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★SMACKDOWN☆ - results

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1. John Morrison defeated Jack Swagger in a non-title match. Morrison won via Starship Pain in a great TV match.

2. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy and R-Truth. The heels won via ref stoppage when McIntyre curb stomped Hardy on the ring steps.

Edge and Chris Jericho delivered mic work inside a steel cage. Edge ended up spearing Jericho's NXT protege Wade Barrett. Good segment that should come off well on television.

3. JTG defeated Mike Knox in 2:00. Baffling. Shad Gaspard then beat the crap out of JTG with a belt. The live crowd didn't care.

4. Layla and Michelle McCool (w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. Layla pinned Mickie. The match was a mess. In a segment that wil be edited, Layla couldn't find the ironing board under the ring. She eventually found it and they beat down Beth. The crowd chanted "You can't find it" for the most awkward three minutes of the night. Layla and Michelle then stole Shannon Moore's gimmick and wrote on Beth with lipstick. The match and segment bombed live.

5. C.M. Punk and Luke Gallows (w/Serena) defeated Rey Mysterio and Kane. The heels won via blocked roll- up. Kane chased away Gallows. Rey jumped Punk, who teased shaving Punk. Serena blocked Rey from following through with the shaving and they both powdered out of the ring to conclude the Smackdown taping.
* Chris Jericho comes out to open the show. He says he's been cheated with Randy Orton getting to face Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. Edge comes out and says they have been cheated but Jericho can't beat Swagger because of how many Spears he's taken lately. Theodore Long comes out and announces a triple threat match between the three for the World Heavyweight Championship later tonight.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre comes out and cuts a heel promo. Kane vs. Drew McIntyre ends in no contest when Drew McIntyre tries to get counted out but Matt Hardy runs out. Kane tries to get McIntyre back in the ring and ends up chokeslamming Hardy.

* Dolph Ziggler b. R-Truth

* WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool b. Mickie James

* CM Punk & Luke Gallows vs. The Hart Dynasty & Rey Mysterio.
DH Smith pins Punk after a running powerslam to pickup to win for his team

* JTG b. Caylen Croft

* World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger b. Edge & Chris Jericho in a triple-threat match to retain. Edge hit the Spear on Jericho, then Swagger threw him out of the ring. Swagger pinned Edge. Our correspondent told us the match was "great"
(A fan report)

Jack Swagger Def, John Morrison
Swagger bled in the match accidentally. It will be interesting to see if they edit that out.
C.M. Punk said he was going to convert Darren Young Is he going to make him white or catholic?
Chris Jericho told Wade Barrett that he should be World Champion
Shad Gaspard cut a promo in front of the crowd. JTG ran out but Shad laid him out, letting everyone know who the Marty is in this split
Drew McIntyre b Matt Hardy with the double-arm DDT on the floor, and then threw him in to be pinned
Punk, Serena and Luke Gallows came out to shave Darren Young's head. Young agreed, and then changed his mind. They beat him down until Rey Mysterio made the save. In the brawl, Mysterio caught up with Punk and went to shave his head, but Punk escaped. They announced Punk's hair at stake for the PPV. They didn't announce Rey's mask at stake
Rey Mysterio b C.M. Punk with a 619 in a street fight
Hart Dynasty b Caylen Croft & Trent Barretta
Chris Jericho vs. Edge ended in a double count out, so I guess that means a three-way at Extreme Rules. After the match, Edge speared Jericho, and when Swagger ran in, Edge speared him as well

<a fan report>

* This week's SmackDown opens with Chris Jericho cutting a promo on Edge losing at WrestleMania. Edge comes out and spears him. Jack Swagger comes out, cashes in the Money in the Bank briefcase, and wins the World Heavyweight Championship

* John Morrison & R-Truth b. Cryme Tyme
- After the bout Cryme Tyme appeared to break up.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy
- Drew hits his finisher on Hardy but the match never gets started

* Dolph Ziggler b. The Great Khali
- Ziggler gets the win with a sleeper hold

* CM Punk comes out and cuts a promo saying he wants a re-match against Rey Mysterio. He said he's willing to sacrifice his hair. On his way up the ramp, Teddy Long stops him, and makes a match tonight against him and Undertaker.

* Beth Phoenix & Tiffany b. WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool & Layla

* Kane comes out and cuts a promo. He says he's bored and wants to take on the entire NXT roster. Several members of the NXT roster come out and attack Kane.

* Jack Swagger cuts a promo on the 'state of the champ' Chris Jericho comes out and tells Swagger to give back his title. Edge comes out and tells Swagger to face him Teddy Long comes out and stops the commotion. He says that Chris Jericho will face Edge to see who will face Swagger at Extreme Rules.

