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w@yne whittaker entertainment™
• • •
America the beautiful is sung by FANTASIA
• • •
The opening video is shown, looking at the history of Mania

The stadium is HUGE! With over 70 thousand fans in attendance!

Opening bout:
UNIFIED Tagteam championship
<C> Miz & BigShow Vs, R-Truth & John Morrison
BigShow shows off his power, Truth & Morrison use their speed to counter,
BigShow hits his KO punch on Morrison
WINNERS <Show & Miz>
Not a very long match, was a typical SMACKDOWN match

Cody Rhodes Vs, Ted Dibiase Vs, Randy Orton
As Orton makes his way out, Legacy talk strategy in the ring, match starts off & instantly becomes 2 on 1, Legacy pounce on Orton & beat him down, (orton is fan favourite!) Slow Double team action continues, dibiase goes for a pin, Cody pulls him off Orton & the two begin to brawl, Orton takes control of the match & takes out both men, Dibiase gets cut open, (ref gets out the rubber gloves) Orton hits a double DDT, Dibiase rolls outside, Orton Punts Cody
A cleaned up Dibiase gets back into the ring & is hit with an RKO

BACKSTAGE: Vickie Guerrero & a group of Diva's are shown, Vickie announces her FIRST ever Mania match will be tonight & Jillian Hall performs a song, some Mania comedy then follows

MITB Ladder Match
Christian Vs, Kane Vs, Dolph Ziggler Vs, Shelton Benjamen Vs, Jack Swagger Vs, MVP Vs, Matt Hardy Vs, Evan Bourne Vs, Drew McIntyre Vs, Kofi Kingston
(KANE comes out & has a black eye!)
Match begins & is chaos, soo much hapening theirs action all over the place!
Kane chokeslams Bourne over the top rope & whipes out some guys,
They try to take out Kane by hitting him with a ladder, he recovers & cleans house again,
3 ladders are introduced into the ring, Bourne is tosses off the top of a ladder by Hardy, Hardy is then thrown from a ladder by Swagger,
Kane comes back & whipes out some guys with a ladder, Kane climbs a ladded but is stopped by Ziggler
A ladder is torn into two by Kane! Kofi uses the two parts as stilts & attempts to get the case, Mcintye stops him & gets out a new ladder & goes for the case
Swagger was on top of the ladder unchallenged for AGES! No big spills in this match, most of the action centered around Kane, I have no idea were half the wrestlers were during the match they all vanished!

The 2010 HOF are presented

Triple H Vs, Sheamus
Sheamus backs HHH into the corner & talks trash, HHH slaps Sheamus across the face, HHH attacks the legs of Sheamus & locks in the Figure4, match spills outside & sheamus throws HHH into the steps, back in the ring Sheamus hits multiple back breakers, Sheamus continues to attack HHH's back & hits a running powerslam for a 2count, HHH comes back hitting a DDT followed by a neckbreaker, Sheamus reverses a Pedigree attempt & hits his pump kick, HHH kicks out at the 2count,
HHH hits Pedigree to get a clean pin, good match from Sheamus despite the loss

CM Punk Vs, Rey Mysterio
(If Mysterio loses he has to join the Straight Edge Society)
The intros take forever! The isle is so long,
Punk gets the early advantage thx to distractions from Serena & Gallows, Mysterio gets a 2count after hitting a DDT, He goes for 619 Punk blocks & goes for GTS Mysterio blocks & goes for a FrogSplash but misses,
Rey hits 619 for the win

