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aura part4(long)

General Colours

Purple - Spiritual attainment, divine connection, mystical understanding, cosmic consciousness.

Indigo - Inspired thought or deep wisdom. Can show spirituality and devotional nature. Artistic and harmonious with nature. Self-mastery.

Blue - Strong mental powers, intelligence, logical thinking. Clear blue shows intuitive capabilities; ´out of the blue.´ Dark shades show over analytic, suspicious nature or visionary mentality.

Green- Balance, harmony, healing, the calming force. Clear green shows adaptability, versatility. Dark shades are deceitful, jealous; ´green with envy.´

Yellow - Love and kindness, compassion, optimism; ´breath of life.´ Dark, lifeless yellow shows suspicion, covetousness.

Orange - Energy and health, physical vitality, dynamic force. Pride can result from an excess of orange in the aura. Dark or cloudy orange shows low intellect.

Red - Physical life, vitality, ambition, sexual power. Dark or cloudy red shows violent or passionate tendencies; ´red with rage.´

Other Colours

Scarlet - Lust, lower passions, materialism.

Rose Pink - Selfless love, gentleness, modesty.

Brown - Avarice, selfishness.

Gold - Higher self, good qualities, harmony.

Silver .- Versatility, High energy, constant change.

Gray - Depression, low energy, fear.

Black - Sinister, malice, evil intent.

Love Colours:

Reds usually love sex. For them it´s a hearty, wanton, playful, and joyful physical release. Reds don´t necessarily need to be in love to enjoy sex, since sheer physical pleasure is the most important thing. They are passionate lovers and are not afraid to fully experience their sexuality and turn their fantasies into reality! Red signifies high energy, physical and emotional driver. If you want to have an exciting fling with a partner who takes control, choose red.

Orange needs space. If you´re consumed in your career or need a lot of time for yourself, choose a partner with a lot of orange in his or her aura. An orange is fun when s/he is around, loves adventurous, high-energy sex like a red, but an orange will not be too demanding. People with orange auras are usually extremely creative, independent, often athletic, and frequently need to take off on some high adventure or jump full-bore into a creative project to test their limits. An orange might ask you to go sky diving or bungee jumping.

Yellows love to sit around and discuss, theorize and analyze. You´ll often find them hanging out in bohemian cafes, huddled around steaming espressos - enthusiastically debating how to solve the worlds problems. To them, life is one great mental riddle that can be solved in a logical and systematic manner. Innately curious, a yellow is always asking questions. Like Star Trek´s Mr. Spock, a yellow´s approach to life is primarily mental and cerebral. A yellow would probably rather discuss your political views on a first date than ravish your body. If you are turned on by intelligence, quick wit, and an optimistic attitude about life, go with Mr. or Ms. Yellow.

Greens come from the heart, and their generosity and compassion know no limits. They are often innately caring and want to heal the world. Greens can be doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists, and social workers. They want to serve and make the world a better place to live in. Greens make tender, loyal, caring lovers, as much concerned with your pleasures as with theirs. They also tend to love children and animals, enjoy domesticity and family life. Greens can also be ambitious - striving to reach the top of their field. Not only kind, this person is often financially well off.

Blues are sensitive. They have a great depth of feeling and crave intimacy and meaningful communication. They are often thoughtful and introspective. Blues are not usually materialistic: a rich, spiritual, contemplative, and creative life is more important to them than monetary wealth. Above all, blues wish to be in loving, supportive relationships to which they can generously give and reveal themselves. With blues, love and sex go hand in hand. If you want to be with somebody who is true and emotionally there for you, choose a blue.

Expect the unexpected with a purple! These fascinating nonconformists live in the wonderful, wild worlds of their unlimited imaginations. Often purples would rather daydream and fantasize about sex rather than actually do it. Fantasy and role playing are not out of the question for a purple. Purples, who tend toward passivity, usually enjoy physical intimacy only after they feel safe and trust a caring partner. If you want to take the lead in a relationship and explore your fantasies, then purple may be for you.

This vibrant colour sometimes appears in a particular part of the aura or may colour the entire field. I don´t define this colour as a category, but rather as a sign which indicates the person is falling in love, or about to. Fuchsia pink also represents universal or unconditional love. Often, people who are very close and spend a lot of time together will ´match energy´ and their auras will look almost identical. Their energy fields vibrate to the same frequency, and are in balance. Partners in such relationship will feel very comfortable and in harmony with one another. The energy of love also vibrates at a very high frequency rate. When one is in love the aura expands and intensifies its colour and brilliancy. Isn´t it always easy to tell when someone is in love? Their whole being seems to sparkle and shine, and they look more alive. You´re actually noticing and responding to their extra vibration.

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