* The Undertaker b. CM Punk
- After the match Undertaker gets on the mic and says'never mistake respect for weakness'.
<a fan report>

Smackdown opens with a smackdown vs raw money in the bank tag team match
Kane dolph ziggler matt hardy Shelton Benjamin and drew mcintyre vs Christian MVP Jack swagger Evan bourne and the newest money in the bank participant kofi Kingston
Christian hits the killswitch but legal man was drew and he hits the finisher for the 1 2 3   
After the match drew grabs a ladder and sets it up to get the briefcase but all 9 men rush to the ring to knock him off
Beth pheonix vs vicky Match is turned into a 5 on 1 handicap match
Vicky gets the pinfal victory
after the match, Beth rips off vickys pants and Vicky is wearing excuse me underwear
Chris Jericho comes to the ring and talks about wrestlemania and how it's where dreams are born, careers are ended and how he will beat edge. He then goes on to say how edge has come back from injury after injury and has everything to beat him except DNA & how edge DNA is what has made him get injured time and time again  edge comes out and attacks goes for the spear but Jericho gets out of the ring and leaves his title edge picks it up and holds it in the air
R-Truth Vs, BigShow ends as a no contest
This seems to be the end of the show, I had difficulty adding the spoilers due to very bad english...w@yne
<a fan report>
Rey Mysterio opened the show and said he couldn't get the image of his crying daughter out of his mind. He said he doesn't want a normal match at WrestleMania. Rather, they are going with street fight rules for his match with C.M. Punk. However, Punk came out and said that if Rey touches him before WrestleMania, he won't get the street fight. If Mysterio beats Luke Gallows, the match is official. If not, he must join the Straight Edge Society at WrestleMania.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger defeated Matt Hardy and MVP. Ziggler got the pin with the Zig Zag, Ziggler pulled out a ladder and looked at the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Beth Phoenix and Tiffany defeated Michelle McCool and Layla. After the match, Vickie Guerrero came out demanded an apology from Beth, who then apologized, Vickie announced that she'll face Beth Phoenix in a match on next week's Smackdown. Vickie had so much heat you could barely hear what she was saying.

Edge came out for The Cutting Edge with Chris Jericho as his guest. Jericho came out with his NXT rookie Wade Barrett. After some good verbal sparring, Edge hit Jericho and cleared him from ring. Edge then hit Barrett with the spear. When he turned around, Jericho hit him with the Codebreaker. Jericho got on the mic and said the stupid spear line and stood over him with the belt.

John Morrison and R-Truth beat The Hart Dynasty. A squash with R-Truth winning via the corkscrew cross squash. The Harts are definitely getting buried,

Luke Gallows (w/C.M. Punk, Serena) defeated Rey Mysterio.
Punk distracted the ref while Serena knocked Rey off the ropes as he was going for the West Coast Pop. Rey went ballistic on Gallows and beat his ass at ringside. Punk slowly walked over and stood in front of Rey so he couldn't hit Gallows anymore, which played into the no fighting contact until wrestlemania stipulation. Hot segment. Rey came off hard here.

Undertaker defeated Drew McIntyre.
Taker chokeslammed him and then hit the Tombstone. He won in less than five minutes. As Taker was walking up the ramp, Shawn Michaels came out and tried to hit him with Sweet Chin Music. Taker avoided it and tried to hit the Tombstone, but Shawn reversed it and hit Sweet Chin Music to end the show.
<a fan report>

Rey Mysterio opens the show with La Familia. No pyro. CM Punk comes out and crashes the party He sets up a match against Rey at WrestleMania

* R-Truth b. The Miz
- Truth got the win with help from Daniel Bryan

* Drew McIntyre b. Aaron Bolo (Seattle Local)
to qualify for the Money in the Bank Match at WrestleMania

* Big Show b. John Morrison

* Backstage, Vickie Guerrero and Tiffany get into it. This sets up Tiffany vs. Michelle McCool

* Tiffany vs. Michelle McCool
- The match ends when Vickie runs in and attacks Tiffany. Beth Phoenix comes in and takes out Vickie

* The Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme
- Before the match gets started, Undertaker comes out of nowhere & takes everyone out.

* Kane vs. Luke Gallows
- The match ends in DQ when CM Punk interferes by attacking Kane. Rey Mysterio comes out for the save.

* Chris Jericho is in the ring and a highlight reel is shown. He calls out Edge and the two begin to exchange blows. Edge hits Jericho with a spear to end this week's SmackDown.

Dark Main Event:
* Edge b. Chris Jericho
<a fan report>

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