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w@yne's EXTREME RULES results

Results by:
w@yne whittaker entertainment™
The arena is sold out with over 12 thousand fans, the opening contest is a STREET FIGHT
Triple H Vs, Sheamus
The action begins backstage as Sheamus is shown attacking HHH, they are seperated & HHH is left laying on the ground. Seems match didn't become official

Miz & BigShow make their way to the ring, Miz reminds everyone that Bret Hart didn't announce that ShoMiz are the Greatest tagteam in history, Miz says Bret will make the statement 2mrw night on RAW
Miz offers an open challenge, Teddy Long comes out & makes the following match
BigShow & Miz
In a tag gauntlet match
(If a team wins they get a future shot for the Unified Tag titles)
First opponents are
R-Truth & John Morrison
winners <ShoMiz>
Morrison has a chokehold on Show using the ropes & is DQ'd when he fails to break the hold
2nd opponents
Mark Henry & MVP
winners <ShoMiz>
BigShow hits the KO Punch
3rd opponents
Hart Dynasty
New #1 contenders
BACKSTAGE: Sheamus says he will go to the ring if HHH doesn't show up then Sheamus wins by Forfeit
CM Punk Vs, Rey Mysterio
(If Punk loses he will be shaved bald)
Back & fourth match, Punk has the advantage of having Serena & Gallows on the outside who get in cheap shots on Mysterio, Serena is caught trying to trip Mysterio & both her & Gallows are sent to the back, an unknown man who hides under the ring with a hud over his head attacks Mysterio, Punk hits GTS
winner <CM PUNK>
It isn't revealed who the mystery man under the ring is.
The strap match between JTG & Chad is next
winner <JTG>
Boring chants are heard for this match. & yes I agree its BORING
BACKSTAGE: A Triple H update is announced, they say he can't compete tonight
World Heavyweight Championship
© Jack Swagger Vs, Randy Orton
(Extreme Rules match)
Swagger rams Orton into the barrier on the outside & hits a suplex on the outside, back in the ring Swagger hits more suplex's on Orton, (fans chant we want weapons as no weapons have been used yet) Orton is thrown to the outside, Swagger gets a TrashCan but Orton takes it from him & hits him with it he then throws him into the steel steps, Orton stomps on Swaggers head whilst laid across the steps, Orton hits his DDT through the ropes, he then grabs a Chair & sets it up in the ring he goes for an RKO but Swagger reverses & Orton lands on the chair, Swagger then hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb
Still WH Champion
Sheamus makes his way out to the ring with his steel pipe that he hit HHH with backstage at the start of the show,
He calls out Triple H,
BACKSTAGE HHH is shown making his way to the ring with the trainer telling him not to go,
Match officially starts
Sheamus Vs, Triple H
They brawl on the outside with Sheamus being thrown into the barriers,steps & announce table, Sheamus gets the upper hand & starts to dominate HHH, Sheamus gets a nearfall after hittin HHH with the pipe, HHH hits Sheamus with a kendo stick across the back & to the head, huge red marks appear across the back of Sheamus, HHH goes for a pedigree but Sheamus reverses with a backbreaker, Sheamus hits his pump kick to HHH 4times
winner <SHEAMUS>
As Triple H is helped to the back Sheamus hits another pump kick, HHH leaves on a stretcher
WWE women's championship
EXTREME Makeover match
© Michelle McCool Vs, Beth Phoenix
McCool sprays hairspray in Beth's eyes & then hits her with an ironing board, McCool is thrown onto a table on the outside & hit with a mop bucket,
New Women's Champion
Edge Vs, Chris Jericho
Steel Cage Match
Jericho refuses to get in the cage & they brawl on the outside, they finally get both men in the cage & the match begins, Jericho tries to climb out & Edge grabs his trunks & fully exposes Jericho's ass, Edge takes control using the cage as a weapon he gets a 2count off an Impaler DDT, Jericho locks in Walls Of Jericho,
Jericho has the match won & leaves the cage & stands on the steps but he decided to re-enter the cage with a steel chair, Jericho misses the chair shot & Edge hits a Spear, Jericho kicks out, Both men end up on top of the cage with Jericho dangling over the top, Jericho is brought back in, Jericho hits Codebreaker from the top rope for a 2count,
Edge slams the cage door across Jericho's ankle & goes to work on the ankle,
winner <EDGE>
Edge hits a Spear for the win
WWE Championship
Last Man Standing
© John Cena Vs, Batista
Cena hits an AA onto a steel chair for a 9count,
Batista kicks Cena through a table set up in the corner of the ring for an 8 count
Cena gets thrown through the barrier for a 9count
Cena gets thrown through the barrier for an 9count
Batista sets up the steps nxt to the announce table but Cena uses them to hit the AA on Batista through the table for a 9.5 count
Batista hits a Spinebuster on Cena through a table in the ring for a 9 count
Cena locks in the STF, for a 9count, Cena then pulls Batista's legs inbetween the ringpost & he tapes his legs together Batista fights to free himself but is unable to beat the 10count
winner <JOHN CENA>
Still WWE Champion

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