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john cena vs the rock wrestlemania - Newest pictures


World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan (c) (w/ AJ)

Bryan motions for AJ as the bell rings and he gets a good luck kiss, then he turns around into a Brogue Kick and Sheamus makes the cover to win!

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion - Sheamus

Team Johnny is shown in their locker room talking when Miz calls for their attention, and he says losing is not an option. He tries to pump them up, but they go back to their conversation until David Otunga cuts them off. Otunga introduces John Laurinaitis (in a Rick Pitino/Colonel Sanders white suit) and he says they will join the elite tonight and he will run both shows. They all get psyched up and leave the room, then Otunga shakes his hand and says they won't let him down.

Kane vs Randy Orton

Kane whips Orton into the corner and clotheslines him, then he sends him into the ropes but Orton kicks him in the face and avoids a chokeslam. Orton stomps him and sets up for a hanging DDT, but Kane slips through the ropes and tosses Orton on the top rope, then drops him with a big boot. Kane gets a two count then connects with a running dropkick, then he applies a headlock but Orton makes it to his feet. They go punch for punch then Orton bounces off the ropes, but Kane uppercuts him and gets another near fall. He sends Orton into the corner and gets kicked in the face, but Kane shakes it off and hits a side slam for another near fall. (Cont'd...)
Kane puts him in a headlock, but Orton fights out of it and hits a neckbreaker for two before punching Kane in the corner. Orton tries to smash his head off the turnbuckle, but Kane blocks it and sends him into the corner then hits a vertical suplex for two. Kane goes back to a headlock on the mat, but Orton breaks it again so Kane whips him into the corner and goes for a side slam. Orton counters with a backbreaker, then he clotheslines Kane a few times and takes him down with a powerslam. Orton sends him shoulder first into the ringpost, then he watches as Kane stands up on the apron. He pulls Kane in and connects with a hanging DDT, then smiles and calls for a RKO.

Kane shoves him back and kicks him in the face for another near fall, then he goes up to the top rope but Orton meets him in mid air with a dropkick to the midsection. Orton stands over Kane then backs up for a punt, but Kane stands up and chokeslams him for another close near fall. Kane gets angry and pounds on Orton in the corner, then he goes for a clothesline but Orton ducks and attempts another RKO. Kane shoves him in the corner but Orton catches him off guard and drop toe holds him into the second turnbuckle. They fight in the corner before climbing to the top turnbuckle, but Kane overpowers Orton and hits a top rope chokeslam for the win.

Winner - Kane

Santino is shown talking to Mick Foley and a Captain from 'Deadliest Catch' and he says WWE puts it on the line every week just like they do. Santino plugs their season premiere, then the captain asks them if they ever ate crab legs before. Foley says they have their own method of doing that, and he uses Socko to break them open while Santino uses Cobra. Ron Simmons walks in behind them and they turn around, then he pauses for a moment before yelling DAMN! and walking away.
Intercontinental Championship
Big Show vs Cody Rhodes (c)

Cody runs away from Big Show, so Show gives chase and Cody dropkicks him through the ropes. He tries to dive on Show on the floor, but Show catches him and throws him back in the ring. Show chops him in the corner and drops him with a club to the back, then scoops him up and slams him on the mat. He sends Cody back in the corner and punches him a few times, then he stinkfaces him before whipping him into the opposite corner. Cody comes back with a few dropkicks that take Show off his feet, then Cody pounds on his back and gets a near fall. Cody works on Show's legs to keep him down, then he twists Show's leg around his own before snapping it down on the mat.

Cody goes back to twisting Show's leg, but Show shoves him away and he gets up and clotheslines him before catching him in the corner. Cody jumps out of the ring and slams Show's arm on the top rope, then he slides back in and hits a Beautiful Disaster. Cody runs off the ropes and goes for another one, but Show catches him off of the springboard and spears him down on the mat. He waits for Cody to get up, then hits a WMD punch and makes the cover to become the new IC champion.

Winner - Big Show

Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix vs Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

Eve locks up with Kelly and backs her into the ropes, but Kelly drops her with a hurricanrana for a two count. Eve runs at her in the corner but Kelly ducks and slams her head into the turnbuckle, but Eve comes back and slams her head on the mat. She goes up top but Kelly shoves her off the turnbuckle, then Kelly tags Maria and they give Eve a double stinkface. Beth hits Maria behind the ref's back to give Eve the advantage, then Eve attacks Maria's injured ribs with a bodyscissors. Beth tags in and kicks her in the ribs to keep her grounded, but Eve takes too long taunting during a standing moonsault attempt. (Cont'd...)Maria kicks her out of the ring and tags out, then Kelly fires up on offense before hitting a seated Thesz press. The pin attempt gets broken up and Beth goes for a Glam Slam, but Kelly counters with a bulldog and tags out to Maria. She tries to climb the turnbuckle, but Beth shoves her and picks her up for an overhead gorilla press slam. Kelly comes back in and pulls Maria down, then they both shove Beth into the ropes and they knock Eve off the apron. Maria follows behind Beth and rolls her up for the win, then they celebrate on the turnbuckles as we go backstage.

