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Nerd Test [pt2]
Survey for nerds

70. Have you ever wanted to know something for no apparent reason?

71. Have you ever been laughed at for wanting to know something?

72. Can you program the time on a VCR?

73. Has anyone ever asked you to program their VCR time for them?

74. Have you ever used the word "asymptotic"?

75. Have you ever referred to something as an L.E.D.?

76. Have you ever referred to a ruler as a "straight-edge"?

77. Have you ever said "quartz crystal"?

78. Have you ever called something a "print out" or "hard copy"?

79. Have you ever referred to a curve/object as hyperbolic, parabolic, etc.?

80. Do you feel your vocabulary is larger than most people's?

81. Is your IQ greater than your weight?

Answer YES if you know what the following acronyms stand for. Note: it may be useful to actually state out loud what you think the acronym stands for as your interpretation may be wrong or not the nerdy one being sought after.

82. ...RADAR?

83. ...MODEM?

84. ...RAM?

85. ...DNA?

86. ...ATP?

87. ...NADP?

88. ...CRT?

89. ...CRC?

90. ...STP?

91. ...NORAD?

92. ...NASA?

93. ...MUD?

94. ...LED?

95. ...AI?

96. ...LASER?

97. ...RPG?

98. ...TLA?

99. ...SCUBA?

100. ...WYSIWYG?

101. ...DAT?

102. ...PINE?

103. ...JOVE?

104. Did you not know one of the above, but took a wild guess at in anyway?

105. Have you ever created an acronym in order to simplify your writing?

The next few questions deal with physical constants. Mark yes for any that you can give the value (2 or more significant digits) for. Knowledge of the units attached is NOT necessary, just the numeric portion.

106. gravitational constant? (G)

107. earth's gravity near the surface? (g)

108. mass of an electron?

109. charge of an electron?

110. speed of light in vacuum?

111. speed of sound at STP?

112. Planck's constant? (h or h-bar)

113. permittivity of free space? (epsilon naught)

114. permeability of free space? (mu naught)

115. Avogadro's number?

116. molar gas constant?

117. pi? (exception: must know more than 3 digits)

118. Mark this true if you are presently the person knowing the most digits of pi in the room.

119. e? (exception: must know more than 3 digits)

Can you give the conversion factor between... (2 or more sig. digits)

120. ...centimeters and inches?

121. ...kilometers and miles?

122. ...joules and electron-volts?

123. ...atomic mass units and kilograms?

124. ...Celsius and Kelvin?

125. ...Celsius and Fahrenheit?

126. ...meters and Astronomical Units (AU)?

127. ...AU and light years?

128. ...light years and parsecs?

129. If, while answering any question in this section, you said someone else's answer was wrong and were right, mark this question true. (e.g. "you nob! Pi isn't 3.1425. It's 3.1415!")

130. If while answering any question in this section, you checked a reference book to find out the correct answer, mark this question true. (e.g. "AARRGGH! What's that last R in radar stand for?")

SECTION 3: Computers

131. Have you ever used a computer?

132. ...for more than 4 hours continuously?

133. ...for more than 8 hours continuously?

134. ...past 4 a.m.?

135. a source of income?

136. ...on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend?

137. ...with someone you were physically attracted toward?

138. ...for money?

139. the last 24 hours?

140. the last half hour?

141. a source of entertainment? (computer game)

142. the last three months?

143. the last three weeks?

144. Have you ever programmed a computer?

145. write a computer game?

146. write a computer virus?

147. write a shell script?

148. Do you still own any computer with less than 512k of RAM? (e.g. Commodore 64, Apple II +/e/c, TRS 80, ad infinitum)

149. ...that is still in working condition?

150. ...and still buy software for it?

151. Do you own more than one computer with at least a megabyte of RAM?

152. Do you own any computer which would be classified as a work station?

153. Have you ever taken your computer on vacation with you?

154. Have you ever lost sleep over a computer game?

Have you ever used a ...

155. mouse?

156. hard disk drive?

157. light-pen?

158. computer with a touch sensitive monitor?

159. track-ball?

160. ...for something other than a video game?

161. Devorak keyboard? (as opposed to QWERTY)

162. modem?

163. Have you ever seen a magnetic tape reel?

164. Have you ever mounted a magnetic tape reel?

165. Have you ever seen a computer punch card?

166. Have you ever programmed using punch cards?

167. Are you still capable of programming with punch cards?

168. Do you have any "pirated" software? (i.e. second-hand copywritten)

169. Do you have any "public-domain" software?

170. Do you have any "shareware"? (i.e. software author requests a fee be sent to them for its use)

171. Do you currently own a modem capable of 14.4kbs or faster?

172. Do you still own any modem whose top speed is 300 baud or less?

173. Have you ever telnet'ed from one computer system to another?

174. gain access to a system you had no authorization on?

175. call a government computer? (NASA, FBI, NORAD, etc.)

176. call a research institution? (CERN, JPL, etc.)

177. ...where the other machine was outside of your native country?

178. Do you have an electronic mail address?

179. ...more than one e-mail address?

180. Have you ever sent e-mail?

181. yourself?

182. someone who was in the same room as you at the time?

183. ...with a .sig file appended to the end of it?

184. the last week?

185. Have you ever set up and run a mailing list for e-mail?

186. Do you receive more e-mail than you send?

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