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Mr McMahon

Wrestler: Vince McMahon

Real Name: Vincient Kennedy McMahon

Birthday: August 24, 1945

Hometown: Born in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Moved to Greenwich, Connecticut

Marital Status: Married to Linda McMahon

Height & Weight: 6'2" - 220 lbs

Debut: 1982

Previous Gimmicks: The Higher Power, Genetic Jackhammer

Finishing Move: Screwjob Finishes

Favorite Moves: You're Fired!!

No chance. That’s what you got.

Career Highlights: Chairman of WWE, founded WrestleMania, put ECW and WCW out of business, former WWE Champion defeating Triple H, won the Royal Rumble in 1999

Whenever Vince McMahon enters an arena, those familiar words always accompany him. And if you’re against Mr. McMahon, then no chance is exactly what you have. Superstars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin have been able to get the best of Mr. McMahon at times, but in the end, Mr. McMahon always gets the last laugh.

Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s paths hadn’t crossed too much in recent years, so it was only fitting that when WWE returned to the USA Network at WWE Homecoming that the two bitter rivals got into it once again. Mr. McMahon was willing to let bygones be bygones and start over with a clean slate, but Stone Cold would have none of that and delivered a Stunner to the Chairman. Vince’s son Shane, his daughter Stephanie and even his wife Linda tried to talk some sense into Austin, but each of them suffered a Stunner for their troubles as well.

Enraged at the embarrassment that Stone Cold had caused himself and his family, Mr. McMahon promised that someone would be fired for what occurred. While Austin was the one at fault, it was his best friend Jim Ross who suffered the consequences. But it wasn’t Mr. McMahon who did the firing. While Vince and Stephanie were insulting J.R., Linda came to the ring, presumably to talk some sense into her daughter and husband. But Linda shocked the world when she delivered a low blow to J.R. and fired him.

Mr. McMahon’s presence in WWE has been around for decades, but he was primarily a broadcaster until the infamous Montreal incident at Survivor Series in 1997. Bret Hart was the WWE Champion, but was set to leave for rival WCW after the event. Hart was defending his Championship against Shawn Michaels. HBK had Hart wrapped up in the Sharpshooter, and leaving nothing to chance, referee Earl Hebner called for the bell even though Bret had not given up. From that point on, Mr. McMahon started using his power as Chairman more and more and became a fixture on RAW as more than just a broadcaster.

It was early in 1998 that Mr. McMahon’s rivalry with Stone Cold was really born. Stone Cold was returning from a serious neck injury, and Mr. McMahon forced him to sign a waiver so that WWE would not be responsible for any further neck injuries. Stone Cold signed the waiver and dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s by giving Mr. McMahon a Stunner. From that day forward they have been at each other’s throats.

Mr. McMahon brought in Mike Tyson to be the special guest ring enforcer for the WrestleMania XIV main event between Stone Cold and WWE Champion Shawn Michaels. Mr. McMahon was very proud to introduce Tyson to the WWE fans on an edition of RAW, but Stone Cold wasn’t as happy. In fact, Stone Cold came to the ring and flipped off Iron Mike, prompting Mr. McMahon to absolutely lose it. McMahon claimed that Stone Cold had ruined his great moment.

So, when Stone Cold defeated Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XIV, Mr. McMahon was furious. However, he tried to start fresh with Stone Cold and said that he could still be a company man and represent WWE in a positive way. Stone Cold showed up in a suit and tie, but it was all a ruse as he flipped off his boss and delivered a Stunner.

McMahon went on to form the Corporation to help him control Stone Cold and get whatever he wanted. Mr. McMahon backed The Rock as his Corporate Champion, screwing Mankind out of the WWE Championship at the 1998 Survivor Series. Mr. McMahon then went on to shock the world as he not only eliminated Stone Cold from the 1999 Royal Rumble (with help from the Corporation), but he won the whole thing, earning him a shot at the WWE Championship.

Before he could cash in on his title shot, however, Mr. McMahon put his shot on the line against Stone Cold in a Steel Cage Match at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Mr. McMahon endured a hellacious beating including a fall off the cage through the Spanish announce table, but he would not give up. In fact, while battered and bloodied, he flipped off Austin with Stone Cold’s own trademark middle fingers. Stone Cold looked to have things going his way, until Big Show made his debut and literally threw Austin out of the steel cage. Even though Stone Cold was manhandled by Big Show, he won the match because he was the first person out of the cage.

Mr. McMahon continued to be a thorn in the side of Stone Cold Steve Austin when he revealed that he was the “Higher Power.” During this time there had been a split among the Corporate Ministry, which was basically a group of Mr. McMahon and his allies and Undertaker and his allies. Mr. McMahon, Big Show, Test, Ken Shamrock and Mick Foley broke away and formed The Union. Undertaker then revealed that he took orders from only one man – the Higher Power. For weeks the Higher Power’s identity was kept a secret, but in time it was revealed that it was indeed Mr. McMahon.

