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Sad Love story

I'll be there

I still remember it was year 2007 wen I met a guy his name is ken I met him because of my friend,he’s ex gf was one of the schoolmate of my friend,then one time my friend told me that ken was always texting her and the guy broke up with her schoolmate,but she dont know what to do then she asked for help..before she went home she gave me the # of that guy then we started texting each other,days passed we became friend,he tells me lots of stories bout his life then I realized that I started to fall inlove with him but the sad part is his gf is my friend they became lovers because of sad!!!!!!!after school hours my friend always tells me bout that guy and I feel jealous,.So one time wen my friend and her schoolmates having a practice for the intramural meet Ken’s ex gf borrowd a cp to the ader gurl so she can text KEn,then dis gurl is a flirt one she read the sent items, then after that she text the guy and after a week i heard a news from my friend that the flirt girl is ken’s gf i feel so lonely that time.ITs late at night when I received a call from him saying that he want me to become her gf I was so shoock,then everyday his always calling and texted me,send me loads and stuff toys,.Then weeeks passed wen he got the sweetest yes from me..we are very happy although were not together because I feel that we love each other but the sad part is im the third one,He still have communication with my friend and the flirt girl both of dem r still lovers,but i accept him because i really love him,but one time we argue bout my ex because I told him that my ex is still texting me,he gets mad at me but its ok coz i know after that it will be ok again,.but that night I made a decision that i will talk to him tomorrow and I want him to choose between the three of us,because i already decide that its ok with me to lose my friend than to lose him,.so I texted him that ‘we need to talk ASAP’..then he replied “ok”..during conversation we argue bout my plan but the good thing is I convinced him thats why im very happy because im the one that he chose,.It was saturday afternoon when my friend knock at r door and she told me that the flirt girl knew already that they are two gurls in Ken’s life.Im just only listening but in my mind im thinking wat ken told dem..I cant sleep that night because ken is not texting me thats why I decided to call him and i told him Just be honest with me baby den i will accept all your faults den after that he confessed that his relationship with that two girl is still continous I want to cry coz he lied to me,but I accept it because my point is alteast u becme honest with me,he told me that he dont want to hurt that two gurls that why she cannot do to break their heart,.

Months passed wen the flirt gurl knw bout us then she told it to my friend too…but its ok..because after that incident my bf ken broke that two gurls den r relationship flows smoothly,we are planning bout are future,But I cant imagine that one day he texted me and asking for a space because he really need a space to think bout us..I dnt know what to reply bout that text so I cry and cry every night..den he told me that his goin to chang his # too..The only things that I bear in my mind that whatever will happen ill always wait for him.

Months later we dont have any communication i already have a new bf my former clasmate during my elementary days his name is khen too.While we are watching tv at their house someone texted me and its him my ex ken,I dont know what to do because my bf want to read the msg.and ryt after he read it he get jealous because before he becme my bf I already told him bout my ex.but he dont know that im still waiting and inlove with my ex bhabie ken…

back to the present it is already May but after my ex ken and I broke up last october but Im still thinking of the time wen his mine..thats why I keep on waithing for him although I heard a news from her youngest sister that ken and that flirt girl is living together.

But all i can do now is to wait for him.

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