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AUGUST 23rd 2009

WWE Championship
© Randy Orton Vs, John Cena
At SummerSlam, WWE Champion Randy Orton attempted to slither past his opponent John Cena using all manner of tricks. And while many paths were blocked to Orton, it only took one odd opening for The Viper to sink his fangs deep into Cena, lay him out with an RKO and retain the WWE Title
First, the WWE Champion tried to get himself disqualified, realizing that the title cannot change hands due to a disqualification. Unfortunately for Orton, Mr. McMahon wouldn’t hear of it. The Viper was also willing to lose the match by count-out, a loss that would also not allow a title change. Mr. McMahon, however once again put his foot down
Realizing he must face Cena were he to keep his precious gold, Orton reluctantly climbed into the ring After the two engaged one another Cena appeared mere seconds from victory when an overzealous member of the WWE Universe charged the ring and accosted the referee. As security swarmed, The Viper took advantage of the distraction, quickly confronting Cena and administering a devastating RKO to pin his foe for the win
© Chris Jericho & BigShow Vs, Cryme Tyme
At SummerSlam, Unified Tag Team Champions Unified Tag Team Champions Chris over an ultra-tough Cryme Tyme onslaught, continuing to cement their seemingly unbeatable dominance amidst the tag team ranks of WWE
Though Cryme Tyme’s determination rivaled the very heat of the California sun, the awesome tag team powerhouse that is Jericho & Big Show ultimately showed why the glimmer of their golden union shines the brightest. In the culmination of this hard-fought match, things looked to be heading Cryme Tyme’s way, as Shad suddenly expelled Big Show from the ring, sending summertime shockwaves through the amazed WWE Universe. However, a golden celebration proved premature. After Walls of Jericho, The World’s Largest Athlete suddenly launched a stuttering knockout blow from outside the ring, giving his partner the monumental victory.
I.C Championship
© Rey Mysterio Vs, Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler pushed the veteran to the limit showing significant signs of improvement since their last title encounter. In fact, Ziggler was once even able to avoid getting hit by the champion’s signature maneuver – the 619 – something even the most wily veterans find tough to do So, who will make the next move? If Mysterio isn’t careful, could he get schooled by the student. Or, is Ziggler’s game still a work in progress, requiring more lessons?
T.L.C Match
©Jeff Hardy Vs, CM Punk
In the closing moments of the unforgettably bruta Tables, Ladders & Chairs main event a battered and bruised CM Punk knocked Jeff Hardy from the top of a 20-foot ladder and snatched the World Heavyweight Championship, winning the title and shocking the WWE Universe. winning the title and shocking the WWE Universe
But Punk’s celebration didn’t last long. Seconds after The Straightedge Superstar hugged his gold, the arena lights went out. When they came back on, Undertaker was in the center of the ring. Before Punk could react to what he was seeing, The Deadman grabbed him by the throat and viciously chokeslammed him to the mat, sending a clear and direct message to the new champion
This chokeslam was one of the many hard hits Punk suffered on Sunday night. In a harrowing Tables, Ladders& Chairs Match, the “Second City Saint” and Hardy put their bodies on the line and pushed each other to the physical limit. From career- threatening falls off 30-foot ladders to bone-jarring crashes through solid wood tables, the risks the Superstars in this match took left the WWE Universe speechless
ECW Championship
© Christian Vs, William Regal
– Christian’s win came in record time (eight seconds) at SummerSlam, as the ECW Champion hit an unsuspecting William Regal with the Killswitch to retain his Extreme gold. But Captain Charisma’s celebration was cut just as short when the merciless British Brawler and his associates, Ezekie the ECW Champion after the match
D.X Vs, Legacy
After an explosive entrance from D- Generation X that saw Triple H & Michaels ride out on a vintage tank Legacy entered the ring at SummerSlam, ready to benefit from the tutelage of Randy Orton. Putting every one of their mentor’s devious tricks to use, Rhodes & DiBiase made frequent tags, hoping to keep their opponents on the defense. But despite Legacy’s aggression and willingness to utilize every underhanded tactic at their disposal the less-experienced team was ultimately defeated when Michaels managed to “break it down” by delivering some devastating Sweet Chin Music to Rhodes
Even in defeat, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase have reason to celebrate as they accomplished a feat few tandems can boast of: Going toe-to- toe with D-Generation X, one of the premier tag teams in WWE history Though DX left SummerSlam victorious, Triple H & Shawn Michaels know that they now share Monday Night Raw with another force to be reckoned with: The Legacy. How long will it be before these two dominant factions collide once again?
Kane Vs, GREAT Khali
Kane’s diabolica ways worked to his advantage allowing The Big Red Monster to get the pin – and the victory – over The Great Khali. Khali and Kane traded barbaric blows heard throughout the sold-out STAPLES Center and the millions of WWE Universe members watching at home. Khali seemingly had Kane down for the count - until The Big Red Monster grabbed Khali's brother Ranjin Singh, and held him captive in the middle of the ring. Khali tried to aid his sibling, but ultimately, with the distraction, a low dropkick and a DDT gave Kane the mammoth win
Swagger Vs, MVP
Throughout the match, it looked like either man could walk away the winner at any moment, but when it all came down to it, MVP nailed Swagger with the Playmaker and took home the victory Tonight, the former United States Champion may have won the battle by getting the pin, but in the end who will win the war between Swagger and MVP?

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