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How the Controllers Use...Part 3

Controlling the US monetary system is essential for them to achieve their dark agendas because they can use it to steal real wealth from Americans and buy off their politicians and companies. To steal real wealth from Americans, they assign each American a social security number and force them to pay income tax which is against the Constitution. They have done such a great job of stealing American’s money that they got away with $15 plus trillions. To make matters worse, they enslave Americans through debt with their fractional reserve banking system. This system is what gives them the financial power to control the economy of the world. Each time the Controllers print
money to the US government,
the fiat money is given to the
US government as a loan plus
interest. This is no different
than borrowing money from a foreign country. It is important
to know that most of the
money exchange is done
electronically. Another popular
method that the Controllers use
to steal real wealth from the American people is inflation
which is nothing more than a
hidden tax. For a detailed
explanation why inflation is a
hidden tax, please read this shocking article. Many of the people who are in
charge of the plan to overthrow
the US government are part of
controlling factions of secret
societies. It is important to
know that not all people in secret societies are bad. The
good people in secret societies
cannot conveniently leave their
secret groups because it can
cost their lives. According to Dean Henderson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Ethan Allen,
Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry,
John Brown, and Roger
Sherman were all part of a
secret society known as the
Freemasons. The Freemasons is like a subgroup of the most
powerful secret society of all,
the Illuminati. The Illuminati
has been around since the
Sumerians and beyond. The malicious faction of the
Illuminati is responsible for
distorting many of the original
teachings of Jesheua, also
known as Jesus. Many of the
“holy books” found in modern religion were written by
certain people who were part
of secret societies or
associated with them. This is
why the biblical story of the
birth of Jesheua is all based on astrology. In other words,
December 25th is not the birth
of the “son” of God but the
birth of the “sun” of God that
rises in the East and sets in the
West. As the winter solstice
approaches from the Northern Hemisphere, the days become shorter and shorter until it
reaches the shortest day of the
year. Depending where you live
on the planet, the shortest day
of the year occurs on December
21st or 22nd. On this day the sun stops moving south for
three days. Some ancient civilizations saw this as the analogy of the sun being dead
for three days. On December
25th, the sun moves one
degree north; therefore, it is
said that the sun is reborn on
this date. This one degree movement of the sun is very
subtle but can be measured
with very sensitive equipment. I know the idea of the birth of
Jesheua being a hoax may
anger a lot of Christians, but if
Christians want to truly achieve
salvation, they must learn why
the Controllers distorted Jesheua’s teachings so that
they can separate the truths
from the lies. We, the people of
the world, need to understand
that the same groups of people
who gave us our modern banking system are the same
groups of people who gave us
modern religion.

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