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~<>F@#king ASSHOLE!!!<>~

Get ready to laff ur ass off...
It's 7:30 in the morning and the DJ @ WTF69 radio station is giving away a trip for two to Las Vegas.
DJ: "Hey, we have a caller on the phone...what's your name?"
Caller: "Jeff".
DJ: Hi Jeff, you know how this contest works, right?...I ask you 3 questions & if your answers match your wife's...both of you win the trip for two to Vegas. All expenses paid! It's that easy!"
Jeff: "uhm...ok."
DJ: "Ok, then Jeff, let's start...first question: when was the last time you & your wife DID it?" (Laughter on the background)
Jeff: "Well, don't you think that's kind of personal?"
DJ: "C'mon now,'s a trip for two to Vegas."
Jeff: "Ok, well, uhm...this morning at around 5:30 am."
DJ: "That wasn't so hard now wasn't it? I mean, the question, Jeff..." (Laughter on background)
DJ: "Ok now, 2nd question: how long DID it last? I mean, the SEX, Jeff..."
Jeff: "Well, it was more like a QUICKIE. Probably about 10 minutes."
DJ: "Hmm, ok...not bad. Now here's your 3rd question: where did u guys DO it?"
Jeff: "In the kitchen, on the kitchen table..."
DJ: "Awrighty then...that's what i'm talking about! Jeff, you're a bad boy. You deserved to be spanked...& i meant that in a good way." (Laughter on the background)
DJ: "Alright, so what are we waiting for? Let's call the misis & see what she has to say."
Jeff: "I don't think she's gonna like this..."
(Phone ringing)
Caller2: "Hello?"
DJ: "Yes ma'am, is this Jeff's wife?"
Caller2: 'Yes, it is. Who is this?!' (puzzled)
DJ: 'This is WTF69, & you are on the air right now, so is your husband, Jeff. The two of you are on a brink away from winning a trip for two to Vegas.
If 3 of your answers match Jeff's, you WIN! It's as easy as that! By the way, what is your name?'
Caller 2: 'Eva...'
Eva: 'Jeff, what have you gotten me into?!' (Laughter on the background)
Jeff: 'Sorry honey, but its a trip for two to Vegas. Just answer his questions to the best of your ability, okay?'
Eva: 'Ok, if you say so.'
DJ: 'Ok, Eva, are you ready? Here is your 1st question: When was the last time, you & Jeff DID it?'
Eva: 'That question is just too personal. Jeff, what is this?!'
Jeff: 'Sorry honey, just answer his question please?'
Eva: (Taking a deep breath) 'Ok, this morning. At around 5:30am.'
Jeff: 'Yesss...'
DJ: 'Ok, Eva. The two of you are doing good so far. Here is your 2nd question: How long did the sex last?'
Eva: 'Uhm, i dunno. Maybe 6 to 7 minutes?!'
DJ: 'Close enough. Jeff said 10 minutes, maybe he just said that to boost his male ego? Ok, if you answer this correctly, the two of you are going to Vegas! Where did you guys do it?'
Eva: 'Uhm, do i really need to answer that? Cuz i think...Jeff?!...did you tell them THAT too?!!!'
Jeff: 'C'mon, honey. This is the last one. A trip for two to Vegas, remember? I love you...'
DJ: 'Aww, that's so sweet of you, Jeff, but let's get back to Eva. So where did u guys DO it, Eva?' (Drum-roll on the background)
Eva: (Taking a deep breath) ok, here it goes...
Eva: ' the ASS.'
(Deafening silence follows) -FIN-
Just in case you're wondering, they won the trip to Vegas.

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