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America is finally waking up!?

We were also just ??? Days
removed from an extremely
embarrassing and controversial
doctored electronic birth certificate which had been boldly uploaded to as supposed
“proof” that Soetoro was
indeed an American-born
citizen. This poorly synthesized birth certificate, missing seal and apparent Photoshop hack-
job disaster, was building up to
be Watergate to the tenth
power; a full-on disaster for
Obama. The White House
needed something to distract Americans while they can spin
off the birth certificate
disaster (through the use of
blogger site shills) as special
scanner creation anomalies. There we all were, that Sunday night and Monday morning; all subjected to the mass media kangaroo 24/7 hysteria coverage of the supposed Bin Laden capture, killing, body wrapping, body-sea-disposal and zero hard evidence because it was deemed “too graphic” for the public to view. Then the media got caught in piles of lies as usual, circulating
phony pictures of Bin Laden. Then there was the phony TV watching video of a man who was supposed to be Bin Laden with a funny looking sheet over his body watching Bin Laden on some weird bad reception 1970s-era TV. Then neighbors in Pakistan all come out confirming the man in the video is another man who lives there who is not Bin Laden. Then the phony laughable White House ‘politicians around the TV’ photos get released by the government mouthpieces, and on and on. Within a matter of days I
posted an article on a blog site
begging anyone to post one
tiny piece of hard evidence that
Bin Laden death was real. As
they did during the 9/11 globalist terrorist attacks, they promised to release the
evidence of the Bin Laden
death, but sadly here we are
over a year and half later and the evidence never came. America had been duped, yet
again, with another Sandy
shooting-style wild
mainstream media tale that goes something like this: ‘we
are telling you it happened this
way so just shut up, believe it
and don’t ask any logical or
critical questions’. I’m thinking
to myself, here comes another round of ‘here’s to the stupid
people and here’s to the global
government phony version of
history – everyone else with a
useful brain please stay out of
the conversation.’ In response to the hoax, we did
nonetheless receive confirmed
testimonies from a very high-
ranking inside source interview
with alternative media that Bin
Laden had apparently died years earlier as he was dying
from both Marfan’s syndrome and severe kidney disease
requiring dialysis. As a
medically trained individual
myself I thought, why that
makes sense that a man with a
severely life-shortening disease and end-stage renal
disease requiring dialysis
would be fighting the world’s
most powerful military in
history 10 years later while
surviving on his own and outsmarting the worlds most
sophisticated intelligence agency. Video also surfaced online of the Prime minister of Pakistan years earlier confirming Bin Laden’s death. We learned that Bin Laden’s body had been put on ice for years to be used for future political ploy. The time to use this political ploy had apparently come. Talk about things that make sense… But even with a dead man on
ice the globalists couldn’t put
together a decent hoax. They
stumbled on their faces
changing their story over and
over again. You could hear intelligent and astute
Americans and people all over
the world laughing at the new world order monkeys. The Obama administration- mainstream media tag-team
still struggled to keep the hoax
together, but they knew they
could at least fool some of the
people all the time. Eventually, weeks had gone by, SEAL Team 6 now completely
and conveniently eliminated as is always the case when the
useless globalist eaters
perform their false-flags; key
individuals involved in the
false-flag must always be
killed. There we were again, in the
middle of another false-flag;
the usual lies, the usual
accidental deaths, the usual
politicians and pundits on TV
repeating the lies, the usual contradiction of common
sense, science, physics and
reason; the usual demonization
of the intuitive people who, of
course, don’t believe the tale.
What the globalist monkeys of evil had not realized is that
Americans were getting better
and better at detecting these
false-flags and for the first
time in my life, I captured,
caught and identified my first false-flag in real-time. I was
excited yet concerned at the
same time. I asked people at
the street level (to sort of do
my own consensus) whether
they believed the mainstream media version of this story; and
sure enough more than half the
people I randomly asked,
understood that the Bin Laden
story was just another
government-media sponsored hoax. I felt better as I told
myself, America is finally
waking up!

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