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nice game

(Have you ever bumped into
some girl/guy that you have
fantasized on and hoping that
he/she has the same level of
libido as you? Well, this Quick
Sex Stories are all about two random individuals, met at a
random place and had their
quick random sexperiences. No
questions asked. No holds
barred. No strings attached. Just
pure lust!) --------------------------------------------------------- It was 8PM in the evening and
Michelle, a 21 year old sales
agent, was readying to watch a
basketball league game, bring
held in their village. It was the
final championship game between two rival teams and
she decided to go down there
and experience the thrill of it.
Michelle wore comfortable
clothes – a white thin sando
with a printed cartoon character in front, “pekpek”
maong shorts and underneath
it were black/green lace undies.
The night was hot and so was
she. This young woman is indeed
pretty. 34-26-26 body with a
typical height and weight of a
woman. White complexion.
Long almond-highlighted hair.
Chinita. And a typical girl next door aura. Very rare that she
comes out of the house,
though. Only when it's Simbang
Gabi or if she has time for a
quick jog. And because of that,
the boys were so curious of this beautiful mysterious girl.
Getting their eyes glued to her
for about a minute would
already give them orgasmic
feelings. Few minutes after, Michelle
started walking down the main
road, towards the covered
court. It's only a 5-10 minutes
walk, so she didn't mind some
exercise. On the way there, some boys saw her walking
down the street. Some has
attempted to say “Hi”, but this
peevish-looking woman
doesn't give them a chance by
any how. Her eyes were just dead straight. When she got there, a lot of
people were at the front gate of
the covered court. Michelle was
having a hard time sneaking
her self in, as most of it were
guys, with bulky, chubby bodies. But somehow, she had
the luck when someone
shouted to the crowd and told
them to let her pass. The wall of
men suddenly parted in the
middle and let the lady pass through with ease. Eyes were
locked on her as she passed by
the huge crowd. Some were
murmuring. Some were silent.
But majority was buzzing
about this pretty chick. Michelle stood in one corner
and looked at the scoreboard.
The game was already
underway and it was the
second quarter. Team A, with
blue-colored jerseys were leading by double digits. Team
B, with yellow-colored jerseys
were catching up and was
having a hard time. And it was
because of Team A's MVP, a guy
wearing number 8 on his back, who was leading all the points,
rebounds and assists in that
game. Basically, he was single-
handedly destroying the
opposing team. The MVP might have the skills
and talent in basketball, but not
so-good-looking in any way. He
is the total opposite of a dream
boy. Dark complexion. Thin.
Lousy curly hair. Even his basketball shorts were out of
fashion, as it's so short. The
only good characteristics he has
is his height. But somehow,
Michelle has set her eyes on
him. She was watching his every rebound, every shot,
every pass, every damn move
of the MVP. Basically, she was
astonished. Amazed on the
great talent number 8 has.
Hence, she was really interested. Deeply interested on
him. At one point, after number 8
has made a field goal, amidst
the noise inside the court, she
shouted very loudly to call his
attention. The guy briefly
searched for the voice but couldn't locate where it came
from. So, Michelle weaved her
way to multiple people so she
could come closer to number 8's
team bench. Few moments
later, she was already beside the MVP's teammates,
watching from the sidelines. And when the buzzer sounded,
signaling that the opposing
team has used a timeout,
Michelle called the guy's
attention again... “Number 8!”, she voiced out. “Hi!”, the guy briefly greeted
her. “Ang galing mo ah!”, as she
winked at him. “Thank you!”, after sipping
from the water bottle that he
was holding. “Usap tayo later at halftime.”,
the girl told. “Sure!”, MVP was all smiles. After few more seconds, the
buzzer went off again. Number
8 quickly came back on the
wooden court and was greeted
with teases and smiles from his
teammates. They were all jealous that the mysterious
pretty girl has given her time to
talk with the MVP. He couldn't
hide his delight, as number 8
was playing more lively than
earlier. He made more basket, almost
taking all responsibilities of the
team on his back. A one-man
show was being portrayed. And
it was actually favoring them.
Their lead stayed on double digits, even going up to 20
points. Then, few minutes after,
the buzzer was heard again. It
was halftime. MVP hurriedly
back to the bench and
approached the waiting girl. “Hello! So, ano pala pag-
uusapan natin?”, he asked. “Hm, can we go out for a
while?”, Michelle replied. “Sure! May 10 minutes pa
naman eh, bago mag 2nd half.”,
number 8 said. “Ok, great! Let's go!”, she then
grabbed the guy's hand and
guided him out of the covered
court. When they were outside,
Michelle told number 8 to
follow her around the court.
