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Here r sum jokez:
Why are blondes ten per cent more intelligent than cows? So when you squeeze their tits they don´t shit on your head! >>>>>>>>>
2 flys on a teapot how can u tell which is the blondeÄ !!! The one thats up the spout!!! <<<<<<<<<
Scientists have discovered a way to double the iq of blondes. Its called brunette hair dye!

How do you get a nun pregnant? Dress her up as a altar boy. ><><>><>>
What is the definition of innocence? A nun working in a condom factory thinking she´s making sleeping bags for mice. ......................................................
A blonde wins 3million on the lotto. Camelot tell the blonde, sorry we are short of money. So u can have 1million this week. And 1million in the next 2 weeks. The blonde said if ur going 2 mess me about i´ll have my pound back

Why iz dating like plying cardz?.......... Because if u havnt got a gud partner then u ad beta have a gud hand.

Why did the rooster cross the road?
To show he waznt a chicken.

Whatz the best thing abt a bj?
10 minz of silence.

Whatz a shitzo?
a zoo with no animalz.

Middle aged couple in bed. Man says, i fancy some kinky sex. Can i come in your ear? His wife is disgusted. No, she replies, i might go deaf. The man responds, well i have come in your mouth for twenty years and your still bloody talking!
What dose a blond say after a multiple orgasm thank you all
Scientists have uncovered intelligent dna in women. They also discovered 95% spit it out!

Why do girls love bus drivers? Because they always come late, if they come at all!

What goes blonde, brunette, blonde, brunette? A blonde doing cartwheels!

What word contains the most r´s? Blonde replys Orgasm. But that only has one! No, says blonde, Ohh, R R R R R R Gee...

What does a blonde say after a multiple orgasm? I´d like to thank you all...

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