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fargat friend - Newest pictures

for forgat close friends

Remove their
phone number
from your phone
book & recent call
list . This method
allows you to not
bite your tongue
later on & call them
Remove them from
your instant
messenger & email
lists .
Disregard & throw
out anything that
friend gave you . It
may bring back
memories that you
don't want to
remember in the
Keep yourself
occupied with
other fun activities.
Suggest a family
outing to the movies
or spending more
quality time with a
Talk it out to
another friend or a
family member . Tell
them why you're
sad, what they/you
did, and anything
else you can take off
of your shoulders.
Think about what
happened and why
you're so hung up
on it . Write a letter
to your ex friend, but
don't mail it. Say
everything you want
to say. Then you can
do something
ceremonial, like
ripping the letter
into pieces and
burning it or
throwing it into the
Try to think of
reasons that you
and your ex were
not meant to be
friends . Contemplate
if you are better off.
In some cases, you
might have screwed
up really badly and
you want to remain
friends with this
Find new friends
that are in your
classes or around
neighborhood .
If you see this
person, act nice but
not cold . Often
seeing ex friends in
classes or in the hall
can be awkward. Try
not to over
exaggerate this
If you still feel
unsettled after
some time, maybe
you need to
reconsider if
dumping this
friend was the right
thing to do .
Good solution but dificult to try coz there a shadow always on and feel loosing
06.12.2011 07:40 EST,

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