Vince McMahon Vs, Bret Hart
Bret is out first, still wearing his street clothes & doesn't even give a fan his glasses lol, followed by Vince in his usual wrestling attire, Vince gives a promo on his way out & says Bret is about to be screwed!, the match is changed! & says Brets Family have now screwed Bret! The Hart Dynasty & other members of the Hart family will be Vince McMahon, SPECIAL LumberJacks! With Brets Son Bruce as Guest Referee!
Bret reveals its a double cross, & as Vince has already paid the Harts, they are NOT working for Vince! Bret goes to work on Vince,
The Hart Dynasty attack Vince, Vince grabs a crobar from under the ring & the Hart family back off, Bret gets the crobar & hits Vince with it, Bret hits lowblows on Vince, (match isn't up to much at all & crowd have gon dead)
Bret gets a chair & sits down in the ring! YAWN!, He finally gets up & hits Vince across the back with the chair repeatedly, (no head shots lol)
Bret pounds & pounds on Vince with the chair & finally locks in Sharpshooter
Via submission

72,219 is the official attendance of WRESTLEMANIA26

WORLD Heavyweight Championship
<C> Chris Jericho Vs, Edge
A slow start to the match, Jericho wears out Edge,
Edge hits a crossbody from the top rope, Jericho reverses the pin attempt & goes for Wall Of Jericho, Edge reverses,
Edge goes for Spear, Jericho counters & locks in walls of jericho, Edge hits an IMPALER DDT, Jericho kicks out, Jericho goes for a Spear but runs into a boot from Edge, Edge goes for Spear but Jericho hits a Codebreaker Edge kicks out,
Jericho stomps on the ankle of Edge & again locks in Walls Of Jericho,Edge gets to the rope & the hold is broken, they spill to the outside & Jericho grabs the title & hits Edge with it,
Jericho hits Codebreaker after the title shot to the head,
After the match Edge spears Jericho through the barrier outside the ring.

Diva action is NEXT - w@yne says its break time!

WWE Championship
<C> Batista Vs, John Cena
Theirs a show by some army guys b4 Cena comes out, which the crowd boo lol
Batista is aggresive going to work on Cena, Cena gets Batista up for an AA, Batista reverses with a nasty DDT, Batsita hits a spinebuster, Cena locks in the STFU batista gets the ropes, Batista hits a spear for a 2count,
Cena kicks out of a Batista Bomb, Batista kicks out of an AA, Cena goes up to the top rope Batista counters the move into a powerbomb, Cena rolls through & locks in the STFU
New WWE champion

The Streak Vs, The Career
Undertaker Vs, Shawn Michaels

Undertaker does the same entrance as last year & raises up from hell, He's wearing a NEW hooded Cape!
& the match is underway & HBK hits chops across the Undertakers Chest, Taker punishes HBK & goes for Old School,
Taker may have injured his knee, they brawl, HBK goes to work on Takers knee, On the outside Taker drives HBK's back into the ringpost & hits the VINTAGE legdrop on HBK,
Back in the ring: HBK locks in figure4, Taker reverses the hold, Taker hits a Chokeslam & HBK kicks out, HBK locks in an ankle lock, Taker battles out, Match spills outside the ring. Taker Tombstones HBK on the outside.
Medics come out to HBK & Taker knocks them away, Taker hits Last Ride but falls awkard & gets the worst of the move, HBK goes for the elbow from the top but Taker raises the knees to block the move, Taker locks in Hells Gate but HBK reverses

Taker kicks out of Sweet Chin Music, HBK goes for it again but its blocked, Taker hits a Last Ride but HBK kicks out, Taker throws HBK over the top rope, Taker prepares the announce table & attempts a Last Ride through it, HBK reverses & hits Sweet Chin Music, Taker is laid out on the table. HBK hits a moonsault from the toprope through the table,
Back in the ring HBK hits Sweet Chin Music & Taker kicks out!
Taker hits Chokeslam followed by the Tombstone, HBK kicks out! Taker stands above HBK & SHOUTS stay down, HBK mocks Taker & slaps him across the face. Taker hits TOMBSTONE
Fireworks erupt as Taker pulls HBK to his feet, they shake hands & hug.
Taker leaves HBK in the ring who is cheered by the fans as WRESTLEMANIA goes off-air

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