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Stress. Those words that has n, s or a wovel at the end are stressed at the syllable in the second position from the back while words ending with consonant have their stressing at the end. Other than those have got the sign of graphical stress.
Spanish for Renata and others.
The function of differenciating the words with the same spelling is also present as stress. Fu-ma, po-nen, po-ne-mos. Ca-nal, ca-pi-tal. Mi (my) -m_i (me), te (You) obj. direct - t_e (tea).
Male gender has the inflection -o, and a consonant; female -a.
Prepositional phrase with en shows the place of action. En Uf_a. As for usual word order in the sentance, it´s like that: Subject - predicate - others. El vive en Anapa.
H doesn´t give any sound.
N standing before m, b, p, f is changed into M.
There are soft N with the sign ~ above it and soft couple of ll in Spanish.
No is put before the predicate. Ana no fuma. In case of interrogation the order changes: predicate - subject.
Qu is put before wovels e, i and y for reading K.
The sound r is very rich before n, l, s and at the beginning of the word as well as in case of dubbling.
Grammer cue.
Personal pronouns are often omitted. Yo, t_u, _el, ella, (2) usted, nosotros, nosotras, vosotros, vosotras, ellos, ellas, (2) ustedes.
Ser - to be (minus Haxogumbcja). Singular: 1. Soy 2. Eres 3. Es Plural 1. Somos 2. Sois 3. Son The indefinite article isn´t put before words of occupations. Eres alumno. El es obrero.
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