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picsay - Man Celebrities/Music Western

|.°.W@yne's.°.| BASH: Results

28th June 2009

The ECW Championship Scramble match is the opening match:
Christian & Jack Swagger start the match
Finlay JOINS the match
Swagger GETS A PINFALL & is the current ECW Champion
Tommy Dreamer JOINS the match
FINLAY GETS A PINFALL & is the current ECW Champion
Mark Henry JOINS the match
Henry GETS A PINFALL & is the current ECW Champion
Swagger GETS A PINFALL & is the current ECW Champion
Dreamer GETS A PINFALL & is the current ECW Champion
<WINNER> Tommy Dreamer
BACKSTAGE: Edge reminds Teddy Long that he's on probation & should include him in the Championship match tonight
Rey Mysterio DEFENDS his Mask against Chris Jericho who is DEFENDING the I.C Championship
<WINNER> Rey Mysterio
New I.C Champion, Jericho grabs the mask & unmasks Mysterio however he was wearing 2 masks, Jericho was shocked as Mysterio hit the 619 to get the clean victory
BACKSTAGE: Jericho complains that Mysterio cheated by wearing 2 masks, & demands a re match
Dolph Ziggler takes on The GREAT Khali in a NO DQ Match NEXT:

Match quickly spills to the outside Khali hits lots of bodyslaps on Ziggler,
Ziggler grabs a chair & attacks Khali & then goes to work on Khali's legs
Kane enters the arena and DESTROYS Khali with a chair
<WINNER> Ziggler
BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon tells Teddy Long he has made no impact in the 5years that he's been a GM, and warns him he's still on probation
The Unified TagTeam Championship is next with Legacy challenging The Colons, before the match begins Teddy Long changes the match & includes Edge & Jericho as a 3rd team in the match
NEW Unified TagTeam Champions
Melina DEFENDS the Woman's Championship against Michelle McCool Next:
<WINNER> Michelle McCool
New Woman's Champion
© CM Punk DEFENDS, The World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy
Hardy gets a 3 count after hitting the Swanton however the referee changes the decision when he notices Punk's foot was under the bottom rope the match is restarted
Match then ends as a DQ as Punk kicks the referee after a problem with his eye sight, the fans show their anger & Hardy attacks Punk saying he kicked the referee on purpose
BACKSTAGE: Primo & Carlito argue with Teddy Long, Long says he made an impact and orders them out of the office
Miz Vs, Cena
Cena gets the easy win Via submission with the STF
WWE Championship, 3 Stages of hell
© Randy Orton Vs, Triple H
<WINNER> Randy Orton
VIA DQ, HHH hits Orton with a chair
<WINNER> Triple H
HHH continues the attck with the chair and hits a Pedigree on the outside to get the pin
<WINNER> Randy Orton
Orton Retains with help from Legacy as HHH was about to win the match Rhodes stopped HHH from pushing the stretcher over the finish line, HHH takes out Legacy with a Sledgehammer, Orton hits HHH with part of the stage and wheels the stretcer over the finish line, As Orton celebrates HHH hits Orton with the Sledgehammer

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