Then, in September 1999, Mr. McMahon was challenged to a WWE Championship Match by Triple H. At this time, Triple H was Stone Cold’s No. 1 nemesis. The common enemy proved to bring Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold together, even if it was just for a very short time. Triple H was decimating the Chairman, but Stone Cold came down and dismantled Triple H, allowing Vince to win the WWE Championship. Mr. McMahon would later vacate the Championship and put it up for grabs in a Six-Pack Challenge at Unforgiven.

Mr. McMahon’s allegiances never seemed to last very long, however. Heading into WrestleMania 2000, Mr. McMahon was in the corner of The Rock. While Mr. McMahon was backing The Rock, Linda was in the corner of Mick Foley, Stephanie was in the corner of Triple H and Shane was backing Big Show for the Fatal Fourway Elimination Match at WrestleMania 2000. It came down to The Rock and Triple H, but Mr. McMahon switched his allegiance and turned on The Rock, helping Triple H pick up the win and the WWE Championship.

Before long, Mr. McMahon’s volatile business relationships carried over into his personal life as he was having problems with his wife, Linda. Mr. McMahon went so far as to ask his wife for a divorce. He didn’t stop there, though. On an edition of SmackDown, Mr. McMahon kissed Trish Stratus in front of a wheel-chair-ridden, drug-induced, Linda.

Mr. McMahon’s family troubles increased when Shane purchased WCW. Mr. McMahon thought that he had control of the company, but it was Shane who was in charge. With so much chaos going on in the family, Mr. McMahon faced his own son, Shane, at WrestleMania X-Seven in a Street Fight. Shane came out on top of their battle, but Mr. McMahon shocked the world later that night when he helped long-time nemesis Stone Cold Steve Austin defeat The Rock for the WWE Championship.

By this point, Mr. McMahon had lost all control of his family. Stephanie and Shane joined forces with Paul Heyman to create the Alliance. The Alliance was made up of former WCW and ECW stars and was out to take over WWE. It was a full-scale invasion. But thanks to Kurt Angle, Mr. McMahon was able to overcome the Alliance as his team won a winner-takes all Survivor Series Match in 2001. The Alliance was gone forever.

Even though Shane and Stephanie’s alliance was broken, they still managed to get back at their father by selling their shares of WWE stock to none other than The Nature Boy Ric Flair, thus making Flair the new co-owner of the company. Mr. McMahon felt that Ric Flair was killing his company, but if it was going to die, then Mr. McMahon wanted to be the one to kill it. So, Mr. McMahon once again shocked the world and injected his own company with poison – the poison of the New World Order.

Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall brought the nWo to WWE and immediately began picking fights with the top Superstars like Stone Cold and The Rock. The nWo’s run wasn’t a very long one, but Hogan and Mr. McMahon’s paths crossed soon after WrestleMania X8.

On a May edition of SmackDown in 2002, Mr. McMahon proclaimed that Hulkamania sucks. The Hulkster didn’t take too kindly to those words and gave his boss the big boot and a leg drop. The rivalry between the two calmed down until February 2003 when McMahon screwed Hogan out of a win against The Rock at No Way Out. Mr. McMahon claimed that Hulkamania was dead and that a new era of McMahonamania was born. This led to an epic clash between the two at WrestleMania XIX. Mr. McMahon even made Hogan sign the contract in his own blood after a savage attack. Hogan won the match, but once again, Mr. McMahon got the last laugh when he suspended Hogan and said he would pay him to sit at home.

Mr. McMahon’s family problems came back to haunt him once again in late 2003. When Mr. McMahon became fed up with Stephanie’s alliance of sorts with Zach Gowen, things heated up between the two. Eventually, he offered Stephanie the chance to resign as SmackDown General Manager, but when she declined to relinquish her position, they signed on to face each other in an I Quit Match at No Mercy 2003. Stephanie refused to give up even while being choked out with a lead pipe, but Linda threw in the towel giving her husband the victory.

In between his problems with Hogan and his daughter, Mr. McMahon found time to once again shock the world when he named Eric Bischoff as the General Manager of RAW in July 2002. Bischoff was one of the men responsible for the success of Monday Nitro and WCW’s role in the Monday Night Wars. Mr. McMahon, as it always seems to be the case, won those wars as well, but made a smart business decision and brought in his arch-nemesis to run RAW.

After Stephanie was out of the picture as General Manager of SmackDown, Paul Heyman was brought in to do the job. In his first night at the helm, Undertaker won the right to name a match against anyone at any time. Much to Mr. McMahon’s dismay he chose to fight Mr. McMahon in a Buried Alive Match at Survivor Series 2003. Mr. McMahon again defied the odds and defeated the legendary Undertaker in his own match. He did have some help from Kane, but in the end, it was Mr. McMahon with another victory.

Mr. McMahon started appearing less and less on camera and began making things happen behind the scenes. He was responsible for starting the RAW Diva Search Contest which has produced such Divas as Christy Hemme, Maria, Candice Michelle and Ashley. He also brought the Tough Enough contest to SmackDown and started Taboo Tuesday, the first interactive pay-per-view event in sports-entertainment history.

But Mr. McMahon has returned to RAW in a big, big way. And this time he brought his family with him. Not only that, but for the first time in seemingly forever, the McMahons all seem to be on the same page. With all four McMahons working for a common goal, there’s no telling what kind of drama will unfold each week on RAW.

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