Winners - Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

Matt Striker is joined by Shawn Michaels, who says tonight is special because it is the end of an era, and it can go either way. He says his career ended by facing the Undertaker, and it is ironic that he holds the power to end an era tonight. We go back out to the ring and Justin Roberts announces that SunLife Stadium has set an attendance record, then he welcomes Jim Ross to the announcer's table. Michael Cole reluctantly shakes his hand and King hugs him as we get set for our next match.

Hell in a Cell - "End of an Era"
HHH vs Undertaker (w/ Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee)

HHH and Taker duke it out in the middle of the ring before Taker gets HHH in the corner before whipping him across the ring. HHH gets his boots up and he takes it to Taker in the corner, but Taker fights him off and throws him outside. Taker punches him against the apron then he whips him into the cage and backdrops him on the floor. He picks HHH up and headbutts him against the cage wall, then he throws a few more punches before choking him on the apron. Taker throws him headfirst into the cage, then he slams him on the ring steps before picking him up and whipping him back into them. (Cont'd...)
Taker rolls him back in the ring but HHH hits a facebuster, then Taker shakes it off and clotheslines HHH before pulling him up and hitting a shoulder block. He holds HHH's arm and hits Old School on the top rope, then Taker sends him back out to the floor and he starts taking apart the steps. Taker hits HHH in the face with the steps, then he lays HHH on the apron and connects with a legdrop across HHH's throat. HHH defends himself with a quick DDT, then he slams Taker's head off the ring steps and pulls him on top of them and goes for a Pedigree. Taker counters with a backdrop, then he turns around and continuously punches HHH in the temple before slamming his head on the steps.

Taker backs up and runs at HHH, but HHH sends him into the steps with a spinebuster, but Taker holds on and puts him in Hell's Gate. HHH uses his strength to get up and slam Taker down to break the hold, then a bloodied HHH goes outside and brings some chairs into the ring. HHH smashes the chair off of Taker's head, then he wedges the steps against the turnbuckles and whips Taker into them headfirst. He continues the assualt by beating the hell out of Taker with a chair, then HBK tries to pull him away and he tells HHH to stop. HHH shoves him away and hits him a few more times, then HHH says HBK can end it if he really wants it to be over. HBK tries to tell Taker to stay down, but Taker says he can't stop and he gets up and walks into a hard chair shot by HHH.

Taker kicks out of a pin attempt and HBK once again tries to back him off, but HHH goes outside for more weapons and he tells HBK to end it before he does. HHH brings a sledgehammer back in the ring, and he argues with HBK in the corner as Taker struggles to make it back to his feet. HHH blasts Taker in the face with the sledge, but Taker kicks out at two so HHH measures up to hit him in the head again. HBK dives to pull the sledge out of his hands, then HHH tells him to ring the bell but HBK is hesitant to do so. He goes to check on Taker, and Taker puts him in Hell's Gate, then HHH breaks the hold by hitting Taker in the head with the sledge. (Cont'd...)HHH goes back to hit Taker in the face with it, but Taker low blows him and puts him in the Hell's Gate while HHH tries to grab at the sledge. Taker completely chokes HHH out, but no one is there to make the call and another referee runs down to make the call and struggles to make the cover. He gets inside in time for Taker to hit a chokeslam, but HHH narrowly kicks out and an angered Taker chokeslams him too. Taker goes for Tombstone but HHH slides out right as HBK superkicks Taker, then HHH hits a Pedigree but Taker narrowly kicks out. A visibly upset HBK cringes in the corner, and HHH picks the sledge back up and throws HBK back out to the floor.

Taker stands up and kicks HHH in the head, then he hits a few clotheslines and a big boot. Taker hits Snake Eyes and a legdrop before hitting a Tombstone, and HBK comes back in to make the count but HHH kicks out. HBK can't believe what is going on and watches from the corner as Taker and HHH fight to their feet by trading punches. Taker goes for another Tombstone but HHH slides out and hits another Pedigree, but somehow Taker kicks out once again. Taker sits up as HHH reaches for the sledge, but Taker picks up a chair then steps on the sledge to prevent HHH from using it.

He blasts HHH in the head and ribs with it, then HBK tries to tell him to stop but Taker measures up and hits him in the ribs and back with it. HBK backs him off so Taker throws the chair away as HHH clutches at the sledge in the corner, and he takes a swing but Taker blocks it and shakes his head that it won't happen. Taker cracks HHH in the head with it and HBK ...
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