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kissing Tips

Kissing Tips

1. Showing how much I love you
Grab your mate's hands, look into their eyes and tell them you love them.... then slowly lean forward, and place a soft lucious kiss on their lips. A kiss with love backing it up all the way. This is an alternate way of saying "I Love You".

2. Random Kisses
Something that drives a boy wild was when one would gently shut his eyes with one's fingers, and kiss all around his face very softly. His eyelids, or his chin, or his ear. He especially liked it when one would drag one's lips gently across his cheek, in between kisses, or if one hovered above his mouth, barely letting their lips touch, but not letting him kiss one. Try this when you are facing eachother and have the time to take time in between kisses and indulge in the surely following ones.

3. Your a lifesaver!
Add a little flavor to your kiss by sucking on a lifesaver while kissing. It makes it much tastier for both of you and gives your kiss a little Kick!

4. Wave kissing...
When you go to the beach kiss when in the middle of the waves. It seems like firworks are going off around you and you have to hold on extra hard to keep a hold on eachother so the waves don't pull you apart!

5. Little kiss
Kiss the inside of your partner's hand. This is a little way to say I love you!

6. Sweetest kiss of all
The sweetest tasting kiss is when you or your other have taken a drink of mountian dew. You really should try it! I promise!

7. Yummy Kiss!
A kiss tastes wonderful when one of you have just eaten or taken a bite of a chocolate chip cookie! Really! kiss won't be enough believe me!

8. The UpsideDown Kiss
Bet you've never done it before, which will make your lover very impressed. Go to the park, and hang upside down on the monkey bars with him/her. Smooching upside down is a sign of creativity, romanticism, and intelligence.

9. Rotating Romance

You and your love sit together in a rotating office chair. Once seated spin around and around while you're giving each other kisses!

10. Smiley Face Kiss

Kiss your love gently on each eye, her/his nose, and stretch a row of kisses from one ear, along the neck, to the other ear(like a happy face), and end it with a smooch on the lips.


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