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First Time Sex With Freind's Mom Shela

Hi guys, this is rahul from kolkata. I’m a big fan of this site. I read almost all the stories. Now I decided to share my experience with the readers. I was 19 when this lucky incident happened. She is my friends mom. As she was married at her early ages there was not much age difference between us. She was only 36 at that time. She was not very beautiful, but attractive.

She had 36-26-36 figure (which I came to know later from her). Her cupsize was 36D, so the people do look twice at her when she passes through. Her name was sheela aunty. I used to go to her place often as her son & I were friends since we’re kids. One day, I went to her place but my friend was not in the town. I didn’t know because he had left in hurry that morning.

Uncle works in Mumbai. So he used to come home only in long holidays. He was 8-10 years older than sheela aunty. I rang the bell twice but no one answered. I got little confused as the door is not locked from outside. I then rang again this time much longer. Still no answer. I was just turning back to return home, the door opened.

I saw sheela aunty was smiling at me, all wet…..aoh god, I still remember the moment. She was looking like goddess. As I said she was not very beautiful, but she really was sexy & attractive. She told me to come in & sit as she was bathing. So I went to my friends room & started to pass the time with his stuffs. I suddenly saw her room was just opposite to my friend’s room.

& she was changing clothes. As the door was not fully closed I took some good position to have some look on her naked body. She was fair, but her boobs were more fair. They are not milky white, but I can guaranty that anyone would fall in love for those boobs. I was so amused by the view that I forgot everything else, even I didn’t notice that she has changed her cloths & was standing at the doorstep.

I was looking at her boobs. I felt very shy & returned to the room immediately. Nothing happened later on that day. After few days both of our family planned a trip. So we went there. But everytime I got any chance of touching her boobs I never missed. She noticed that well. Next day my friend was busy with my mom & dad in cooking as he loves to cook.

Others were also busy with gossiping or playing cards. I had nothing to do so I decided to go for a walk near the river. Suddenly sheela aunty called me & asked if I can take her to the riverside as she also had nothing in hand. I readily agreed as I’ll have some time to spend with her alone in romantic place. We chose a well grown tree & sat there.

There was very strong wind in the riverside that she had to keep her one hand busy with her pallu. As I said earlier she has a really big boobs it was hard for her to keep her pallu covering her boobs. I saw that. Suddenly I got courage somehow & asked her if she is happy with her husband or not. she looked at me for sometime, I got scared if she was going to tell all these to my parents.

She then said in calm voice “what if I’m not? will you make me happy?” she smiled mischievously at me. I got the signal. I said “how can I do that? I know noting about happiness”. She said “ I’ll teach you…if you can learn”. I said “you have nice figure aunty. How do you able to maintain such body even after your son has grown so big”.

“do you love my body?” “anyone would love to have you as partner”. She started blushing as I was praising her beauty. From that day I came to know that all women like men to say good things about their beauty. Anyway, I got more courage and asked her how many times uncle used to love her. She became sad & said “rahul, you have become very friendly to me.

No one after my marriage has ever ask me if I’m happy or not. please don’t tell it to anyone. I’m not happy at all. Your uncle doesn’t love me. Whenever he comes he only fucks me for 8-10 min a day & sleep. Never make love to me.” I got confused as I didn’t know much about sex at that time, I only had the experience of seeing some blue films. I said then how do you manage.

She said “the same way you boys do…watching sex movies & masturbating.” I could feel the pain in my pants as my manhood was totally erected with these words. I suddenly hold her hands & said “ don’t feel bad aunty, I will be you friend forever”. Her skin was so smooth. Suddenly she came near to me & put her head on my shoulder & said “thank you rahul.

Please don’t leave me ever.” After few minutes she controlled her emotion. We then had some regular chat for sometime. Then I lied there with my head on her lap. She smiled. But in the meantime she lost control over her pallu & it slept from her shoulder. The heaven is just over my head. I could smell it.

She tried to put her pallu back on its position but this time I stopped her & said “ let me feel the real beauty that god has made”. She didn’t resist. I touched & grabbed her big globes over her blouse. They were so soft. She closed her eyes. I then started to unbutton her blouse. Then I pulled off her bra. She didn’t say anything. She was breathing heavily with her eyes closed.

The most amazing scenario in my life. Her boobs were looking like someone had poured some honey on a cup full of butter. She had the most amazing pair of boobs with reddish brown nipples. By my touch they were erected. I started to suck her nipples. At first I was hurrying, but she told me not to hurry as we had lot of time.

She was breathing heavily that she couldn’t speak a word. But she managed to tell me “ don’t hurry rahul, enjoy the moment. Suck hard but slowly.” May be for 15-20 mins I was sucking her both melons. I saw she was moving her hands on my pants. Suddenly she said “ wow rahul,…jaan you have a big tool hiding under the pant” I said “aunty..” “please call me sheela when we are alone”.

“sheela please take that out of my pants. Its hurting” I was feeling the heaven when she touched it with her soft hands. I was feeling that her hands are much softer on my penis than in my hands before. She took out my penis out of my pant & started to stroke it. I removed her hair clip to untie her hair.

It was beautiful feeling when her hair was partially covered her boobs & was caressing my head a little. I then pulled her head to me & placed my lips on her lips. In no time we started to kiss madly. We kissed for long time. Then I got up from her lap & started to pull up her saree. She assisted me & said “please don’t hurry, kiss me & suck me first.”

I knew this earlier as I have seen these in blue films. I started to kiss first & then lick her legs. Went up to her upper thigh. This time I heard some sound from her. I asked her if I did hurt her. She said “no jaan. Its perfectly alright. You are so good. Your uncle never do this to me. Please suck me hard.” I then took off her panty.

It was all wet & some strange smell was coming from her lovehole. The smell made me crazy. I started to lick her hairy pussy. Sucked the inner skin of her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure. But she never left my penis out of her hands during all these. I said her “ sheela, please teach me how to fuck.”

She then adjusted her body on the ground & widened her legs & said “jaan come on ride on me. Make me your slave.” I rode her instantly. Started to kiss her again. She guided my rod to her lovehole. Suddenly with a jerk she inserted my whole rod inside her. I could feel the inner wall of her vagina. Can not explain the feeling I had that time.

As soon as she inserted my tool in her pussy I started to stroke very hard. She also started to moan more louder “mmmmmmm….ahhhhhhhhhh…..aahhhhhhh…..mmmmhhhhhh……oh rahul……ahhh…..ohhhhhh….fuck me hard…..yesssssss…..harder……give me all your juice…..ohhhhhhh…….mmmmmmmm…” these words made me more excited.

I was fucking very hard. I grabbed her big boobs with both hands & kissing her very passionately. Her boobs were bouncing. Her fully erected nipples were touching my palms. I then sucked them one by one. After sometime I cummed inside her. We were lying there for few minutes. Then she asked me to take my rod out of her.

She took my rod again in her hand & licked all the juice from its body with her tongue. She was sucking my cock so crazily that it erected in no time again. I then stopped her for a moment & took her on me & told her to lie on me & suck my cock. She did that. As she was sucking my cock I started to suck her pussy. I heard her moaning even she had my cock in her mouth.

After few min with a shivering jerk she cummed on my face & I cummed inside her mouth. She did take my load all inside her. Then we kissed each other. Then we returned to the guesthouse. That night we fucked again without anyone’s notice. After returning home we had a very good relation for few more years. She taught me how to make love while bathing.

Now they have moved to Mumbai. I wrote my experience first time, & I’m not at all a good writer. So if you find any mistake please ignore. please post your encouraging comments so that I can share more.

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