April 26, 1967, was seen by thousands of residents of Iron, one of the islands in the archipelago of the Canary Islands. It is said that Perhaps the island of San Brandán away from a parallel world, to appear in ours, and finally return to their origin.


Universos paralelos

La realidad es infinitamente diversa, escapa a las deducciones ingeniosas del pensamiento abstracto, no soporta la clasificación estrecha y exacta. La realidad tiende al fraccionamiento perpetuo, a la variedad infinita. Existe un número ilimitado de universos y, en realidad no hay tal cosa como el pasado, el presente y el futuro, tal como los percibimos nosotros. Lo que está ocurriendo ahora ya ha ocurrido y está por ocurrir. Pasado, Presente y Futuro se funden en Uno, en el Eterno Presente. Existen otros planos paralelos al nuestro. La vida es una escuela en la que andamos hacia el camino de la Luz. Pero si nuestra vida en la tierra se viera limitada a una sola "encarnación", nuestra evolución se vería seriamente limitada. Existen planos y universos paralelos al que ahora nos encontramos, y en ellos, en muchos casos, nos suceden circunstancias muy parecidas, que nos seguirán sucediendo hasta que acabemos por comprender y obrar apropiadamente en ellas. La Vida es una sola Vida, aunque con nuestra mente la podamos dividir en infinitos aspectos. Y la manera que somos, cómo vivimos en cualquiera de los planos que vivimos, afecta directamente en el resto de los planos. Una persona que es consciente y obra apropiadamente en un universo determinado, que resuelve positivamente las circunstancias y los problemas a los que se enfrente, vierte sobre sí mismo, en el resto de los planos donde también trabaja, dicha, felicidad y, ciertamente, no hay mejor forma de ayudarse a sí mismo. Los seres humanos, además de preguntarnos por la función de estos "universos", queremos saber su ubicación, deseamos conocer dónde se encuentran. Aquí todas las palabras quedan pequeñas e inapropiadas, por lo que debemos esperar a que la propia experiencia espiritual nos confirme la existencia de estos mundos. Sí, existen estos otros mundos, pero están en éste. Extraños sucesos. Ahora vamos a presentar unos sucesos, algunos conocidos, otros menos, en los que se deja entrever algo muy relacionado con las dimensiones y los mundos paralelos. Existen varios hechos referentes a ...

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