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Allahu Akbar..........


There may be somebody who will dismiss all our expositions as biased or one-sided in an effort to mislead the masses and hide the truth. To combat that, I have included in this book the views of their very own Molwis (living in one house under one roof). This is a fact that no one can be more fully informed of the realities of an individual or group than those who are within. Outsiders may not be fully aware of the realities because of the false garb of piety that is flung over, hiding the true character which cannot be seen from the outside but only from inside where every avenue of life is transparent. That is why to know the realities and truth about anybody; domestic views are most reliable and trustworthy. Here there is no question of biased views or party politics or even religious intolerance. Whatever is stated here is absolutely factual and a clear revelation of truth. It is a well-guarded secret that has suddenly been revealed and has surfaced by accident.


Whatever is revealed by the Tableeghi Jamaat members about the devious pattern that is applied and also the attack on Tableeghi Jamaat by the Ulema of Deoband reveal, is, in reality, a punishment inflicted by nature and it had to come sooner or later. It is food for thought for those who had gone overboard, at the artificial piety displayed and had refused to listen to any reason.


On the 26th February 1968 a conference was held in Madressa Husseinyah in the city of Muzaffar Nagar, (U.P.) India. Many notable Ulema of the Deobandi School of Thought attended the conference, delivered lectures and read papers. Almost every speaker openly criticised Tableeghi Jamaat. Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah, a graduate of Deoband delivered such a dynamic and comprehensive lecture that it has been fully accepted in the Deobandi circle. In fact, it has been printed in a book form by ‘Aljamia Press, Delhi’ under the title ´Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg´. The compiler of this book is Molwi Noor Mohamed Chandini (A Molwi of Deoband) and is the trusted companion of Molwi Abdus Subhaan Mewati who was the leader of Tableeghi Jamaat in Meiwat.

A monthly magazine ´Darul Uloom´ is issued from Darul Uloom Deoband. They have a section under the heading ´Review on Books´. In September 1968 in a page of ´Darul Uloom´ he writes: ´We have received a book called ‘Usoole Dawatô Tableeg’ for our comments. The author of the book is Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah Sahib of Delhi. A large selection of this book is devoted to the argument that the Ulema retain the right of guidance and leadership of the Ummah by virtue of the fact that they are thoroughly informed of the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. After this, the internal practical patterns of Tableeghi Jamaat have been brought to the notice of the masses. We have withheld our comments and views on this book because we wish to draw the attention of responsible leaders of Tableeghi Jamaat to the contents of this book and have asked them to either accept all the accusations or to refute them.´

He goes on to say: ´This book has been in circulation for quite some months now and in fact the newspaper ‘Aljamia’, Delhi, has printed quite a few articles on it. In spite of this there has been a mysterious non-response or reply, even clarification or refutation from the Tableeghi Jamaat. This quietness can plunge a large section into mental turmoil.´ (Mahnama Darul Uloom Deoband, pp/4)

Do not forget that this statement is made by ardent supporters of the movement. During the course of his lecture, Moulana Abdur Rahim Shah emphasised that the Ulema are the guardians and expounders of the Quran. ´How idiotic are those who under-estimate the Ulema and be-little Islam.´ He further threw ample light on the misleading effect being created by these dangerous and artificial exponents of Islam.

´The district of Meiwat has been made the unfortunate victim of this Cult. It is disturbing to see that the ignorant members of the Jamaat who are not qualified to do Tableeg work are usurping the specialised field of the Ulema. These self-appointed propagators of Islam are not ignorant of the basic tenets of Islam but they themselves are a low, dubious and doubtful characters, and are frowned upon by society.´ (Usoolé Dawat wa Tableeg, pp/4O)

Remember that Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah of Deoband was not the only Aalim to criticise the ulterior motives of the Jamaat. His views were shared by the other leading Ulema of the Deobandi School of Thought. Molwi Noor Mohammad Chandini goes on to say: ´I saw that Moulana had made a great impression on the audience. Subsequent speakers also elaborated and supported the views of Moulana Shah Abdul Rahim. The audience was so impressed that no one walked out.´

´The following Ulema delivered their lectures after Shah Abdul Rahim:

a) Moulana Fakrul Hasan of Darul Uloom Deoband.

b) Moulana Abdul Ahad Sahib of Darul Uloom Deoband.

c) Moulana Irshaad Ahmad of Darul Uloom Deoband.

d) Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmeeri of Darul Uloom Deoband.

Besides these Ulema, there were also others, including a large group of students of Darul Uloom Deoband and an audience running into thousands.´ (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pp/5)

At another spot Molwi Noor Mohammad has described the participants of the function. He writes: ´The following Ulema were present during lectures:

1. Moulana Abdul Ahad Sahib Mohaddis Darul Uloom Deoband.

2. Moulana Fakhrul Hasan Sahib of Darul Uloom Deoband.

3. Moulana Irshad Ahmad Sahib Muballig of Darul Uloom Deoband.

4. Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmeeri Sahib of Darul Uloom Deoband.

