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Deep Study...


If we deeply study, the destructive conspiracies of the enemies of Islam, then many such associations will surface, whose genealogy will be traced to the corrupt mentality of some Anti-Islamic force.

For example, take the case of the Qadiani Jamaat of India. This is an accepted fact that the creation of this Jamaat was due to the benevolence of British Imperialism. As the Founder of the Qadiani Jamaat, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani has confessed: ´I cannot execute my task successfully, in Mecca or in Medina, or in Rome or Syria, or in Iran or Kabul, but under the protection of this Government (British Government), for whose progress and prosperity I pray to God.´(Tableeghi Risalat, pp/69 Book)

Elsewhere he writes: ´Unconsciously this thought comes to mind that as a mark of service and obedience to the Government I have written many books and published them. As a result of which people call me an Infidel. This Government is not aware of the services we are rendering day and night. I believe that one day His Majesty’s Government will surely recognise my services´.(Tableeghi Risalat, pp/28)

In the light of these confessing statements there remains no doubt about the Qadiani Jamaat that it made progress under the direction of the British Government. But look at the audacity of the enemy, after laying the foundation he moved from amidst and this Jamaat emerged as a religious body covering itself with the Gown of Islam, and by making progress now it has became ‘The Greatest Tableeghi Jamaat in the World’ as the weekly ‘Hamari Zaban’ from Aligarh writes: ´In the present Era, the example of systematic preaching which the Ahmadi Jamaat (Qadiani Jamaat) has established is astonishing. Through their literature, Mosques and Madaris (Religious School) these people have established their efforts in far off places like America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, on account of which the non-Muslim Associations are perturbed. Alas other people may take lesson from their example.´(Hamari Zaban, 24th December 1958)


Reading these incidents you could ask that in the name of preaching Islam how did the English people benefit, if it is true they created a new ´Islamic´ body. My reply is that the benefit of the enemy is not small, if a new door is opened, creating religious differences between Muslims, which will scatter the collective energies of Islamic Society.


This was the first front of English men to break the religious unity of the Muslims, which proved very successful. Because the Qadiani Jamaat, on account of its open distinction and stirring name and sign could not become popular among the local Muslims, therefore the English felt the necessity for such an association whose sponsors may be experts in the art of entering among Muslims and sowing the seeds of discord, so that the Muslims are ever involved in religious in-fighting.

Therefore the English Government provided monetary aid to Maulana llyas, in order to achieve this objective. Maulana Hifzur Rahman, secretary Jamiat Ulema-e-Deoband in one of his lectures given in Calcutta, and later printed by the Deobandis as a Book, states: ´In this connection Maulana Hifzur Rahman said that Maulana Ilyas’s Tableeghi Jamaat was getting some monetary aid primarily from the government through Haji Rashid Ahmad, and then after sometime it stopped´. (Mukalamatus Sadrain, pp/8, Published at Deoband)

Shocking isn’t it? Can you imagine the British Government helping the cause of Islam? No Sir, this Jamaat was created by the British to create discord among Muslims, which it certainly did throughout the world. Do you note the disunity among the Muslims? Who split this once united Ummah? None other than the Tableeghis and Deobandi/ Wahabis!


After laying down the foundations of the Tableeghi Jamaat in the Name of Islam, and in order to work out decided objectives, they felt the necessity of inflammatory literature, which will infuse into the minds of people, division and corrupt faith that will create different groups among Muslims, which will never unite!

Therefore to accomplish this work the writing services of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi were acquired, as Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani has stated in ´Makalamatus Sadrain´. He said, addressing Maulana Hifzur Rahman in the same function at Calcutta: ´Please see, Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi was our acclaimed dignitary, in this connection we heard some people saying that he was being given an allowance of Six Hundred Rupees per month, by the British.´(Makalamatus Sadrain, pp/11, Published at Deoband)

Surely the British Government was not his disciple (Mureed) for it to forward this amount as Nazrana (Gift) for the Pir. Moreover, Nazranas are presented occassionally; monthly payment means that it was the remuneration for services rendered! The burning question is, how did the British establish a link with Maulana Thanvi, and how did he end up on the British payroll?

Read what is below and the secret will be exposed entirely. There was a brother of Thanvi Sahib bearing the name of Mazher Ali, who was a salaried officer in the C.I.D. Department of the British Government. People say that in all those matters he was the connecting link between the British Government and the Ulema of Deoband.

As Maulana Hussain Ahmad Sahib has written in this letter: ´The brother of Maulana Thanvi Marhoom remained a senior officer in the C.I.D Department till his last day. His name was Mazher Ali. Whatever he may have done is not surprising.´ (Maktoobat-e-Shaikhul Islam, Book ii, pp/299)


There is a false publicity of the piety of Thanvi Sahib in his own Jamaat, on this basis there maybe someone ready to falsify Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani and Maulana Husain Ahmad too.

