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what can I say...


If you attempt to co-ordinate the various things, which I have described about Tableeghi Jamaat so far, you are bound to face tremendous difficulty.

You will say that the speeches heard during the Tableeghi Jamaat congregations contain reformative aspects and the hard and fast rules of Islam are discussed. They avoid expressing their ideas on religious differences and the problems of beliefs, during these meetings. The last thing you can do is to accuse them of changing the religion of someone.

I say, that this is the policy of Tableeghi Jamaat and not its object. After failing to differentiate between policy and objectives one can be deceived by many such Jamaats, not only by Tableeghi Jamaat. Even the most dangerous group never confesses that its aim is to change the religion and faith of other people.

The words of preaching are always charming, alluring and free of ambiguity. You have the right to ask one question here. Apart from its policy is there any other aim or objective of Tableeghi Jamaat? If so, then it must be stated explicitly as to what it is and how will they achieve it. I recommend you to read the following discussion to get a reasonable answer to this question.


The top secret of the activities of Tableeghi Jamaat, which has been hidden up to now is that its preachers never exhibit during general congregations that they have come out to change the religion and faith of Muslims at large.

But, truly, the actual field of their hunting is that Tableeghi Gasht (rounds) in which they accompany other simple Muslims to villages and cities and make them wander here and there. This is the reason why its preachers everywhere emphasize in their speeches, that people should accompany them during these Tableeghi Gasht. ‘Walking and Visiting’ is actually a special slogan of Tableeghi Jamaat, and it is so important that if people in a certain congregation are not convinced to accompany them for Tableeghi Rounds, they call that meeting a failure.

They attach so much importance to physical movement that during the course of travel a man is totally detached from his own world or environment, and begins to rely on those people who are his fellow travelers. And to convince any person, this is the best time, where leisure and opportunity is available. Hence, at the very first step of the tour the idea of a disciple-like religious attachment with the Leader (Amir) of the Jamaat is imposed on the person so that none of the co-travelers are mentally free from the captivity of their religious environment.

In this manner, in the very first meeting, like a trust-worthy Murshid (Spiritual Leader), all the control of the program and the hobbies of the companions are transferred to the Ameer. Now this group of the faithful servants, reaching a populated area stays in a Mosque of their choice. After making rounds of the inhabited area, when this group returns, an advisory meeting is held (Mashwara), in which no outsider participates. This is a very delicate moment of attacking the minds and ideas from which it is very difficult for a man to escape.


From this very place the old workers of Tableeghi Jamaat start their action of ‘brainwashing’. Brain-washing is a technical term, which means that any new person should be changed to this extent mentally, that he may remain attached to the Jamaat only, detaching himself from everyone, and he must disassociate himself from everything of his past to adopt into the mental environment of the Jamaat.

This action of brainwashing gradually moves forward. At the end of a journey again certain new people are initiated for a long journey. As a result of repeated rounds of preaching, the new people are strongly attached to the regional workers.

This relationship gradually brings one so close to Tableeghi Jamaat, that after some time to pass the Chilla (religious penance) of forty days, a caravan of simple Muslims marches towards the Center at Nizamuddin Delhi. Reaching there, they meet a group of artistic religious teachers (Ulema) of Tableeghi Jamaat under whose supervision and control they have to pass each moment of their days and nights. In a depressing environment of this mental training, everyday the world-wide progress and extension of Jamaat, the artificial piety of the Central Amir-e-Jamaat, the belief shaking explanations of the faith of the Unity of Allah, wrong interpretations of Polytheism (Shirk) and bad innovations (Bidah), and the desire-provoking descriptions of the dignitaries of Deoband, all these things influence the mind to the extent that ultimately they become the disciple of some ‘Sheik’ (Spiritual Guide), or they are initiated to become disciple. In this way they are made the mental-slaves of their Jamaat and its faith.

In the previous age, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Husain Ahmad, and Maulana Abdul Rahim Raipuri were the ‘Spiritual Guides’ (Sheikh) of the Jamaat, now-a-day Maulana Zakaria Saharanpuri is looking after this office. (Died ever since. This office is now probably occupied by one of their many ‘Hazratjies’, probably Moulvi In’Aamul Hassan).

