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Smackdown 23/3 Full Results

Daniel Bryan comes out with AJ and he says he could talk about himself all night, but he wants to put AJ on the spot and asks her to tell everyone about their relationship. AJ starts talking about her match tonight so he cuts her off and tells her to answer the question, and she says it is like heaven and he has soft lips. She says they spoon at night and calls him Danny, but he stops and says they agreed she wouldn't call him that in public. AJ talks about being a vegan and how he takes care of himself, then she says he makes her feel safe and she enjoys cuddling. Bryan whispers in her ear and she says that is a little personal, but reluctantly says that he is a great lover. He asks her about Wrestlemania, and she says he will make Sheamus tap out and continue on his path of greatness.

Bryan asks for a round of applause for both of them, then he yells YES over and over until Sheamus comes down to the ring and says she just threw up in his mouth. Sheamus asks if AJ really thinks her boyfriend is brave, because he thinks he is a coward and Bryan's lips might be soft, but he won't go there. He says it's funny that he doesn't like being called 'Danny', and Bryan corrects him but the fans start a 'Danny' chant and Sheamus says it's a great name. Sheamus tells him he might not like being called that, but he won't like being called a former World Champion either. He says he is going to kick Bryan's teeth down his throat, then he points at the Wrestlemania sign and backs up the ramp.
Mark Henry vs R-Truth

Truth punches Henry a few times but gets shoved down, then Henry punches him in the back and clotheslines him coming off the ropes. Henry throws him outside and presses his head on the ring steps, then he rolls him inside and stomps him before making a cover for a two count. Truth rolls out of the way of an elbow drop and hits a dropkick, then he goes up top but Henry catches him and hits a World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner - Mark Henry
Team Teddy is shown watching Zack Ryder's rally from RAW, then Zack walks in and Teddy says he liked it, but he isn't sure he wants Zack's business with Eve distracting his team. Zack says he has a surprise and Hornswoggle runs in with a flag, and Teddy says he likes that but he still isn't sure. Zack brings in his big surprise, which is Great Khali wearing a bunch of Broski merchandise, so Teddy asks if Khali is serious. Khali says 'woo woo woo' and Teddy says they are all on the team, and everyone carries on and celebrates as we go to a break.

AJ (w/ Daniel Bryan) vs Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella)

Brie slams AJ's head on the mat and follows it with a headlock but AJ shoves her into the ropes so Brie stomps AJ and gets a near fall. Brie tells the ref to count faster then hits AJ and puts her in a seated crossface, but AJ kicks her to break the hold. AJ runs the ropes then applies a modified LeBell Lock, then Nikki jumps on the apron to cause a distraction. Bryan runs over and tries to back her off, then AJ ducks a forearm shot by Brie and rolls her up for the win. Bryan runs around the ring like he won the match, then he tells AJ she needs to listen to him and use her speed while they walk up the ramp. Nikki takes the mic and says she is split with her sister about Wrestlemania, because she is rooting for Team Teddy while Brie is cheering for Team Johnny. She starts a Teddy chant and says 'that's right', then she leaves with her sister and plays to the crowd while Brie holds her head.

Winner - AJ

Jack Swagger (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs Zack Ryder (w/ Hornswoggle)

Zack applies a headlock and takes Swagger to the mat, but Swagger rolls through and applies a wristlock then whips Zack into the ropes. Zack comes back with a dropkick but Swagger whips him into the corner and hits a spinning powerslam, then he picks Zack up and throws him in the corner. Swagger gets pulled back by the ref but he brings Zack down with an armdrag and works on his arm until Zack gets back to his feet. He throws backdrops Zack onto the apron but Zack comes back in and kicks him in the face then follows it with a facebuster and a flying forearm. Zack hits a Broski Boot and gets a two count, then he calls for a Rough Ryder but Swagger counters it with a powerbomb onto the turnbuckles. He hits a Swagger Bomb for a two count then gets distracted by Hornswoggle chasing Vickie around the ring, and Zack hits a Rough Ryder for the win.

