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friends in a circle copy - Newest pictures

for make good friendship

1. Show up. Just as
Woody Allen said that
“Eighty percent of success
is showing up,” a big part
of friendship is showing
up. Whenever you have
the chance to see other
people, take it. Go to the
party. Stop by someone’s
desk. Make the effort.
Also, the mere exposure
effect describes the fact
that repeated exposure
makes you like someone
better – and makes that
person like you better,
too. You’re much more
likely to become friends
with someone if you see
him or her often. I’ve seen
this happen over and over
in my life. I’ve become
close to unlikely people,
just because circumstances
put us in constant contact.

2. Join a group. Being
part of a natural group,
where you have common
interests and are brought
together automatically, is
the easiest way to make
friends: starting a new job,
taking a class, having a
baby, joining a
congregation, or moving
to a new neighborhood
are great opportunities to
join a group. If those
situations aren’t an option,
try to find a different
group to join. Get a dog,
for example. Or pursue a
hobby more seriously. An
added advantage to
making friends through a
group is that you can
strengthen your
friendships to several
people at once -- very
helpful if you don't have a
lot of free time.

3. Form a group. If you
can’t find an existing
group to join, start a
group based around
something that interests
you. My children's
literature reading groups –
(yes, now I’ve helped start
TWO of these groups --
the first one became so
large that we had to close
it to new members) are
among the top joys of my
life. Studies show that
each common interest
between people boosts
the chances of a lasting
relationship, and also
brings about a 2%
increase in life satisfaction,
but I’m confident that my
kidlit groups have given
me a lift in life satisfaction
much higher than two
percent. Movies, wine,
cheese, pets, marathon-
training, a language, a
worthy cause…I know
people in all these sorts of

4. Say nice things about
other people. It’s a kind
way to...

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