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Qualities of Tabligi Jamaat

Worth reading....


Up to now I have discussed their beliefs, thoughts, finances, aims and objects, expected results of its activities. Now I wish to investigate and analyse those outwardly good qualities of the Tableeghi Jamaat through which they create a false impression among Muslims.

I hope that the information given below will be beneficial to people who are very fond of the Tableeghi Jamaat because of its exterior ‘good qualities’. As far as I have estimated the evident good qualities of the Tableeghi Jamaat may be brought under two headings:

1. The struggle to start afresh the religious life among the Muslims.

2. The preaching of Islam in foreign countries (among Muslims only).


Generally people think the Tableeghi Jamaat in the following perspective, that in spite of a thousand defects in the Tableeghi Jamaat related to faith and thought, nobody can deny that through its devotional spirit it is ‘creating among Muslims a spirit of attachment with religion’, apart from its Missionary activities. Therefore, it’s not harmful if we accept its good qualities and neglecting its defect and drawbacks. This is the attitude of the gullible public!

I am quoting a writing of a devoted follower of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Maulana Amir Usmani, Editor of ‘Tajalli’ Deoband. I quote him for the benefit of my readers. He writes: ´Even a single defect of either faith or thought is often so serious that all the good actions are wasted. For example if any person does not believe that the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) is the last Messenger of Allah, or he does not possess in his heart respect for his Companions or does not regard the confirmed sayings of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) as greater than a piece of history, is so serious that an entire line of good actions may not cancel its evil, and wherever evil is found, even mountains of good actions are useless.´(Tajalli, June 1958, pp/18)

Please ponder over his statement. If this is the result when only ONE defective faith and thought occurs how can the exhibition of good action be of any use to the Tableeghi Jamaat who are riddled with corrupt beliefs. The details of false beliefs and thoughts of the Tableeghi Jamaat have been given in previous pages, if you like, go through it once again.


Now read a Fatwa (religious verdict) of Maulana Thanvi, the fountainhead of instructions of the Tableeghi Jamaat. Maulana Abdul Maajid Daryabadi has quoted a letter of Maulana Amin Ihsan Islahi, in his book, ´Hakimul Ummat´. This letter is of that period when Maulana Islahi, was the Manager of Madressatul Islah, Sarai Meer, District Azamgarh. This portion of his letter is relevant: ´The Fatwa (legal verdict) of Maulana Thanvi has been published. Maulana Shibli Nomani and Maulana Hameeduddin Farahi are infidels and since this Madressah (religious school) is the mission of these very people, therefore Madressatul Islah is the religious school for Infidels and Unbelievers, and the religious scholars (Ulema) participating in his missionary meetings are also infidels and heretics.´(Haakimul Ummat, pp/4 75)

After receiving this letter from Islahi Sahib, Maulana Abdul Maajid Daryabadi wrote a letter to Thanvi Sahib in which he tried to present the defence of Maulana Shibli Nomani and Maulana Hameeduddin Farahi and describing their worship and prayer and Namaaz-e-Tahajjud, etc., expressed their faith and piety.

Thanvi Sahib replied to his letter as follows: ´These are actions and conditions only. Beliefs are a separate entity from them. A man with corrupt beliefs is capable of good deeds too, and a man who has correct beliefs can also indulge in corrupt deeds.´(Hakimul Ummat, pp/476)

Now read one more statement of Thanvi Sahib, he says: ´If a religiously corrupt man talks about religious matters, then too, darkness is inherent in it. In the profile of his writing a complete darkness is wrapped, therefore one must avoid the company of heretics and also one must avoid reading the books written by heretics.´ (Kamalat-e-Ashrafia, pp/55)

In these sentences, Maulana Thanvi is merely confirming what the Sunni Ulema have been saying from day one. ´Do not just look at the good deeds of a man. Judge his beliefs first!´ Beliefs form fundamentals while deeds follow.


I do not wish to say anything more than this. The evidence which I have given about the false beliefs of the Tableeghi Jamaat from their own books in the previous pages are binding and irrefutable. They can either deny that the books cited do not belong to them or if I have framed false charges against them it should be proved that my references are incorrect.

If nothing could be done between the two, then it must be remembered that it is not wise to lose the essence of religion in the temptation of prayer and piety. Indeed it is an open revolt against Islam in the name of religious mindedness. It is the destruction of potentialities, wrong consumption of labour and a total wastage of time.

And since according to Thanvi Sahib the Madressah (religious school) established by people holding false beliefs, is a religious school of infidels and unbelievers (Kaafirs), and so much so that people who participate in the Missionary meeting of this school, are non-believers and infidels, then in that case we find the Tableeghi Jamaat which falls within the range of these charges and in the light of previous references, not worthy of any attachment. Joining the Tableeghi Jamaat will have no religious benefit whatsoever. Therefore, it must be understood clearly that before making any decision about the Tableeghi Jamaat in respect of its good or bad, we must observe whether their beliefs are within the boundaries of Islam or not, because according to Thanvi Sahib when a heretic talks about religion, he is bound to mislead and misdirect. So far as the question of the false beliefs of the Tableeghi Jamaat is concerned, it has already been recorded previously. The decision is yours.


