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Love Birds

Love has been denoted by many a gestures and objects since time immemorial. Something that has a direct or even a distant connotation with love was used to symbolize this feeling. Some of the representations which have been used for a long time are:
Symbolic representations of love:
Heart: In ancient times, many people believed that the heart was the source of all emotions. So when you talk about giving your heart to someone, it meant that you are completely giving away everything to him/her.
Cupid: the chubby mischievous winged boy was the son of the Roman Goddess of Love- Venus. According to myths, Cupid's love arrows would pierce the heart of his young men and women
Roses: Roses are indisputably the most popular flowers among lovers around the world when it comes to conveying emotions of love. They were supposedly the favorite flowers of Venus who is the Roman goddess of love
Ribbons, Lace and Frills: These have long been used to represent romance; Knights would present lace and other finery to their ladylove before riding to battle
Love knots: love knots have a sequence of zigzag and intertwining loops with no beginning or end. They are supposed to symbolize everlasting love,
Wooden Spoons: Wooden love spoons were given as gifts on lover's day with engraved images of hearts, keys, and keyholes.
"X" sign: The "X" sign represents a kiss. This tradition has its origins in the practice during the medieval ages, wherein illiterate people would sign documents with an X sign and kiss on it

Lovebirds/ Turtle Doves: It is an ancient belief that birds found their mates on this romantic day, so people felt that birds made great gifts on this day. Lovebirds are colorful little birds that sit closely together in pairs - as sweethearts do. And it is commonly believed that these birds cannot live without their mates. Doves are symbols of fidelity and love, because they mate and pair up for life. Love birds
Generally if you see a couple on the roadside or in some park holding hands of each other or kissing, the first comment we make is "they are love birds". But do you know what are the...

...actual lovebirds are? A lovebird is a type of parrot. It got this name for its very sociable and affectionate nature. When a lovebird bonds with its mate, their bonding usually lasts their entire life. So, though you can have one it's always best to keep the lovebirds in pairs.
A lovebird will be normally short and stocky. It is one of the smallest parrots in the world. Generally many lovebirds are green in color. But they also come in many colors. They are basically unknown until the 1600s. Some Europeans who toured Africa saw them and wrote about them. The first lovebirds were imported into Europe in 19th century. By the 20th century lovebirds became more popular in both Europe and US.
Lovebird can be found in Africa and Madagascar. They are very popular pets. The lovebirds are generally tame and so probably adapt to their new environment easily. Pet owners have to ensure that they want lovebirds as their pets. But if you want only one bird, you have to pay it a lot of attention and interaction. Because of this only they are usually kept in pairs, so they can give each other a happy company. Like human beings lovebirds also don't get along sometimes. So be sure that your birds are compatible with each other. Otherwise they may fight with each other.
Any way, the fact is that a lovebird is one that can easily adapt to domestication much easier than any other creature from foreign countries. They can be great pets, if they are given proper care and attention. It's because of their social ability or chirping, they are the most desirable pets. Everyone loves having lovebirds at their homes and show off to their neighbors. You also want to own them. Right!
The chief traits of love birds are
Lovebirds are full of energy
They are always ready for thrill and fun
If you alone at home, you won't feel bored because lovebirds won't let you feel boredom. They are also very talented like for example they can mimic your voice
Not only are they talented, but also possess the intelligence to escape from their cages and you wont even come to know, so you got to tame them like large parrot

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