5. Moulana Abdul Kalam Sahib Muballig of Darul Uloom Deoband.

6. Moulana Mohammad Yacoob Sahib Mazahire Uloom Saharanpur.

Beside these Ulema, the stage was packed with local and surrounding Ulema, and students of Deoband. The general feeling was as if Moulana (Shah Abdul Rahim) was the voice of all those present.´ (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pp/54).


Readers are invited to observe the following hypocritical role played by Molwi Irshaad Ahmad Sahib, the very spokesman and representative of Darul Uloom Deoband, who had advocated to defend the Tahleeghi Jamaat in an open debate (with the Sunni Muslims) which took place in Baraar, situated in the district of Muneer. He had suffered such a humiliating defeat in this debate that I doubt he will ever forget it in his entire life. In spite of repeated request from the Sunni speaker to repent, he remained adamant and thousands of witnesses were convinced that he will not return to the truth. And indeed he did not!

This happened in the debate that took place in Muneer. Now observe the behaviour of the very Molwi Irshaad Ahmad in another function that took place in Muzaffar-Nagar. Here, he openly opposed the Tableeghi Jamaat, which he had so vehemently supported previously. He did not shudder to arm himself and attack the very Jamaat, which he had defended.

He has committed an act, which smacks of hypocrisy. I have the right to insist that this is a peculiar specialty of the Ulema of Deoband and their group which is not found in any other sect. They are such professionals in defending and opposing one and the same principle simultaneously; that the layman is helpless to diagnose exactly what they stand for.


Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah has confessed that he himself drew the attention of Molwi Yusuf Kandehlwi (son of Molwi Ilyas, founder of the Tableeghi Jamaat) to the internal corruption of the Jamaat. Each time his reminders were ignored.

We quote: ´For approximately 5 to 6 years, I have been continuously drawing the attention of Moulana Yusuf to the glaring weaknesses of the Tableeghi Jamaat. I also stated to him that if he did not pay attention to these problems, the Ulema would not remain silent for long. They will be forced by circumstances to react and the end result can never be predicted.´ (Usoolé Dawató Tableeg, pp/46)

A frustrated man goes on to state his subsequent actions: ´Finally, when I did not see a desirable result, I resorted to a lot of Istikaara and Duas. Alhamdulillah, when I was thoroughly convinced of the dangers of Tableeghi Jamaat and the harm inflicted on the Ummah, I openly began to rectify their mistakes in my lectures in the presence of the Tableeghi Jamaat.´ (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pp/46)


For 6 consecutive years Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah drew the attention of Molwi Mohammad Yusuf to the incalculable harm done by Tableeghi Jamaat. Molwi Mohammad Yusuf criminally ignored these warnings, which led to Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah resigning from the Jamaat. He has now resorted to Divine guidance, as he himself claims. The Divine guidance received categorically points out that Tableeghi Jamaat is a danger to Islam, and Muslims must be made aware of this. ´So inexperienced members of Tableeghi Jamaat are causing internal dissentions and friction and the matter has reached so far that in the Tableeghi Ijtimah they display support, zeal and diligence whilst they oppose other Islamic gatherings. The Amirs of virtually every district complain that members of the Tableeghi Jamaat refuse to attend lectures of even the biggest Aalims, on the contrary, they belittle the Ulema and ridicule them.´ (Usoolé Dawatô Tableeg, pg/44)

This report of Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah is not to be taken lightly. He has placed his fingers on the pulse of Fitna and has diagnosed a killer disease. All those people who were even remotely connected to Tableeghi Jamaat will confirm each and every word stated. This deadly disease emanating out of the Tableeghi Jamaat environment is so fatal, that if not checked and remedied in time, will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Ummah. This is a fact that after having links with Tableeghi Jamaat a man becomes so biased and confined in thoughts that he refuses to recognise the religious services of other Ulema and individuals attached to other organization. He remains aloof from all other groups and kicks aside every other servant of Islam and constructs his own isolated environment.

Allow me to say that to mentally detach Muslims from each other and make them an exclusive slave of a particular sect is no service to Islam. On the contrary, it is a gigantic dis-service and is bound to spread mutual hatred.


Pointing out these biased tendencies of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Molwi Abdur Rahim Shah states: ´Wherever the Tableeghi Jamaat are in control, invariably teachers and Imams of Masjids are labelled as opposition and dismissed, regardless of the long services and proven ability. I can quote specific examples, but that is not my aim. My aim is to highlight the faulty mentality which is gaining foothold and I wish to save the Ummah from this calamity.´ (Usoolé Dawato Tableeg, pp/48)

A point worthy of noting is that, if the Tableeghi Jamaat treat people of their own beliefs in this manner whereby they cannot even tolerate in their midst non-Tableeghi teachers and Imams, can you ...
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