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picsay - Man Western

|.°.W@yne's.°.| ExTREME RULES, Results

Extreme Rules

The Fatal Four Way US Title match kicks off Extreme Rules, Champion Kofi Kingston DEFENDS the title against William Regal, Matt Hardy & MVP
Wayne's Note - What is Extreme about a Fatal Four Way Match??????
A very fast paced match with bodies flying everywere, every one has the match won at some point but KOFI KINGSTON is the one that gets the pin over William Regal to RETAIN the title.
BACKSTAGE: BigShow says he will embarrass Cena tonight and Cena can't apply the STF on him.
NEXT: Jericho's music hits, Jericho doesn't come out and appears on the screen, Jericho holds a Mysterio mask and says he's a coward that hides behind a worthless mask, Jericho makes his way through the crowd and Mysterio is introduced for this NO HOLDS BARRED,I.C Title Match
Match sees some rough action from both men on the outside of the ring, Jericho needs to brush up on his skills as it is clear to see him giving Mysterio instructions on what to do next!, during the match Jericho rips at the mask of Mysterio and CLEARLY reveals Mysterio's face!,
JERICHO WINS! Mysterio goes for 619 but Jericho grabs the mask of Mysterio which comes clean off Mysterio hits the ground covering his face Jericho pins Mysterio to become I.C Champion.
UP NEXT: CM Punk takes on Umaga in a SAMOAN STRAP MATCH,
WWE are using a VERY CHEAP graphic that lights up when a turnbuckle is touched, its slow too.
Back & fourth match with both men often hitting 3 turnbuckles but then getting hit with a big move to prevent the fourth from being touched, finally PUNK gets the win and hits all four corners of the ring
The triple threat HARDCORE MATCH is next with the ECW Champion defending against TOMMY DREAMER & Jack Swagger.
Dreamer pulls the best stunts in the match diving from the ring apron with a steel can,
DREAMER WINS, and is the NEW ECW champion after hitting the DDT on Jack Swagger
BACKSTAGE: Vickie is shown training for her match, which is NEXT.
Vickie makes the match an handicaped match & orders Chavo into the Hogpen, Santina & Chavo brawl in the slop/mud
Santina wins and is once again Ms Wrestlemania
Chavo & Vickie fall around and argue in the slop.
The Steel Cage match is next Randy Orton Vs, Batista.
Also Shown BACKSTAGE: Edge tells Vickie him & her are OVER and he's going to DIVORCE her,
Back to the Cage Match:

Orton tries to escape the cage as soon as the bell sounds as he scrambles to the top of the cage, Batista powerhouses Orton and also uses the cage as a weapon ramming Orton into the cage,
BATISTA WINS after hitting the Batista Bomb & is the NEW WWE Champion, in a rather quick match.
John Cena Vs, Bigshow is NEXT! In a SUBMISSION MATCH
Big Show TAPS out to the STF, Cena used the ropes to lock in the move
LADDER MATCH for the World Heavyweight Championship
Edge Defends the title against Jeff Hardy
The Ladders are used as weapons early in the match, Edge gets thrown over the top rope landing across a ladder, in the ring a ladder is set up in the corner of the ring Edge goes for the Spear but misses and hits the ladder, Edge applies the Sharpshooter while trapping Hardy inbetween a ladder, Edge climbs the ladder Hardy hits a dropkick to the ladder from the top rope sending Edge flying, a ladder is then destroyed as Hardy hits a suplex on Edge onto a ladder, Twist of fate follows, Hardy climbs the ladder but fails to get the title,
Hardy hits Whisper in the wind from top of a ladder,a ladder is set up from the ring apron to the crowd barrier both men fall onto the ladder which snaps on impact, Hardy grabs the title as Edge dangles inbetween the rungs of the ladder unable to move
WINNER and NEW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy
Hardy celebrates and out comes Mr M.I.T.B CM Punk who cashes in the briefcase, Punk hits the G.T.S 2 times on Hardy and gets the win to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

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