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★W@yne's☆BRAGGING.RIGHTS - Results

WWE: Bragging Rights
25th October 2009
It is revealed that the Brand that wins most matches will win the BraggingRights Trophy.
The Miz Vs, John Morrison is the opening bout:
W@yne's notes: Morrison out wrestles Miz at the opening of the match, Miz uses dirty tactics to turn the match around, Miz goes to work on Morrisons back after hitting a sideslam, Miz & Morrison exchange kicks & punches in the centre of the ring, Morrison hits a corkscrew dive over the top rope onto Miz, Morrison goes for the finisher but Miz knocks him from the top rope & gets the cover!
Slow back & fourth match - RAW 1 SMACKDOWN 0

Smackdown DIVA'S Natalya, Beth Phoenix & Michelle McCool Vs, Raw DIVA'S Melina, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim
Beth pins Melina to win her team the match - Raw 1 Smackdown 1

BACKSTAGE: DX motivate Team RAW

World Heavyweight Championship - FATAL 4WAY
Champion The UnderTaker defends the title against CM Punk, Batista & Rey Mysterio
W@yne's notes: Punk & Mysterio battle on the outside while Taker & Batista battle in the ring, Taker hits old school on Batista, Punk Superplex's Taker from the top rope & Mysterio follows up with a spash from the top rope Batista hits spear on Taker & Mysterio then hits 619 on Taker then Batista nails Taker with a spine buster! Taker recovers & locks in Hells Gate on Batista, Punk breaks up the hold & is hit with the Last Ride, Taker then Chokeslams Batista, Batista reverses the Tombstone attempt & hits the Batista Bomb Mysterio breaks the 3count & Batista & Mysterio argue, Batista attacks Mysterio, Batista is NAILED with The TOMBSTONE
IN THE RING: Josh attempts an interview with Mysterio & Batista, Batista still not happy with Rey tells him he cost him his title & he's sick of Mysterio he says he's gunna wrip his head off he then attacks Mysterio

7 on 7 TagMatch
Smackdown Vs, Raw
BigShow turns on team Raw & Chokeslams Kofi Kingston allowing Jericho to get the win,
TEAM SMACKDOWN WIN & celebrate with the BraggingRights trophy

60 Minute ANYTHING GOES Iron Man Match
If CENA loses he must leave the RAW brand.
© Randy Orton Vs, John Cena
W@yne's notes: Orton taps out to the STFU within the first 5mins of the match, Jerry Lawler beleaves Orton tapped straight away to avoid being hurt early in the match, Orton hits an RKO @ the 10minute mark to score a pinfall as the match goes 1-1, On the Outside Orton hits Cena with a tv monitor Cena kicks out of the pinfall, Orton hits Cena with a mic & Cena again kicks out of the pin, Cena is cut on his head & a trainer attempts to close the wound but Cena doesn't allow the medical attention, WoW some blood :) !
Match goes 2-2 as Cena goes for Attitude Adjustment Orton hits RKO both men land with an arm on top of each over so the ref makes the 3count on both men, Cena is cleaned up by the trainer & his wound is glued shut & all blood wiped clean :(
Cena gets the next pin & goes 3-2 after an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope, Legacy then attack Cena,
Orton makes the cover & the match goes 3-3, Kofi Kingston chases away Legacy with a steel chair,
Match makes its way to the tec area & Orton slams Cena into the lights which throw out sparks, Orton gets the pin & the match goes 4-3, Orton finds the switch for the fireworks & Orton places Cena on the stage & sets off the fireworks Cena rolls out of the way,
Match goes 4-4 as Cena rolls up Orton in a small package, Orton hits a DDT on Cena from the ring apron to the floor & match goes 5-4 to Orton,
Orton makes a run through the crowd & Cena makes chase, Cena is back on top of the match, Cena throws Orton through the crowd barrier & then gets a straight shot to Orton with the steel steps, he then hits Attitude Adjustment on Orton through the announce table & the match goes 5-5 with 9minutes remaining, Cena sets up another table & lays Orton across it Orton rolls off the table & Cena crashes through it,
The referee is knocked out & Orton hits Cena with an RKO another referee comes out & Cena kicks out, Orton attacks the referee, Orton misses the Punt attemt & Cena locks in STFU Orton taps out & Cena wins the match as the time runs out.
WINNER & NEW Champion John Cena

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