Winner - Zack Ryder

Matt Striker is shown catching up with Cody Rhodes earlier in the day, and Cody says he has enjoyed showing all of the Big Show's most embarrassing moments. He says it's fun because it is Big Show choking like he always does, and it is appropriate that Wrestlemania is on April 1st. Cody says it is April Fools Day and Big Show is the biggest fool in WWE, so he will embarrass him one more time then tells Striker he has a plane to catch.

Big Show vs Kane

Kane punches Show a few times and runs at him in the corner, but Show knocks him down so Kane rolls outside but Show follows him outside. Kane hits him and rolls inside, then he dropkicks Show and applies a rear choke but Show makes it to his feet and flips Kane over his shoulder. Show runs the ropes and dives at Kane, but they clothesline each other so the ref starts a ten count, but they both get up and go punch for punch. Show whips Kane into the corner and hits a shoulder block, then he calls for a chokeslam but Kane counters with a DDT for a two count. Kane goes up top and leaps off, but Show catches him on the way down and chokeslams him, then Cody Rhodes runs in from the crowd and causes a disqualification. Show chases him through the crowd and knocks over a fan, then Randy Orton comes from underneath the ring and surprises Kane with a RKO.

Winner (by disqualification) - Big Show

Heath Slater vs Brodus Clay

Brodus shoves Slater on the mat and shakes his hips, then Brodus punches him and hits an elbow drop, but Slater counters an Irish whip with a kick to the face. He hits Brodus again and goes for a pin, but Brodus kicks out at two then headbutts Slater and punches him in the stomach. Brodus connects with a knee lift, then follows it with a T-Bone suplex and the Funk It splash for the win.

Winner - Brodus Clay

Zack Ryder sees Eve in the hallway and he says he can't believe he is going to Wrestlemania, but she corrects him and says they both are going. He says she is so beautiful, and she takes it the wrong way and says he must think she is only beautiful without any brains. Zack tries to reason with her and says that isn't what he meant, but she says he should think about their dinner plans. She says he doesn't have to go with her and she will find someone else, then Zack looks upset while she walks away but she ends up with a mischievous smile on her face.

The Great Khali (w/ Teddy Long) vs Dolph Ziggler (w/ John Laurinaitis & David Otunga)

Khali tries to lock up but Dolph ducks under him and showboats a bit, but Khali turns around and hits him in the back of the head and Dolph rolls out to the floor. He gets on the apron and Khali hiptosses him back in, then he chops Dolph in the corner but Dolph comes back with a dropkick to the knees. Dolph applies a front facelock but Khali gets to his feet and throws him across the ring, then he follows it by setting up for a chop. Dolph ducks it and applies a sleeperhold, then John immediately calls for the bell and declares Dolph as the winner. Teddy says they won't end things like that and Dolph has until ten to get back in or he loses, but Dolph just stands on the ramp and gets counted out. Teddy names Khali the winner, then Kofi and Santino run out and throw Dolph in the ring and Khali chops him and stares at John and Otunga on the ramp.

Winner - The Great Khali

Miz & Daniel Bryan (w/ AJ) vs CM Punk & Sheamus

Sheamus clotheslines Miz then he tags in Punk, who hits a top rope clothesline and follows it up by whipping Miz off the ropes and Sheamus connects with a Battering Ram. He follows it with an Irish Curse and goes for a pin, but Bryan breaks it up so Sheamus hiptosses him in the ring. They end up outside and Bryan whips Sheamus into the side of the ring and taunts the fans as we go to a commercial. When we return, Punk drops Miz with some clotheslines then he connects with a running knee smash and a bulldog, then goes up top but Bryan distracts him. Miz gets a near fall then he tags Bryan, and Bryan hits a few kneedrops before putting Punk in an abdominal stretch.

Bryan hits a kneelift when Punk tries to escape, then Miz tags in and hits a kneelift for a two count. Punk fights out of a headlock and goes for a GTS, and Miz slides out and tries to hit him. Punk kicks him in the head and tries to make a tag, and Bryan tries to pull him away but Punk stretches and tags out. Sheamus ties Bryan in the ropes and clubs his chest, then he slams him down and calls for a Brogue Kick, but Bryan runs away and tags Miz. Bryan runs around the ring and Sheamus gives chase, then Miz hits him on the way back in but Sheamus rebounds with a Brogue Kick for the win.

Winners - CM Punk & Sheamus

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