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people if you have something for me that meks sense you can write into my guestbook!
Hey people this is wankcent the guy who is in luv with sam 1 bt the person does nt beliv dat i truly luv her so wat shud i do?
Tips to build trust in yourrelationshipYou can build trust in yourrelationship by following somesimple, and proven, methods.For instance, when it comesto building trust in arelationship you need tofocus on stable andconsistent behaviors.1. Be PredictableYou have to be consistent inyour behavior and attitude inorder to build trust. And ifyou are working on rebuildingyour trust this is especiallyimportant.-Keep a Schedule-Don't tell different storiesabout where you were, whatyou want, or what you like-Show up at predictable times-Consistently share your day,or don't, but be consistent!2. Don't H...
29.03.2012 03:46 EDT,
Behind EveryBeautiful GirlThere Is aDumbass Guy WhoDid Her Wrong andMade Her Strongand Some girlsclaim they want agood guy, butwhen they meetone, he's 'just afriend'. Then theyfall for the playerwho continues tobreak their heartand then theyhave the nerve tosay all guys arethe same?
26.02.2012 10:44 EST,
I could search my whole lifethrough and through an neverfind another you.I love my life because it gave meyouI love you because you are mylifeWhen you see a falling star tonight, make a wish, it will cometrue because I wished and I foundyou.If I had to choose whether tobreathe or to love you, I woulduse my last breath to tell youthat... I love you.They say you only fall in loveonce, but that can't be true...Every time I look at you, I fall inlove all over again.I'll love you until the day afterforever.It's magic each time we holdeach other, each time we cuddle,and each time we kiss. I feelgoos...
16.02.2012 15:49 EST,
Sometimes I wonder if love isworth fighting for, but then Iremember your face and I`mready for war.We were given:Two hands to hold.Two legs to walk.Two eyes to see.Two ears to listen.But why only one heart?Because the other was given tosomeone else for us to find.You are my world, gravity alwayspulls me towards you.The sun shines in the day,The moon shines in the night.You shine in my heart every dayand night.If I had to choose between aperfect world and loving youI'd pick loving you because what'sa perfect world if you're notthere with me?
16.02.2012 15:45 EST,
Install Facebook on yourSonyEricsson and browse fasterHome · Profile · Friends · Messages(1)SearchSurvey · Help · SettingsLogout (Vincent Wanki)Having trouble? Try the SimplifiedSite
16.02.2012 15:12 EST,
Kiss her en run..this worked 4 me wen i had a crash on som gal in my 4th grade.
18.11.2011 13:51 EST,
Life?????? In the big booty
18.11.2011 12:44 EST,
PiPo life is precious but also useles it is precious in a way were by u will only appriciate it wen u hav wat u want. But i wonder y pipo tresure lyf en regard it special wen only they are either holding or they hav a source of money, sam say its useless becouse
18.11.2011 12:21 EST,

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