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~Self Hypnosis~

All hypnosis is basically self-hypnosis,for only that which is accepted by the mind of the subject ever becomes effective.
In self-hypnosis you use visualizations and if necessary use suggestions.
If using suggestions as well,you think the words silently but hear yourself talking.
The first objective is to relax your body completely until you feel every nerve and muscle has relaxed as much as possible.
You may feel a numbness or detachment,or a heaviness or even a lightness.
As soon as you have reached this totally relaxed state you are ready to give yourself the visualizations and suggestions that you have decided upon.
If lying down use any relaxation technique to relax yourself.
If sitting,sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor,hands held loosely in your lap and your head upright.
When sitting,try a technique called instantaneous relaxation which is very quick.
Close your eyes.Focus on your eyelids.Feel them warming,relaxing and gradually getting heavy.
Relax your eyelids to the point where the muscles just won't work.
Let 'that relaxation' sweep down your body all the way to your toes.
By 'that relaxation' you understand it to be the same kind of relaxation where the muscles just won't work,an instantaneous relaxation of every muscle in your body.
When you wish to come out of it,simply take a few deep breaths,open your eyes and give up the relaxation.
With a little practice,you'll find that you can go very deep in seconds.
Your goal must be something you can imagine,describe and visualize.
It is not enough to just put it into words.You must 'see' yourself as you wish to be,'hear' yourself as you wish to sound and 'feel' yourself as you wish to feel.
The subconscious mind is influenced primarily by emotions and mental pictures,and by words only to the extent that they can convey these emotions and mental pictures.
You must enlist your imaginative powers to make your idea of what you want to be - vivid in every way to the greatest degree possible.
As you practice this technique,relaxation will become a way of life.
You will discover that you have a new sense of bodily awareness which will enable you to detect and diminish tension in the body the moment it appears.
Your powers of concentration will increase.True concentration is effortless and can only be achieved by forgetting one's own body as well as the surroundings.
You will develop the ability to relax completely,narrow your perceptions and effortlessly focus your entire attention on any subject you wish,regardless of where you are.
You will find that this controlled attention is accomplished without strain and therefore you will be able to do mental work for long periods of time without fatigue or distraction.
You will also develop the ability to visualize things relevant to your goals more clearly.
The power of imagination(visualization) is the method by which the subconscious is impressed.
Soon you will be able to sit up straight,close your eyes,take a few deep breaths,do the eye - closure,think of deep relaxation and deepen the state by counting or simply breathing as you double the relaxation each time.
Then you'll be ready to give suggestions to your subconscious mind.It need take no more than three minutes.
The suggestions must be something you can see yourself doing,feeling,thinking,and acting the way you suggest.
Effective suggestions can be wordless but never blank to the imagination.
You must transform your suggestions into that which can be visualized or imagined as taking place.Also,any verbal suggestions you use should be brief.
If you seem to reach an impasse,examine any verbal suggestions you might be using.Sometimes a minor change in phrasing can make a dramatic difference in results.
Do not forget to take the conscious steps to achieve your goal.
Programming your mind with positive suggestions through self-hypnosis naturally erases the thoughts,feelings and actions you want to get rid of.
Once you begin making some progress in the direction of your goals,you will find the process accelerates beyond your expectations.

The Law Of Effect
To actualize your visualization,start acting as if it had already materialized.
This is to make use of the law of effect.
'Produce the effect and the cause will follow'
A visualization is a deliberate creation with focussed energy behind it;acting it out with awareness will attract the experiences and mobilize resources you need to make it a reality.
Visualizations are more powerful than affirmations.Their effectiveness in bringing about changes you want in your life,be it health,prosperity or whatever depends on the clarity and feeling quality you bring to the visualizations and the certainty in your bones that they will materialize.
Visualizations can be used alone or in conjunction with affirmations.

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