After passing these hurdles, there is no need to explicitly spell out that you should change your religion, abandon your old beliefs, make your mind empty of the greatness and grandness of the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam), consider the Milad (Celebration of the Birth of the Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) and the standing up for Salaam as Haraam acts, call the traditions of Khanqah as Shirk, and hate the religious shrines like the temples. Because of the new environments, automatically a man’s mind is changed to this extent that he abandons all these beliefs and traditions one by one, which are being interpreted as Polytheistic (Shirk) customs by Tableeghi Jamaat, and the most admonishing phase of the mental infidelity is that he never feels guilty at rejecting the well known religion and beliefs accepted centuries ago. On the contrary, he thinks that he has now achieved the true path of the religion after abandoning the life of Kufr, Shirk and Bidat.

This is the picture of the ‘Silent Murder’ of Tableeghi Jamaat in which not a single drop of blood trickles down, not even a spot of blood is observed on the edge of the sword, inspite of the fact that it has killed the religion and faith of millions of Muslims. And remember, this statement about the mysterious method of Tableeghi Jamaat is not my invention but the Central Amir, Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, has exposed this in one of his letters.

The letter, original copy of which is in my custody and whosoever desires, may examine it. Observe that letter below, but before doing so you may read that letter containing the question, in response to which he wrote the said letter.

A very important letter addressed to Amir Jamaat Maulana Mohammad Yusuf:

Respected Sir,

I have to bring to your kind notice that certain people in our circle are raising objections to the method of working in Tableeghi Jamaat and say that the workers of Tableeghi Jamaat, during their preaching emphasize more on the reformation of actions, they are not anxious, about the rectification of beliefs, when most of the Muslims of India (here you may substitute the name of your own country because the Shaitaans adopt the same pattern wherever they go!) have remained Muslims in name only.

After observing carefully we note that the major part of their lives is soaked in polytheistic traditions. We tried to pacify those critics so far as we could, but they were not satisfied. Now your honour must take the trouble to satisfy them yourself, giving us your most valuable time, so that the work of Tableeghi Jamaat may proceed forward with great zeal and fervour.

Yours Sincerely

Abdul Tauhid


Now go through the reply of Maulana Mohammed Yusuf, which exposed the secret of Tableeghi Jamaat on the crossroads.



Respected Sir,


I received your kind letter and have read the contents. The preaching work began by Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Ilyas, he started this to invite not only Muslims of the World but also the entire mankind. (Strange! How many non-Muslims have they converted?) If you are aware of the basic principle of his work, then you will not face difficulty even for a moment. Objections are always raised but answering the objections raised against our work is an impediment, and when we answer the objection, we find that these people disassociate from us.

Our Missionary work is not only to promote pious deeds but primarily it is a movement to establish True Beliefs and Faith, and secondly, it is a movement for inculcating piety. Up till now we have learnt from past experience of 25 to 30 years, that by touching the ‘Polytheistic Customs’ and sins, people do not leave the sins and customs, but if they are asked to make rounds with the Jamaat and if the real requirement and interpretation of the Kalima Taiyyab is placed before them, they leave the customs and sins automatically. This is our experience how can we deny this?

We do not disturb controversial matters because we have to involve everyone on this work. These things are not to be written in a letter, they are understood only by living in the Center, therefore you are asked to send a group of enlightened people so that they may be able to comprehend the actual structure of the work done here, and engaging themselves in the work of Meerut and Meiwat learning the basic principles of the work they aim to carry on this work at their place.

With Best Wishes,

Madressah Kashiful Uloom,

Nizamuddin Delhi

Banda Mohammad Yusuf Afa Ahnu

With the pen of Mohammad Ashiq Ilahi


Now read a comment on the special sentences of this letter below:

1. ´The work does not move forward by answering the objections, and when replied they dissociate from this work.´

This is the first time we have heard that when queries are answered, people disassociate from the work of Tableeghi Jamaat. In any movement if satisfactory answers are given, people are more attracted and the activities grow faster, but here it is vice-versa. Now what can be the reason for this? When the secret of faith is exposed and what is hidden in the mind is spoken, then only the people who do not agree with it, disassociate from this work, otherwise if the objective and subjective aspects are one then there is no danger in expressing anything!

2. ´Our Missionary work is not meant only for pious actions, but primarily it is a movement of True Belief. Secondly. it is a movement of pious action.´

By repeating again and again the words ‘pious actions´, at last the hidden term ‘Faith and Belief’ has come to the lips. Now consider that if it is a movement of True Faith, can one evade the aspect of beliefs. Therefore since according to Tableeghi Jamaat the beliefs of Muslims amount to no more than infidelity, polytheism, innovation ...
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