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|| Romancing With The Senses ||

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Most of us have fallen in love at least once in our lives. That one time that we fell in love could be the one great love of our lives, and that person we fell in love with is the one to whom we are blissfully married and with whom we see ourselves staying for the rest of our lives. That one time we fell in love could have also sparked for us a series of love affairs, some lasting happily for as long as it lasted, while others ending up in a bitter breakup.

Without resorting to sugary language found in sonnets andin drugstore paperback romances, we can all say that being in love is a wonderful feeling. Being in love makes us dazed and lightheaded, as if we are drunk. It makes our steps airy, as if we are walking on the clouds. We serenade theworld with loud voices, and wesmile and laugh even when there is nothing funny. This is most true when love is still new and all the gestures of your loved one appear romantic to you.

There comes a point in every relationship, however, when the sparks of romance, the fire that swept us off of our feet, fade into embers with the prosaicness of everyday life. When the flames die out, the relationship either just drags on or simply ends.

But we all remember how it is when love is still new. Perhapsif we make it a point to capturethe newness of our love, of reminding not just our loved one but also ourselves of how the relationship started, then sparks do not have to die but just keep on burning. Continuously rekindling romance only takes a simple seduction of the senses.

Sight. All of us at some point inour lives will begin to develop fine lines, grow gray hair and become thick at the waist.. It ispart of the aging process. But this does not mean we have to let ourselves go completely just because we are getting old. Would it not be nice to let our beloved get a glimpse of the pretty girl he first fell in love with?

Make it a point to wear a nice, flattering dress every so often. Put on some make up, but not too much since too much makeup only emphasizes the age-borne flaws of our skin. Keep yourself fit. Once in a while, turn off the electric lights of the house and light upcandles instead to set the mood for some romance.

Smell. Never underestimate thepower of the nose. The nose can pick up even the subtlest of smells that come from our bodies and our surroundings. Some senses simply turn us off while some induce our bodies to produce endorphins, the feel-good hormone.

To awaken your beloved?s senses and make him more aware of you, spray on a bit of perfume and light up some scented candles. And since a lotof people swear by the old adage that the way to a man?s heart is through his stomach, the fragrant smell of dinner cooked especially for him also does the work.

Taste. As mentioned above, theway to a man?s heart is through his stomach. We often associate food with pleasure because food, especially a well-prepared and a well-presented dish, is indeed a pleasure. Some foods are alsoknown to stir desire and act as aphrodisiacs. Examples of these are chocolates, oysters, almonds, peaches, strawberriesand bananas. Feed your darlingsomething special ? And something heady. It will definitely stir him up.

Hearing. Food and scent are notthe only ones that are capable of coaxing the body to produceendorphins. Music can do this too. Slow music can enhance the romance in the atmosphere. You and your beloved can either dance cheekto cheek with the music, or simply reminisce about the wonderful times you have had together so far. As Barry Manilow once crooned: ?Maybethe old songs will bring back the old times; maybe the old times would sound new.?

Touch. Touch denotes intimacy, and intimacy breathes new life into the fires of a relationship. You do not have to dance to be able to touch, and not every touch should have to lead to making love. It can be as simple as holding hands with him, resting your head against his shoulder, stroking his hair and kissing him gently. Of course, ifsuch gestures lead to lovemaking, then it would be great. Just take it slow and do not force it.

A healthy dose of romance keeps the sparks of a relationship alive and lasting. Add a little romance into your life with your beloved.


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