They walked a small path and
carefully stepped on un-paved
walkway, until they've reached the backside of the gym. There
was minimal light and around
them were tall bushes of grass.
They both stayed near the
hallow-blocked wall of the
covered court, where the MVP was clueless on the girl's
intentions. “Anong gagawin natin dito?”,
the guy asked. Michelle didn't respond. After
double-checking the area, to
see if it's clear of people, she
suddenly knelt in front of
number 8 and was pulling his
basketball shorts down. It was tightly knotted, so she was
having a hard time to do so. “Wait lang! Anong gagawin
mo?!”, MVP was surprised. “Ano sa tingin mo? Now, help
me pull it down!”, she
demanded. The guy just followed what she
asked and undid the tie of his
shorts. Michelle then quickly
stretch the shorts down,
together with the guy's briefs.
A sleeping cock was exposed on her face. She then began
waking it up by holding the
body and sucking its helmet. In
seconds, the MVP's dick has
erected. “Wow!”, number 8 couldn't
believe it. Michelle continued with the
naughty deed. Her mouth
began devouring the guy's
manhood, completely. She was
deep-throating the hell of the
guy's thing. While doing it, her tongue was swirling around
the tickle parts of its helmet,
giving number 8 a rolling eyes
of delightfulness! He held the
girl's head, as she started
putting the cock in and out of her mouth. “Oh! Shit!”, the guy was griping. The horny girl dove downwards
and began licking, sucking
number 8's sacks. His hand was
stroking the shaft, toying the
tip and its opening. The man
was already having a pre-cum. Afterwards, Michelle came back
on eating the MVP's dick. She
was loving it. Hence, her pussy
was starting to get wet and
having moist around it. Few moments after, Michelle
stood up, unbuttoned his
maong shorts, walked towards
the wall, pulled her
undergarments down, leaned
her hands and arched her butt. “Fuck me!”, as she ordered. Number 8 immediately came
closer, stuck his dick through
the woman's entrance then
gently, surely, willingly,
thrusted his dick inside. His
hands held Michelle's hips as he began fucking her. The
movement started slow but got
quickened after a few minutes.
He was filling the hot, tight
cunt of the mysterious girl,
everybody was talking about. Michelle was feeling the cock of
the most talented and skillful
basketball player in their place.
They were both winning at that
point. And then, the buzzer sounded.
The 3rd quarter was about to
start... “Bilisan mo! We don't have
enough time!”, Michelle told the
guy. The MVP drilled his cock deeper,
harder, faster. His pelvic bones
were banging soundly on the
woman's butt. Number 8
leaned forward and grabbed
Michelle's tits through its sando and bra. She still felt the guy's
huge hands, as it began
fondling away. The guy inched
his head closer to the girl and
tried kissing him on the lips but
Michelle didn't want to. “Fuck me na lang!”, she firmly
said. “Ugh! Malapit na ako!”, the guy
suddenly felt it. “Go lang! I am safe...”, she gave
the green light. After few pumps, MVP had his
climax. “AAAAHHHH!!
TANGINAAAHHH!!”, as he jizzed
inside Michelle's womb. She felt the warmth, the
gooeyness, the bucket-full of it.
But the girl didn't mind
everything. Michelle has done
what she wanted to do.
Number 8 was catching his breath. Almost collapsed on
Michelle's back because of the
extreme sensation he had. But
he knows, there was no time to
rest as he needed to go back to
the game. He pulled his dick out then
hiked his briefs and shorts.
Michelle did the same. They
both walked around and back
to the covered court. The girl let
him in first so people wouldn't have dirty thoughts in their
minds. Number 8 quickly ran
towards his bench and
apologize to his coach for being
late. Michelle stood in one
corner and commenced on watching. The game went on and number
8 was put back into it after a
short substitution. Then, as
great as what the MVP has
started, it was the opposite in
the second half. His shots were not falling down anymore. Miss
after miss, he was getting
frustrated at himself. Team B
has caught up to their deficit
and was actually only a few
points behind in the start of the final quarter. Number 8 was feeling weak
after the quickie he had. He was
always thirsty and looked very
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