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The Wahabi Leader


The Central leader of Tableeghi Jamaat, Maulvi Manzoor Nomani in his book called ´Malfoozate Maulana Ilyas´, writes: ´Once he said that dream is the 46th part of Prophethood (He refers to Maulana Ilyas). Some people achieve such progress via a dream that it cannot be attained from prayer and penances, because in the dreams direct knowledge is revealed, which is a part of apostlehood then why will there be no progress?´ (Malfoozate Maulana Ilyas, pp/51)

Uptil now the discussion was an introduction to make the mind of followers even, now listen to the primary objective. ´Again he said that nowadays, I am receiving the knowledge of realities, so try your utmost that I may get maximum sleep.´(Malfoozate Maulana Ilyas, pp/51)

At this point the statement of the Editor of Malfoozat shall not be devoid of interest. He writes: ´On account of dryness my sleep was diminishing, then on the advice of the doctor and Hakim I started massaging my scalp with oil which increased the duration of my sleep.´(Malfooz, pp/.51)

The Editor of ´Malfoozat´ writes: ´Maulana Ilyas said that the method of this preaching was also manifested to me during a dream.´(Malfoozat, pp /51)

You will realise that this statement of Maulana Ilyas has brought to light all the hidden facts.

The first thing disclosed is that the founder of Tableeghi Jamaat is Maulana Ilyas, the other secret which was brought to light is that the preachers of Tableeghi Jamaat want the common people generally to accept the point that the present method of Tableeg is the method of the Companions of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), and the Messengers of Allah. This is 100 percent wrong, totally false and a shameful deception. Because if the present method of preaching adopted by the Tableeghi Jamaat had been the method of Messengers and Companions, it would have been proved from the Holy Quran and Hadith (Prophet’s sayings). ´The method revealed in a dream´, means that it is the work of human invention. In other words, Tableeghi Jamaat is the result of Moulana Ilyas’s dream!

Only that person could base any religious work on a dream, who abandons the guidance of Quran and Hadith.

Maulana Ilyas himself, inspite of this ´revealing dream´, has connected himself with the present method of preaching. This signifies clearly that he himself had the faith in this revelation through a dream, as Maulvi Manzoor Nomani quotes him in this book, ´Malfoozat´: ´Once (Maulana Ilyas) said, Hazrat Maulana Thanvi accomplished a great task, therefore I desire that his knowledge should be conveyed and my own method of preaching may be introduced, in this manner his teachings will be popular among people.´(Malfoozat, pp/57)

This clearly means that the present method of Tableeg has been formulated by Maulana Ilyas. The leaders and the Ulema of the Tableeghi Jamaat repeatedly say in their speeches and writings that the present method of Tableeghi Jamaat has been invented by Maulana Ilyas, he is also the founder of this Jamaat. Therefore, there is no doubt that this is an invention of the 14th Century (A.H.). In other words, it did not exist in the days of the Prophet or the Sahabas. It is an addition in Islam. So it is a Bidah and obviously all Tableeghis are Bidatees!

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