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6. How to pray your Salah

Correct Manner: Raising both hands upon entering the prayer
1- Raise hands to the shoulders, or parallel to ears in four places, as follows: upon entering the prayer, upon bowing in Ruku, upon getting up for the third Rakah of the prayer.

Where to place the hands while in prayer?
2- Hold the wrist of the left hand with the right hand.
3- Place the right palm on the left forearm.
4- Place the right palm over the left palm.

Incorrect Manner
5- Not raising the hands to the shoulders upon entering into a prayer.
6- raising the hands above the head upon saying Allahu Akbar.

Description of bowing
7- The head and back should be leveled, whilst placing both hands on the knee caps and separate between fingers.

Mistakes while performing Ruku, bowing
8- Not pending the back enough. Too little pending and a person is almost in the standing up position.
9- Exaggerating the bowing down position below the required level.

Falling to prostration
10- Fall down to the floor with both knees first, before placing the hands unless a person can not do this to illness, old disease or old age.

11- Prostrate on the seven prescribed parts of the body; (both feet – both knees – both hands stretched facing the Qiblah direction – both the forehead and the nose touching the floor.
a. Direct the toes in the Qiblah direction.
b. Make the thighs distant from the arms.
c. Direct the fingers of both hands in the Qiblah direction.
d. Do not place the forearms close to the sides of the body.

Prostration mistakes
12- Direct the toes to other than the Qiblah direction.
13- Playing with feet or raising them of the floor.
14- Placing the forearms, along with the palms on the floor. (This is similar to dog’s sitting position).
15- Not placing the entire palms firmly on the floor.

16- Sit between the two prostrations. Both hands, with fingers close together pointing towards Qiblah direction, are placed on the thighs.
17- Place the left foot beneath you. Keep the right foot in the upright position while toes are pointing towards Qiblah direction. Do the same during prostration as well as in the first sitting of Tashah-hud.
18- Placing both feet in the upright position and sitting on them.

How to sit for the final sitting in prayer
19- Sit on the left foot and let it protrude beneath the right let, while placing the right foot in the upright position and sitting fully on the floor.
20- Place both left and right feet pointing both to the right side of the body.

Mistakes while sitting
21- Placing both feet in the upright position and sitting between them.
22- Place the two feet on top of one another and sit on them.
While in the first sitting, the right hand is placed on the right thigh, while the little, next and middle fingers of the hand is closed, the middle finger and the them are made into a circle and move the index finger when saying the testimony phrase, while looking at the index finger.

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