In the previous pages I have pointed out that at one time Thanvi Sahib was a teacher (Muddaris) in Madrassah-e-Jame-ul-Uloom, Kanpur. In those days the environment of Kanpur was such that people were immersed in the love of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), therefore the meetings and assemblies of Milad were taking place everywhere. Hence because of the pressure of circumstances, Thanvi Sahib for a long time used to observe the ceremonies of Milad and Qayam against his faith. When some dignitaries of Deobandi Jamaat chastised him for it, he replied: ´There I had to comply with the ceremony of Qayam (standing) during Milad meetings. I had to agree because I live there and because of monetary benefits and due to the fact that I get a salary from the Madressa.´(Saif Yamani, edited by Maulvi Manzoor Nomani, pp/24) (Maulana Nomani is a leading Deoband Molvi)

I call every religious-minded Muslim to think carefully and decide without prejudice. Should this be the character of a ‘pious leader’, must he trample his faith for economic reasons?

Had Thanvi Sahib loved his religion, he would have migrated because the land of Allah is very wide. He could have earned his livelihood without sacrificing his religious convictions. But if the emphasis is on money, then faith is no more important. Maulana Thanvi sold himself over to the British, as Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani has reported it.

Now see another side of Thanvi Sahib’s mind. The habit of selling and buying had made his conscience so daring and habitual that during his last days, he began talking about purchasing the conscience of others. Therefore, it has been quoted that surprisingly he used to express his desire to buy off a few influential personalities: ´If I had the sum of Ten Thousand Rupees I would alot briberies to all of them and then automatically they will become Wahabis.´(Al-Ifadat Al Yaumia, Book iii, pp/67)

Allah Forbid! Notice his great love for ‘Wahabism’ that he had been thinking wishfully to make every Muslim a Wahabi.


You have read earlier in this book that the English Government got the services of Maulana Ilyas and Maulana Thanvi to ‘petrol bomb’ the religious infra-structure of Muslims by establishing the Tableeghi Movement. Now observe the mutual relationship of two common agents of a single master, so that you may understand the nature of work and the background of the disruptive conspiracies easily. Firstly read this Eulogy by Maulana Ilyas in favour of Thanvi Sahib: ´Hazrat Maulana Thanvi has performed a great job, hence I intend to spread his teachings through my methods of propagation and preaching, so that his teaching may become popular in public.´(Malfoozat-e-Ilyas, pp/.57)

Similarly Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf writes in his letter: ´Whenever the Missionary Association (Tableeghi Jamaat) reached Hazrat Thanvi Sahib, he always invited them, made dua for them and even deviated from his principle.He used to say: ‘Ilyas has turned despondency into hope.’´(Chashma-e-Aftab, pp/ 14)

Now as far as the question of creating a civil war among Muslims and communal riots, through the teachings of Thanvi Sahib and his published books, are concerned (and which was the aim of the British Government), certain samples of that have been presented in the previous pages. After reading them you must have felt he has very honestly performed his duties against a renumeration of Six Hundred Rupees. This patriotism to the British is common to both Ilyas and Thanvi. One has prepared disruptive literature, and the other, invented an alluring method of Tableegh.

At the close of this discussion I want to say one thing explicitly that whatever I have written about Maulana Thanvi and Maulana Ilyas is not a charge but a historical fact, and the reporters of these incidents are their own followers and fellow Maulanas. Up to now, if its inhabitants had not revealed the secret of the house, we could not have received even the slightest inclination. Therefore it is quite clear that the secret behind the stories of preaching’s and teachings of these gentlemen is out!

Instead of imparting the sincere Islamic Spirit, there was the aim of disruption by the English and also that there Leaders drew remuneration from them.


Till now you have read the story of the conspiracies of the Tableeghi Jamaat with foreign adversaries, now listen to the story of the illicit relationship between the Tableeghi Jamaat and the Communalist Parties of India. (These parties are behind causing Hindu/Muslim Riots in India, since 1947. There has been not a single Hindu/Muslim Riot in Pakistan.)

In the Province of Bihar there is a town named Batia. There, a World Conference of the Tableeghi Jamaat was held in the year 1968. Writing the details of this Conference, a Deobandi Newspaper of Kanpur published a highly sensational piece of news. I am sure that by reading this, 200 million Muslims of India and Pakistan must have been stunned. In this news this top-secret was disclosed by a dissident and inexperienced member of the Tableeghi Jamaat. Jan Sanghi and Mahasabhaite Hindus managed the Tableeghi Jamaat Conference held in ...
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