Probably you will be aware that, in the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent there is a Jamaat in addition to Tableeghi Jamaat, which is an organised religious Movement, and is called Jamaaté Islami. This is also a very attractive Jamaat, because of its slogan, its missionary and reformatory steps, its untiring efforts and its apparent stature, as the Central Leaders, of Tableeghi Jamaat have also accepted it. In this regard the rector of Darul Uloom Deoband, Qari Taiyyab Sahib describing his impressions about Jamaatê Islami, says: ´I have seen the basic portions of the literature of this movement and as far as their effort to establish a Divine Government is concerned, and also its aims and objects I did not note anything against Divine Laws (Shariat) in them hence it is a beneficial and a good movement in the constructive aspect.´(Kalam-e- Tayyiib, pp/ 93, Published at Deoband)

Now read a script of the Crown Prince of Qari Taiyyab, viz., Maulvi Mohammad Salem and imprint it in your mind: ´How welcoming is that Mission, which Jamaat lslami has presented and its target, meaning thereby, to invite towards faith in Allah, to purify the life of a believer from hypocricy and contradiction and to hand over the reigns of Government to the believers and pious men snatching it away from the hands of non-believers and hypocrites.´(Haqeeqat-e- Meraj, pp/5, Published at Deoband)

At the end observe this Eulogy by a Mudarris (religious teacher) of Darul Uloom Deoband. He writes: ´The object of this Jamaat is very noble. It means the establishment of the Government of Allah, and the achievement of the Pleasure of Allah in the hereafter. It is evident that even a Muslim of a humble stature will not differ from this gracious objective. And we pray to Allah the Almighty, that He may reward us with this blessing.´ (Tambeehat, pp/4)

Consider it carefully. The above-mentioned statements have readily accepted the literature of Jamaat Islami, and its target, and the graces of its objectives, its necessities and benefits etc., it has even surpassed Tableeghi Jamaat. Moreover in this avenue Jamaat Islami has gone so far that it even regards and treats Tableeghi Jamaat as defective and unsatisfactory, as the very religious teacher of Darul Uloom Deoband, writes in his book: ´Jamaat-e-Tableegh which was founded and established by Hazrat Maulana Ilyas, is not satisfactory in the eyes of Maulana Maudoodi so far as their method of preaching is concerned. Therefore, in the report of the third congregation page 71, in proposal number 17, Allama Maudoodi has been requested in these words: ‘To work among the common people, so the method of the late Maulana Mohammad Ilyas may be adopted.’´

In connection with this proposal, the following words are note-worthy. He replies: ´So far as I have been informed, I am not satisfied with their method of Tableeg.´(Tambeehat, pp/12, Published at Deoband)

After reading this you will be astonished to learn that even after praising Jamaaté Islami so much, and conceding to the grand qualities and religious benefits possessed by Jamaaté Islami the unanimous judgment of Ulema-e-Deoband, Saharanpur, Jamiatê Ulema and Tableeghi Jamaat, regarding Jamaaté Islami is as follows: ´The Maudoodi Movement which is under operation in India and Pakistan in the name of Jamaat-e-Islami, the majority of the aged religious leaders and Muftis of the following places, viz. Deoband, Saharanpur, Delhi, Phulwari Sharif, Khanqah-Rahmania (Munger), Dhabel, Bombay, Kanpur, Varansi, Daira-e-Ajmal Shah Ajmal Allahbad etc. consider this Jamaat harmful to Muslims. And Jamaat-e-Ulema, Tableeghi Jamaat, Ehrar, Muslim League and Ahle-e-Hadith in the capacity of an association, finding religious misleading and deceptions in the movement, advise the Muslims that they should remain aloof from this Jamaat because the safety of religion is only possible by keeping far from them. (Hashia Maktoobat-e-Sheikhul Islam, pp/3o2)


Now please state with justice that if such types of religious misconceptions exist in ´Tableeghi Jamaat´ too, then are we not justified in advising Muslims to remain aloof from them for their own safety. So far as the existence of misconception in Tableeghi Jamaat is concerned we have pointed out these things in the previous pages. Anybody who differs from these citations may rightfully challenge me.

And according to the above quoted references, Tableeghi Jamaat itself is a party in declaring Jamaat Islami as a fatal and misleading organization. Surely then the Leaders of Tableeghi Jamaat must at least admit this on the basis of their own decision, that the circumstances under which they gave the above mentioned decision against Jamaat Islami, is likewise and equally applicable against them too!

Since neither of them can claim that any specific Quranic verse has been revealed, outlining the greatness of Jamaaté Islami or Tableeghi Jamaat, we obviously conclude that both of them are criminals of the same degree in the Court of Allah. Justice will not ...
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